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Aberdeen escorts

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Nuka Cola Sep 2020
Truly amazing girl. Down to earth girl next door. I love how she was so sweet when I arrived. She ... it is really hard to find a genuine girl who can please and be true to you like Nadya can ... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
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Aberdeen escorts

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Roger Jan 2021
Very interesting meeting with Isabelle. She is a mature lady, clean, sexy and knows her job well.... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
5 45+


Aberdeen escorts

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ChupaNoel Oct 2020
Incredible skills and a really juicy pussy that is tighter than any pussy I tried before!... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
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Aberdeen escorts

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Duncan86 Oct 2020
I had a great time with Nikola, she's a winner for me!... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
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Aberdeen escorts

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5 18-24


Aberdeen escorts

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TheFirstEvent Jan 2020
The most seductive girl I've met who fully satisfied my sexual fantasies!... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
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Aberdeen escorts

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Dumchowski Mar 2020
An experienced and extremely sexy escort who made me extremely satisfied.... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
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Aberdeen escorts

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Merlin3 Feb 2020
Curvy, sexy and very confident escort who made all my fantasies into reality!... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
3 18-24

Senzual jasmin

Aberdeen escorts

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TheDirtyMechanic Jan 2020
Jasmin is the girl with the hottest ass I've seen in a very long time!... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
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Aberdeen escorts

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DarionNN Feb 2020
Very elegant and amazing in bed! I was fully satisfied after seeing her.... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
10 25-36


Aberdeen escorts

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nailer100 Mar 2020
This Big, Beautiful Woman seems ready to shag all night, too bad I can't get her on the phone she ... Beautiful Woman seems ready to shag all night too bad I can't get her on the phone she has left ... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
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Aberdeen escorts

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3 18-24


Aberdeen escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

Rex Mar 2020
An enchanting girl I spent the best hour of my life with and who made me feel like a young ... girl I spent the best hour of my life with and who made me feel like a young man again ... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
4 25-36


Aberdeen escorts

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theJoyfulSinner Feb 2020
An amazing escort who is very sensual and loves giving satisfaction!... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
8 18-24


Aberdeen escorts

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7 25-36


Aberdeen escorts

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3 18-24


Aberdeen escorts

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ClintF Nov 2019
Sexy, vuluptuous woman will make a man out of you with her sexy ways.... See the full "Aberdeen Escort Review"
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Aberdeen escorts

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Aberdeen is located in Northern Scotland in the greater region of Aberdeenshire. Also known as the Granite City, Aberdeen is famous for a number of things, including its position as a hotspot for the oil industry, its beaches, its fishing industry, and its farming industry. Much like its sister Scottish city Edinburgh, Aberdeen is known for its culture, which has expanded across centuries.

One part of Aberdeen’s culture that gets a major mention is its sex industry. Aberdeen has in recent years become a regional hotspot for all manner of adult entertainment, including sex work. Thanks to the legality of prostitution in Scotland, the city is now popular for, among other offerings, its escort culture.

A History of Escorts in Aberdeen

Escorts have always been part of Aberdeen culture, starting from an early age. There were mistresses and concubines in the early centuries, serving as kept women to lords and ladies that paid their way. Even in those days, escorting was identified as a more genteel form of prostitution.

As far back as the 1800s, prostitution in Aberdeen was a big deal. According to a now prized record from 1855 called the Prostitution Return, there were 490 men and women recorded as sex workers in the city of Aberdeen alone. Aberdeen was still a small city then, what is today the area of the city known as Old Aberdeen.

Historians note that even then, the police were always eager to prosecute any sex workers caught. Such a record might have been used for protection against being jailed.

The Oil Boom

Sex work (including escorting) continued to boom in Aberdeen as the decades wore on and the world changed. It boomed after the World Wars when women were forced to start working to support their families. The eras of sexual awakening for women, throughout the 1960s and 1970s, drew more women to sex work, even in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen’s designation as an oil city made it even more ideal for escorts as later decades opened. Even though it is not considered much of an urban city by UK or Scotland standards, the residents of the city that are employed by the oil companies are financially stable. These customers continue to fuel the city’s sex business boom.

This sex boom has seen Aberdeen allow more strip clubs, more adult massage parlors (despite legal issues), some sex shops, more nightclubs, and bars, and led to more prostitution in the city. Escorting has boomed alongside other forms of sex work, and continues to rule today.

The Legalities of Escorting in Aberdeen

Escorting in Aberdeen has seen its ups and downs in the legal sense over the years. There has always been pushback against any form of sex work, but it has been legal in the region for the most part. A tolerance zone for street prostitutes was once created in 2001. It was closed in 2007 following the introduction of a new law that banned the tolerance zone, the Prostitution (Public Places (Scotland) Act of 2007.

The new law now governs sex work, permitting it but criminalizing aspects of it such as kerb crawling, keeping a brothel and public solicitation. There have been repeated attempts to criminalize clients instead (in April and May 2010, in 2012), but they have been unsuccessful.

