Let Escorts Spice Up Your Marriage

How To Use Escorts To Spice Up Your Marriage Let's face it - no matter how hard you or your partner may try, it's never an easy job keeping the fires of passion burning as bright as they once did as your

How To Use Escorts To Spice Up Your Marriage

How To Use Escorts To Spice Up Your Marriage
How To Use Escorts To Spice Up Your Marriage
Let's face it - no matter how hard you or your partner may try, it's never an easy job keeping the fires of passion burning as bright as they once did as your relationship moves forward. And the worst part is, most of the trouble is avoidable. Contradictory to popular opinion, it usually doesn't have anything to do with the fact that the both of you are growing older and changing physically! It's not uncommon for men or women to think that their spouse simply doesn't find them physically attractive anymore, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The main culprit responsible for a stagnating sex life is actually routine. The on-going day-to-day drudgery of work and routine a black hole for the soul - and it has a bad way of trickling down into your sex life as well. So how do you get that spark or intimacy back in your relationship? Well... Have you ever thought of throwing an escort into the mix? Crazy idea, right? Not if you take a second to think about it. Escorts can provide just the right amount of out-of-left-field spontaneity to inject excitement back into the loins of both you and your partner. By reawakening the sexuality within yourself, partaking in more taboo sexual activities your partner isn't interested in, and learning a few new tricks from a professional, you'll quickly see how much visiting an escort can reignite the smoldering passion in your relationship. You will never have a dull and sexless night in your bedroom again when you let show you how to use escorts to spice up your marriage!

An Escort Can Help You Remind Yourself That You're Still A Sexual Being

An Escort Can Help You Remind Yourself That You're Still A Sexual Being
An Escort Can Help You Remind Yourself That You're Still A Sexual Being
Whenever you start to feel like things aren't like they used to be in the bedroom with your significant other, it can be a detrimental thing. It's not uncommon that you'll start to question everything about your marriage. Why aren't things like they used to be? Is your partner not turned on by your presence anymore? Do you even find your spouse attractive anymore? Is it you that's broken? Do you even want to have sex? As soon as you start to question your relationship in these ways, you can spiral out of control - and that will cause more damage to marriage than a little inactivity in the bedroom ever could! But the thing is, of course you want to have sex! You want to feel like you used to! You want to walk into your house, grab your spouse around the waist, and sexually ravage them all night long. With that in mind, by utilizing the services of an escort, you can prove to yourself that you are a sexual creature, and you know exactly what you want out of a physical relationship! There may still be something blocking you from feeling the way you used to with your marriage partner, but it has nothing to do with your physical abilities. You should till try to look for what is bothering you, but at least you know you don't have to look below the belt for the answer!

Routine Can Make You Sexually Sluggish

If you're still trying to figure out what's getting in the way of a satisfying sex life with your significant other, you might find yourself in a rut. No, seriously! One of the most common causes for a stagnant sex life is that the relationship has become too routine. Day in and day out, it's the same thing over and over again. You and your spouse are literally in a rut. If you think this could be your problem, stop what you're doing and go do something spontaneous; maybe something like fooling around with an escort? That's what any of the staff here at would do!

The Older You Get, The More Work Will Wear You Out

Believe it or not, employment is one of the leading causes of sexual inactivity. The longer you have a job, the more it'll wear at you both physically and mentally. After all, they don't call it the daily grind for nothing, right? But even knowing this fact puts most people in a tough position - what are they supposed to do? Quit their job? Most likely that's completely out of the question. But if you do nothing not only will the pressure continue to increase, it'll move into other aspects of your life. Don't be surprised if soon you also find yourself feeling the same way about your marriage as well! If you were to ask a sex therapist what the answer might be, they would actually probably point you in our direction! No joke, studies have shown that one of the easiest (and most enjoyable) ways for people feeling worn down by work to recharge their batteries is to visit an escort! Being with a new person (and taking them under the covers with you) can be just the right change of pace needed to breath new life into old bones (and one very special bone in particular...)

