How Do I Marry An Escort?

How Do I Marry An Escort Marrying an escort seems like the impossible dream to some - how can you take a beautiful woman who only looks at you in a professional manner, and allow them into your life in a way that shows them

How Do I Marry An Escort

How Do I Marry An Escort
How Do I Marry An Escort
Marrying an escort seems like the impossible dream to some - how can you take a beautiful woman who only looks at you in a professional manner, and allow them into your life in a way that shows them who you really are? It's a daunting task for most, and there are many clients who just aren't up to put in the effort. However, when it comes down to it it, it's really not that hard to make your professional relationship with a sex worker into a more personal and sensual one - all you need to do is keep five simple things in mind: be sure of your desires; don't get intimidated; don't be hasty for results; don't be a cheapskate; wait for signals from the escort; and, prepare for the best! When you keep those things in mind, you can turn your desire to have a sex worker wife from a pipe dream into a fantasy that you can live out every single day. And who wouldn't want a professional sex worker for their wife? A sex worker is going to have street smarts, unique life experiences, and sexual experiences that'll make every other woman seem as dense as a loaf of bread in the bedroom. If there is a special sexy escort out there who you would like to turn into an honest woman and make your wife, learn how to do it at!

Don't Jump In To Making The Biggest Decision Of Your Life

The step into marriage is not one that should be taken lightly. By telling someone you would like to take their hand in marriage, you are letting them know that you want to commit yourself to them. You want to form a life-partnership with them. You want them beside you on your journey into the future ahead of anyone else. Which is all a very long-winded way of saying a very basic and succinct truth: marriage is serious business. If you treat the act of marriage as something that can be executed on a whim, you'll feel the effects of your rash behavior in everything you do from that point on. And it carries even more weight if you're planning to marry an escort. You should give all of the though and consideration into this act that you would give the most important decision you ever make in your life - because it very well could be. Take the necessary time needed to think about your choices. Just try not to take too much time - the opportunity may just pass you by.

Reflect On How You Are Really Feeling

Before you make any sudden decisions that could impact the rest of your life, take a few moments of to yourself and really think about how you're feeling toward your escort. Introspection is the best tool any of us have to get to the bottom of all of burning questions life has to ask us. Right now you may be telling yourself, "yeah, I've thought about it - I'm sure I'm making the right choice!" But have you really put the work into considering your choices? Before you go forward and try to marry your escort, take at least three hours of time to yourself that you dedicate completely to thinking about whether or not you should marry your escort. If any new question or concern pops into your mind during that time, try to answer that one as well. We guarantee that the more time you give yourself to ask the tough questions, the more satisfied you'll be with the answers you come up with.

Are You Really In Love With Your Escort, Or Just Excited?

Be honest with yourself - are you really in love with your escort, or are you just excited that you've started to have some of the most amazing sex you've had in your life? If there's one thing we know at Escort Rankings, it's that a sudden increase in your sexual energy can make anyone believe in true love! When people usually visit escorts it's because they feel like they need a change of pace in their life. Maybe they're stuck in a rut at work, or their spouse isn't giving them enough attention at home - either way, they feel like they need a change. And visiting an escort can definitely provide them with that change of pace. However, this sudden change of their day to day life can sometimes be misinterpreted by the client as thinking the escort is solving their problems. This is usually due to the fact clients seem to feel like they can open up to escorts more than anyone else in their lives. But the things that made you believe you needed a change of pace are probably still there - so before you jump into marriage, ask yourself: is it love, or excitement?

Talk To Other People About Your Situation First

It never hurts to get a second opinion. If you've thought about it and you still want to proceed with marrying your escort, why not explain your situation to a close friend or family member and ask them for their opinion on the matter first? After all, they're not going to be wearing the same rose-colored glasses you are with regards to the situation.

The Attraction Needs To Be More Than Physical

More than anything else, the attraction needs to be more than physical. This is hard one for some clients to understand, because they truly believe they're attracted to their escort both mentally and physically - but in most situations they haven't even gotten to know their escort on a mental or spiritual level. Ask your escort what their interests are! Don't be too personal or prodding (after all, most escorts invent a persona for themselves rather than divulge personal details anyway), but try to get a general understanding of who they are. Talk about a recent book they've read, or a movie they've seen, or what is it they like about their favorite television show. Make sure you like all of their mind too - not just their body.

