Should You Date A Client?

Should You Date A Client? Dating clients all depends on you and your feelings for each other. A couple of things you need to ask yourself is if your client is okay with you continuing your escorting career or if he wants you to quit and become exclusive with him.

Should You Date A Client?

Dating clients all depends on you and your feelings for each other. A couple of things you need to ask yourself is if your client is okay with you continuing your escorting career or if he wants you to quit and become exclusive with him.

You need to think it through and decide what is best for you. If you were always looking to meet someone and settle down, maybe this is your opportunity to get what you want. If you are falling for your client and you want to date but also to stay in your current profession as an escort, that is a conversation that you and your client will have to have.

Being honest is crucial. If you have no intention of leaving your business, don't give your client false hope. Maybe you just need some time to figure things out. You want to date this client but you are not sure where it will go and are not ready to give up your escort business. Take your time and if this client is single and someone you can see yourself dating outside of your business, there is nothing wrong with going for it. Sometimes escorts find a connection with their client and they either develop feelings or your client asks you out on a regular date. Should you date?

There are escorts who may wonder about their own choices. There are escorts for whom dating may be off the table because of their own reasons and there are others who welcome the thought. You never know what life may throw at you. Sometimes, you meet people in the strangest ways. If you feel strongly about dating a client, go for it. You set your own rules and if it feels right, it may be well worth it.

How did you get to this place where you're thinking about dating a client? Did he ask you? Did you bring up your feelings for your client? These are all things you can weigh out and then decide. It's entirely up to you and your client. There are also a few things to consider. Is he going to be okay with you continuing to work as an escort or is this a connection that brought you together with your life long partner? Think things through thoroughly.

How A Client Will Bring Up Dating To You

There are different types of clients. If you have a regular client who you have been seeing for a while, feelings can develop. Your client may keep booking with you on a regular basis and perhaps you have had amazing incall and outcall dates with this particular person. Things continue to go well and then he brings up going out on a real date with him. If it is something that is not on your radar, let him know that you had not thought of it but maybe you and he can explore a GFE. See how that goes.

It all depends on whether or not your feelings are the same as his. If it is an absolute no, you may have to cut your client loose. If he wants to date and you don't, the healthiest thing for both of you is to call it a day with this client. Don't lead him on, it will make things worse.

Is it unusual to date a client? No, it happens. You are human and sometimes, you simply click with someone and realise you want to see them outside of your work. Does this happen to you often? If this is something that happens on a regular basis because you are very attractive and have a personality to match, there is a good chance that many of your clients fall for you. There are so many things to consider when it comes to dating a client. Get to know the client a bit better and avoid jumping into something that you are not completely sure of.

Get some advice from your friends and fellow escorts. There are always stories out there that some of your colleagues will want to share with you. Read on and see some of the tips we compiled for you.

Some Tips For You To Consider

-Who brought on the topic of dating?: Was it some of the signs you were getting from your client? If your client is hinting that they would like to take you on a date, ask him what his intentions are. When people connect there is nothing wrong with them going on a date. Did you bring it up? Maybe you were feeling a connection with him and he was bringing up things that couples talk about. If that's how it looks, ask him. If dating is on the table for you, tell him. If dating is not something you would consider with a client, tell him.

-How to react to a client when he asks you on a regular date: If your client brings up a regular date with you, make sure you think about your reaction before you deliver it. If you feel the same way, be calm and accept the invitation, however, if you do not feel the same way, choose your words. You don't want to hurt his feelings but you also do not want to date. One way to handle it is to tell your client that dating isn't something that you are looking for at this time.

-Is your client married?: If your client is married, it is not worth adding to his already wandering ways by dating him. Your client is probably already someone who is seeing multiple people. Look at it this way. He is married and he is already booking time with an escort. If his marriage is that bad, you do not need to take on the added drama. Be kind, tell him that he is welcome to book more time with you. You could tell him that he should maybe consider working on dating his wife. Dating married men is complicated, plus, you might feel sorry for his wife, and you don't need that. If he hasn't left her by now, chances are are he probably won't.

-How to keep it professional: If you have considered dating your client but are not sure that it is a good idea, keep your relationship professional and continue seeing each other on a professional level. You will get to know your regular clients through your bookings.

-What does your client think about you continuing to work as an escort if you date?: This is something that always comes into play when you are dating a client. That person is no longer a client, they are now someone you are dating and the subject will come up about what you do for a living. Dating and becoming a life partner are two different things. If you are only dating, why isn't your client continuing to book time with you? Your client can book a GFE anytime. If your client doesn't bring up your profession and is only looking to date, maybe it's a way for him to save money. Maybe he just doesn't want to pay anymore.

-How to say no without being offensive: If you have a regular client that wants to date but you are not into it, tell him it is not something that you have considered. If it gets to the point where he doesn't want to take no for an answer, you may have to stop booking time with him. Suggest another escort if he is looking for a girlfriend. You can always let a client down without being offensive.

-The fallout of turning your client down: There could be a bit of fallout if you turn your client down. He may not take rejection gracefully and there are a few ways to deal with that. Remain calm and tell your client that you hadn't considered dating and it is not something that you want to do. If your client feels rejected, he might not be back. That may be for the best.

-Will your client stay or will he go?: This is something you will have to deal with at the time. If you turn your client down, he will most likely leave. Rejection isn't something that many people cope well with. If he stays, maybe it's because you agreed to a date or he is okay with seeing you on a professional level.

What Brought On The Topic Of Dating Your Client?

You are an escort and dating clients is something that you already do. They book time with you and they pay for your time. However, it is an intimate time you spend together. If you experience a GFE with your client it is also dating. Let's say that in this context, dating your client means that they are looking for something exclusive with you. If that is the case, you have some thinking to do. If your immediate reaction is no, then you are most likely not into it.

If you aren't sure and there is a spark there, you should take some time and consider it. Is this something that you have been thinking about with a regular client? If that is the case, let your client know how you feel and go from there. This is your way of telling him that you want to see your client on a more personal level. You then become a couple and it is something you really need to think about. Talk it through with your client and see where you are both at with dating. There are different ways to approach dating a client depending on who brings it up. Remember that you are human and have feelings too. If you bring it up and he's not into it, you may not be able to see him on a professional level anymore and vice-versa.

Does Dating Clients Come Up Often For Escorts?

Surely, dating clients comes up on occasion with many escorts. Think about it! You see some clients on a regular basis and you get to know each other. When you hang out and talk, you do get to know a little bit more about each other each time you are together. Connections can happen. You and your client are both human and have feelings. Your client books time with you on a regular basis and you have done a lot more together than some couples.

We are quite sure that even if you have not had the discussion yet, the thought has crossed both your minds. After all, there is something that keeps him coming back. If you have been to events with him, he has seen you in a party/group environment. The GFE will also bring out different sides of each other that may be attractive to both of you. We have talked to escorts who have had the same clients for years. At least one of them keeps coming back. Is there a connection there? Does dating clients come up often for escorts? I am sure that it is something that is always in the back of your mind. There are also escorts who have experienced a love connection and are now in a relationship with a guy who was once a client.

There is a lot to think about if you are looking to date a client or if you are approached by a client who wants to date you. Either way, hopefully, you have read enough to help you out if you find yourself in this situation.

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