You Can Work Out Things With An Escort That You Can't With Your Partner

This goes without saying, the but the longer you hold anything back from your partner, the harder it is to tell them. As time moves forward, whatever secret you may be keeping grows larger and larger, and it becomes more and more difficult to share what could have at one point in time been a very simple and innocent thing. Eventually the emotional weight of that secret becomes so large that it starts to put pressure on other aspect of your marriage - specifically your sex life. And ironically, the most common secrets that spouses keep from each other are sexual in nature; specifically, sexual desires. You may have been with your partner for so long that you don't even know how to broach the topic of exploring a new fetish or kink. What if they say no? What will they think of you afterwards? At Escort Rankings we see this happening all the time, which is why we always tell people in this situation to spend some time with an escort instead. The right escort will have no issue exploring these taboo desires with you! And - once you've been able to scratch that itch - don't be surprised if you reawaken those same carnal desires with your spouse!

Have An Escort Teach You A Few New Moves

Sex is a weird thing - we all do it, but usually nobody teaches us. Since the vast majority of us don't have a sex teacher, how will we ever know if we're doing it right? With that in mind, the truth is that sometimes the reason why sex within marriages starts to decline is because some partners are just not that good at it! But don't be too concerned - it's nothing to be ashamed of. Some people aren't good at playing piano, and some people just aren't that good at sex. However, we all know that if you put in the time and dedication it's possible to learn how to tickle the ivories - and you can do the same thing with sex! Escorts aren't just sex workers - they're sex professionals. And visiting an escort is a great way to figure out exactly where you stand as a sexual performer. Escorts can take you under their wing, show you exactly what you're doing right or wrong, and even teach you a few things to take home to your spouse!

Have An Escort Teach Your Spouse A Few New Moves

But maybe it's not you who could use a few lessons - maybe it's actually your spouse! If you visit an escort and they tell you that you're doing fine, consider bringing up the subject to your partner that they may want to see an escort as well. If you don't think you muster up the courage to do that, perhaps you can organize a sexy surprise encounter between your partner and an escort - giving your spouse permission to have sex with another person not only shows them that you trust them, it'll also do wonders for your own sexual relationship!

Bring An Escort into the bedroom with your wife

Bring An Escort into the bedroom with your wife
Bring An Escort into the bedroom with your wife
This last suggestion on how to use escorts to spice up your marriage might take a little convincing (especially if you're a husband trying to convince your wife), but a great way to put a little kick back into the bedroom is by starting to invite an escort into your marriage bed for a tantalizing threesome! Most partners are simply to nervous to even suggest this option with their partner, but it is by far the most effective method? What makes it so effective you ask? When you bring another person into the bedroom, suddenly sex doesn't even have the option to be a selfish pleasure. By having sex one on one, there is always the danger of the other party taking all the pleasure for themselves. With another person in the mix, it's a lot harder to be a selfish lover. In fact, most couples who have brought another person into their bed have reported that providing pleasure to the other two members makes them even more aroused than taking it all for themselves!

You And Your Spouse Will Become A Sexy Tag-Team

But probably the most significant reason why bringing an escort into your bedroom with strengthen your marriage bonds is because you'll find yourself working together with your spouse to prove to the escort you're both sexual people. Without even knowing it's happening, you and your husband or wife will find yourselves becoming a dynamic sexual duo - doing whatever is necessary to pleasure your escort like they've never felt before! And working closely with someone to solve a problem is the quickest way to strengthen any bond.

Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage Without The Use Of Escorts

I know this may sound crazy coming from a website called, but if you're in a relationship that you think is fizzling out, it's actually possible to not use escorts to spice up your marriage as well! In fact, there are many ways that you and your significant other can reignite those passions that don't feel like they burn as bright anymore. That said, we really recommend trying to use escorts to spice up your marriage - believe us, it's just not as fun the other way! However, there is a difference between the way men and women react to certain situations, and if you're in a male/female relationship, you can't use the same tactics to make the fires of passion burn again. So we've searched up and down the web to find the best advice that men can use to spice up a stagnant relationship as well as the most effective tactics women can use to get their men back to fantasizing about them on a daily basis! If you're a man trying to spark up something sexy with their female partner, we think you should head over to Men's Health and read an article on the topic called, Do This Instead Of Staying In With Your Wife Tonight - It Could Be The Secret To Spicing Up Your Love Life. Long title - we know - but it has some of the most useful information out there to put some action back in your bedroom. For instance, did you know that simply getting out of the house and hanging out with other couples more will bring you and your spouse closer together? Well now you do! And if you're a woman trying to turn her mans head like you used to be able to, you might want to take a look at this Red Book article called 24 Ways You Can Immediately Spice Up Your Sex Life. In that article you can familiarize yourself with simple solutions such as being more spontaneous, initiating sex in places other than the bedroom, and adding adult toys into your playtime!

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