Be Confident In Yourself - It's Not A Competition

Be Confident In Yourself - It's Not A Competition
Be Confident In Yourself - It's Not A Competition
Unless you are a very confident person, asking yourself 'how do I marry an escort' might not be the best use of your time. You need to really understand who you are as a person, and who they are as a person. If you think there is the slightest chance you could be intimidated by the fact you haven't has nearly as many sexual partners as your future wife has had, maybe you should give marrying your escort a second thought.

Marrying An Escort Is Not A Cheap Decision To Make

If you want to take the time to marry your escort, be prepared to spend the money needed to get make it happen. Did you know that the average person spends more than $200 on coffee every month? Because as you'll see for yourself when you scroll through, even the most fun and affordable escort is going to cost more than a cup of coffee. Unless you're in a financial position where it's alright to schedule at least three appointments per week with your escort, you many not be ready to take the next step.

The Best Things In Life Are Worth Waiting For

Any client looking to marry their escort also needs to understand just how much time it's going to take them to feel comfortable enough to honestly open up to them. It is going to require a lot of patience on the side of the client. The client is going to need to spend quite a long time with their escort before the escort begins to look at them as marriage material.

Time 'Off The Clock' Is Needed Before You Pop The Question

If a client has not reached a point in their relationship with their escort where the escort has offered to spend time with them off the books, the client shouldn't even entertain the idea of asking the escort to marry them. However, if they've reached a point in their time together that the escort has told the client they don't need to be financially compensated for all of the time they've spent together, it's usually a great sign. It shows that they escort is starting to look at them as more than just a client, and they actually enjoy the clients company. So if you happen to be at a point in your relationship with your escort where they've thrown a few freebies your way, it may be a good time to start shopping for engagement rings!

Take The Time To Get A Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Even though you and your escort both believe you love each other and want to take things to the next level, it's still a good idea to talk to your lawyers and draft a pre-nuptial agreement. We get it - pre-nuptial agreements aren't sexy. In fact, they could be one of the most unromantic documents to ever exist. But they're important, and we don't think it's a smart decision to engage in lawful wedlock with ANYONE before signing a pre-nuptial agreement - let alone a professional sex worker. Pre-Nuptial agreements don't only protect your property in the event that feelings change over time, but they also serve as a declaration between parties that they truly believe in the bond they have. It shouldn't matter if you sign a pre-nuptial agreement, because you're going to be together for the rest of your lives anyway.

Don't Expect Your Escort To Give Up Their Day Job

Don't Expect Your Escort To Give Up Their Day Job
Don't Expect Your Escort To Give Up Their Day Job
This is perhaps the hardest pill to swallow, (so any client asking themselves "how do I marry an escort?" needs to be prepared for it) but there is a good chance that your future wife will not want to stop escorting even after the both of you get married. It may surprise you to hear this, but a good number of escorts actually enjoy the kind of work they engage it. Not only do they like having sex with multiple partners, they also like meeting new people and taking in new life experiences. You can't expect them to change their entire lives just because they suddenly get a husband. After all, would you stop your career just because your new wife asked you to?

Read Some Testimonial Advice From Married Escorts And Clients

As we've mentioned earlier, although it isn't incredibly common for escorts and clients to settle down and marry each other, it does happen. And now that you've read all the tips and suggestions Escort Rankings has to offer about trying to marry your escort, why not get some advice straight from the horses mouth? If you're interested in hearing what other married clients and escorts have to say about their personal journey, we've found an article on The Independent titled 'We Ended Up Getting Married': The Escorts And Clients Who Fall In Love which does just that. Even if you're not actually thinking about marrying your escort, it's an interesting read in itself, as you'll be able to hear loads of insight on the client/escort relationship from the escorts point of view - such as what makes some clients stand out from others, and things clients have done to sincerely make escorts feel special. But the real insight is specifically for those clients who have asked themselves, "how do I marry an escort?". Escorts state their personal opinions on the matter, such as a quote from an escort calling herself TrashAzn who bluntly states, "I think a lot of them just like the idea of having their own personal free prostitute and once they are bored of you they'll move on." It's statements like those that'll really help any client as they prepare to pop the question.

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