Escorts navigate the law by noting on their platforms that they only get paid for their time and companionship. Their caveat is that any ensuing activities between them and clients are strictly consensual.

Escort agencies protect themselves by arranging only the booking of their clients. Escorts then charge any extra fees independently.

Even though the law doesn’t really affect them, escorts in Aberdeen also practice due diligence by, among other practices: never revealing much on the phone with clients, never accepting digital payments and limited use of text messages.

The Types of Escorts in Aberdeen

Escorts in aberdeen are either independent or agency based.

Agency escorts

A sizeable percentage of Aberdeen’s escorts belong to an agency. This means that they are signed to that agency’s management in exchange for a percentage of the fees they collect from their sessions.

Agency escorts typically get their bookings managed by the agency, so they don’t have to deal with scheduling. Some agencies also procure accommodation for their escorts in order to facilitate a session. Escort agencies pay their agencies a fee for every booking but can charge extra for any additional services offered during the session. Agencies are not the same as brothels.

The pros and cons:

Agency escorts are usually better at their jobs because they are trained by the agency madams on how to handle clients. They are also usually more organized and relaxed during sessions because they don’t have much else to do. In some cases, agency escorts are cheaper to book.

Among their downsides is that they are almost always too expensive because they tend to charge for every extra service offered during the session. That’s the best way for them to make a proper living. Agency escorts also tend to have lots of rules for clients to follow.

Independent escorts

Unlike their agency-based counterparts, individual escorts report to no one about their services. Also referred to as ‘indies’, some independent escorts are usually former agency-based escorts. Independent escorts operate on their own.

They handle advertising, marketing, scheduling, accommodations and sessions themselves, among other tasks. The reward is full compensation sans fees to any helper or manager. Independent escorts always mark themselves as ‘independent’ on escort websites and in escort ads.

The pros and cons:

Since some independent escorts are usually former agency escorts, they tend to have an intimate understanding of how to please clients. This makes them very desirable. Independent escorts tend to be more open sexually and willing to try new things with their clients.

They are less strict about time and other rules than their agency counterparts because they manage themselves. Since many independent escorts operate their own platforms, they tend to be less expensive.

Still, as a notable downside, most charge as they see fit basing on their assumed value, which results in very high fees. Another downside is that independent escorts are never a safer choice when agency escorts are a possible alternative. Some independent escorts are usually older and long in the tooth because no agency can take them anymore.

Categories of Aberdeen Escorts

Aberdeen escorts are varied and diverse, but they can be categorised distinctly using the terms that define them: job and physical descriptions.

1. Niche escorts

Niche escorts provide very specific services to very specific clients, which makes them rather popular even though they are rare. Such services tend to be kinky, such as BDSM, S&M, unique fetishes and more. ABERDEEN HAS ITS OWN NICHE ESCORTS IN PLACE. They typically charge higher than usual escorts for a single session.

2. Sugar babies

Sugar babies are young escorts that service only one client, which means that they stay at his beck and call in exchange for his meeting all her needs. Aberdeen’s escort pages feature a good number of sugar babies, although it’s easy for a client to turn any young escort into one.

3. Ethnic escorts

Aberdeen’s ethnic escorts are sexy and varied, thanks to the city’s diverse population and loose immigration laws. You’ll find sexy Jamaicans here, selling next to beautiful Indians or gorgeous African beauties on the same website. If you’re into ethnic women, Aberdeen has them in plenty.

4. Mistresses

Many clients are married men, and those who fancy one single escort can make her their mistress. Though similar to a sugar baby, there are some differences. Some of Aberdeen’s escorts are already mistresses to existing clients, while many others are willing to become for the right price and the right client.

5. Mature escorts

Aberdeen is not made up of only young escorts. Older escorts in the age range of 45 and above offer companionship too. While not the most common on escort websites, mature escorts are actually very popular in Aberdeen among certain customers.

6. BBW escorts

Also known as thick or full-figured women, BBW escorts are the alternative to typically thin escorts. BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women. Aberdeen has its fair share of these beauties and their services continue to rule a section of the internet.

7. Trans escorts

ABERDEEN IS ALSO HOME TO A SIZEABLE NUMBER OF TRANSSEXUAL ESCORTS. Most are pre-op, which means that they haven’t undergone a sex change operation yet, but many operate post-op. While these could be classified under niche escorts, they operate normally in every sense, offering the same services as random escorts.

8. Very high-class escorts

Aberdeen’s escorts can be categorized using their level in the industry. One distinct class is the very high-class escort class. These ones are the cream of Aberdeen’s escort industry and they charge the highest. They are characterized by their rich client lists, their jet setting lifestyles and their roles (they tend to be sugar babies or mistresses).

9. Lower class escorts

Lower class escorts usually don’t experience all the pleasures that very high-class escorts do. Nevertheless, they are still more expensive than the average street prostitute. The lowest of these work in massage parlors, while the best operate independently, going from client to client. A rich client can turn a lower class escort into a high class one.

