How To Balance A Dating Life With Escort Work

How To Balance A Dating Life With Escort Work Dating is probably one of the most complicated aspects of being an adult in today's society. Long gone are the days of arranged marriages being the norm, loveless marriages being quite common, and

How To Balance A Dating Life With Escort Work

How To Balance A Dating Life With Escort Work
How To Balance A Dating Life With Escort Work

Dating is probably one of the most complicated aspects of being an adult in today's society. Long gone are the days of arranged marriages being the norm, loveless marriages being quite common, and people willing to settle for anything less than true love. And while there are so many pros to it all, there are plenty of cons. And the list of cons only gets longer as you add more complicated aspects into the relationship. Such as someone working as an escort.

It can be hard to have a dating life when you have such a demanding job but when that demanding job involved sex, that is where people start to get weird. When you involve sex in anything, a friendship, a job, whatever it may be, a newly added complication then begins. And while for those other things it sometimes comes down to if there are feelings or not. When someone is involved in sex work, feelings aren't the issue. What is the issue is the person they are with wondering if the can trust the escort and potentially being jealous of what their clients are getting versus them.

To say that having a relationship as an escort is a true balancing act is an understatement. There are so many issues that can come up that would never be a problem in other relationships. A great example is when an escort is headed off to work, the partner is left wondering so many things all revolving around sex. While a different relationship where both people have more traditional jobs usually only have the other person wondering if they will be home in time for dinner. This is a hard place to navigate and feel like an escort is tipping the scales one way or another constantly. And while most people are going to assume that is the case in a relationship, it takes on a whole new meaning.

The Best Relationship Might Surprise You

Well it may not actually surprise you but a great way to help balance a dating life and work-life as a sex worker is to date another sex worker. Just like anyone dating someone in the same field as you, there are certain things they will understand that the average person won't. And while that is comforting to some degree, the comradely that is shared by two people who work in sex all day is a special bond. Just like men who go to war together, people who do sex work understand what it is like dealing with people in a much more intimate way day in and day out.

It can be as simple as feeling like you can happily talk about your day at work with no judgment. Two sex workers found themselves overhearing a conversation at another table while they were at dinner of two people talking about their days at work. So one casually asks the other what they did that day. Their response was, "Oh, I fisted this woman, how about you?" The reply was, "Oh, I fucked a man with a strap-on." They laughed because they realized how ridiculous it would sound out of context. But the beauty of that relationship came down to the human level.

Each person was doing something considered immoral by the rest of society so no one could claim they were on any higher moral ground than the other. They laughed at how weird their jobs could get but also felt they could be completely honest with each other and have no judgment standing in the way. Granted, it may be a little harder to find another sex worker that wants a relationship if they are not already in one.

Misconceptions Are A Constant

Probably the biggest misconception about escorts dating is that they are dirty. People believe because they work in sex that they must be riddled with diseases. The problem is many escorts, and sex workers in general, believe in consistently getting tested and using protection for everything. If anything, they are probably more clean than many people out there who have casual sex regularly. Their livelihood depends on them being healthy, whether that be just physically or sexually. But some people believe that these people are unhealthy in another way, mentally.

Another huge misconception is that there are mental issues that need to be resolved. Some people believe, especially in the case of female sex workers, that there are daddy issues that were never resolved and that is why they do what they do. They fully believe the only reason people do this line of work is that they need attention and need to get help so they can be a functioning member of society. The main problem with that line of thinking is more pragmatic versus truly worrying about someone's mental state. Sex workers make some pretty good money, which is the main reason many people get into it. Why wouldn't someone be interested in that alone? But on top of it, many sex workers set their own schedules and can even travel to different countries for clients. There are way more perks than people are willing to admit and it can be appealing in more ways than one.

Finally, the assumption that all sex workers want to be saved is another amusing misconception. For some people, sex work is a means to an end. They strip or escort while in college to help ease student loans or even use it as a way to pay their way through school. But for others, this is something they love. To some sex workers, it is freeing to be sexually active with who they please and get really good money out of it all. Both viewpoints are valid and what makes this assumption so amusing is that it harkens back to films and books such as Pretty Woman where the sex worker just needs some money and love to turn away from her old life. The fact of the matter is there is good money in sex. And just because it isn't someone else's cup of tea doesn't make it any less viable of an option for people who want to make good money doing what they love and/or doing something that feels less demeaning than other jobs they can get.