The Average Aberdeen Escort

The average Aberdeen escort can be identified using parameters including age, ethnicity, nationality, and rates charged.

Age Range

The average Aberdeen escort is usually young, between the ages of 20 and 40. Escort ages tend to rise in sync with the city’s population numbers, which in 2018 showed 20-30-year-olds to be the second biggest age group in the city after 0-19-year-olds with over 30,000 registered. The average Aberdeen escort is aged between 19 and 60. Clients can expect to find anything from university girls to women in their late 20s to MILFs in their 40s and grannies in the evening of their lives. Some girls appear too young to be working at all even if they are legal of age.


You will find mostly white escorts in Aberdeen, but those of other ethnicities are not hard to come by. Aberdeen’s escort ethnicities mirror those of the city’s ethnic demographics to a certain extent.

Recent data shows that white people make up the biggest chunk of the population. Minority races such as Asians rank next, making up less than 5% of the population. Citizens of Caribbean and African descent rank next with an even lower percentage. These figures are much lower compared to those of more metropolitan cities like London.


Aberdeen is the most diverse city in Northern Scotland, according to The Telegraph. It lets in a high number of immigrants every year, with most coming from Poland, Ireland, and India. According to 2018 data cited in the Telegraph, 55,000 of the city’s residents recorded that year were not UK-born. Out of a total city population of about 228,000, that is a sizeable figure.

These numbers are reflected in the nationalities of the escorts in Aberdeen. Most of the escorts you will find are white and UK-born, but a growing number are from other countries, especially Asian and East European countries. You will find 1 or 2 such minority nationalities for every 5 or 10 UK-born escorts. This disparity in nationalities doesn’t really affect languages; English remains the main language of communication.

Rates charged

Regarding rates charged per session, the average Aberdeen escort charges a bit higher than an escort in a much smaller UK city. The rates tend to differ for incalls and outcalls, with the latter costing more. The average escort in Aberdeen charges between £60 and £120 for the rest 30 minutes of an incall. If it’s a one hour session, the rate is between £100 and £200. Any additional hours are charged differently, with the average rate ranging between £90 and V150.

Outcalls on the other hand cost between £150 and £300 for an hourly session, with additional hours costing anywhere between £100 and £250. Rates for additional services vary wildly too. A dinner date can cost a client an extra £400 to £600, while a half-day of the company can cost anywhere between £1200 and £1600.

A full day of companionship requires double the half day, with the client paying for many other extras. Nevertheless, many escorts do not do outcalls at all. Regular clients can always get a discount or bargain, but that works mostly for independent escorts.

While escorts are always fairly expensive, Aberdeen’s expensive escorts can be blamed on their clients, most of who work in the Granite City’s oil industry and are financially well-off. The city’s escorts are the safest and classiest outlet for such men; other alternatives like street prostitutes are dangerous and partly illegal.

Notable Traits of the average Aberdeen escort

There are some characteristics that you can expect to find in an escort from Aberdeen. While not very unique, they set her apart from counterparts in London and other foreign cities. Most traits include:

• Very discreet

Aberdeen escorts seem to have an inbuilt desire for discretion. They handle their affairs with utmost secrecy, including bookings and appointments. Their caution endears them to clients, which explains how many have lists of recurring clients.

• Knows more than 1 or 2 languages

As a result of Aberdeen’s Scottish heritage, most home-grown escorts know both Scottish and Doric, the local dialect. Thanks to schooling, these escorts also know English and can communicate in it clearly. This is a very attractive skillset.

• Very knowledgeable about what’s happening

Aberdeen escorts seem to be well trained because they are never confused or unsure of what’s happening during sessions with clients. In fact, they tend to be the ones teaching clients a new thing or two every time.

• Rather professional

You will find many professional escorts in Aberdeen. Most of the escorts here are wired to please their clients in any way possible, whatever the situation. At the same time, they are very strict about time, about session duration and about issues like hygiene.

• Rather expensive

Escorts everywhere are expensive, but for a smaller city out in Northern Scotland, Aberdeen’s escorts are rather expensive. Even the cheapest escorts charge higher rates than those in some other cities.

• Local and grounded

Do not expect to find many exotic escort in Aberdeen. Most of the ladies here appear grounded and locally-born rather than exotic, save for a few that were born abroad or studied there.

• Open to suggestions and sexually free

Aberdeen escorts are rather open sexually, and willing to try new things as much as the average client. The caveat is that clients have to be able to pay for any extras requested.


Ultimately, escorts in Aberdeen are not much different from those in other UK or Scotland cities, save for a few minor differences. They have countless positives to hiring and booking them if former customer reviews are to go by. If you are coming to visit Aberdeen and you intend on having some adult fun, Aberdeen’s escorts are just the perfect solution for your needs. Learn all about the above to prepare for your meeting in advance.