People React Differently To The News

People React Differently To The News
People React Differently To The News

This can sometimes be the hardest part of dating and balancing it with sex work. And the reactions can come from all sides, potential dates and clients both. One assumes you're dirty because you sell your body where many people can say that people are almost doing the same in a 9-5 job. The other assumes that people will think you are too dirty and their own stigmas and judgments come from a really weird place considering they sought you out. Either way, reactions vary widely and some can be unexpected.

The most unexpected reactions can sometimes be from the clients themselves. While they fully expect the escort to understand there may be a wife or girlfriend back home, and be as discreet as possible because of that, some clients may get offended that the escort is with someone else. Whether it comes from a place of not wanting to touch another person's property, or more disgustingly, think a sex worker is too dirty for an actual relationship. While many more than likely will never ask because they have come for one thing and one thing alone, some repeat clients get this idea that they have a shot with the escort. Which then complicates matters for the escort even more and can even be a reason an escort will refuse a repeat client.

But not so unexpectedly, many people out in the world don't react very well to finding out their partner or potential partner works in sex. They can have similar reactions to clients but for much different reasons. They think they will end of with some disease or will be constantly cheated on or even get jealous of their partner doing the work. It can all vary and some of the hardest parts of it all are escorts and other sex workers trying not to let those judgments get to them. Just because a person feels a certain way about their job does not invalidate them or what they do. Escorts probably have to have some of the thickest skin out there if they decide to date. So many cruel things can be said all because they don't get exactly what they want.

Ways To Support A Partner That Is An Escort

But eventually an escort can find someone who is willing to look past what seems to scare everyone else away. They see the escort as the person they truly are, and while they may be intrigued by the person's work, do not let that be the only defining factor of their partner. It is hard to say where and how someone can find that, but people are out there and more than willing to look past it all to make someone feel like a human. So how can this special person be the most helpful to an escort? Is there anything they can do to make their partner's life just a bit easier? The answer is whole-heartedly yes.

The biggest thing any partner of an escort can do is not treat their significant other like a health risk. While it is assumed they are riddled with STIs and just dirty in general, they are actually less likely to get STIs because they are extremely concerned about their own health and safety. And because of this, sex workers probably know their bodies better than many people you will ever meet. Escorts are having these conversations with clients and coworkers daily so they can protect their own health and safety as well as their clients' and they loved ones' health. It is literally their job as sexuality professionals to keep all who are involved safe.

Be mindful that your partner does not want to "perform" every time the two of you have sex. While their job is to be good at sex, no one likes taking their work home with them. So while the idea of dating an escort that is so experienced might be fun in theory, the truth is there are days where they are not going to feel like giving you the best performance of their life. And they shouldn't be expected to. No one expects you to answer your work emails 24/7, so don't expect that with an escort it is always going to be lap dances and lingerie for the rest of your life together. They are a real person that go through ups and downs just like the rest of us and can't be asked to perform at the drop of a hat.

Try being an undercover ally for your partner. Basically that means standing up for sex workers when your buddies are making offensive comments about them. Whether that be when your friends say all strippers have daddy issues or when your grandma says at the dinner table that escorts should get real jobs. All you have to do is calmly but very intentionally speak out against people degrading sex workers. This is especially important if the setting you're in means your partner can't defend themselves unless they want to out themselves as sex works. Your partner will appreciate the support and it can really make a different in some people's thinking that have never had personal experience with sex workers before

So How Does An Escort Balance Dating Life?

So How Does An Escort Balance Dating Life?
So How Does An Escort Balance Dating Life?

The answer is in a myriad of ways. Trying to find the right person for them is the biggest hurdle, mainly because of how judgmental people are. But past that, it also includes letting your partner know how they can support you, as well as taking care of yourself even when it is incredibly hard. It will always fluctuate but the most important thing is to remind yourself you are worthy of love and happiness, even if it seems like the entire world disagrees.

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