Are You Falling For Your Escort Client?

Are You Falling For Your Escort Client? You have a client that you see regularly and you find that you are developing feelings for him. There are several things you can do if you find yourself falling for your client. Take some time between your last date and the next

Are You Falling For Your Escort Client?

You have a client that you see regularly and you find that you are developing feelings for him. There are several things you can do if you find yourself falling for your client. Take some time between your last date and the next date with him. It could be that you were doing something together and it sparked something. It could be a crush that will go away. If it is real, maybe you should reconsider seeing him again.

What if he's married? If he is, you should break it off with him. If he's single and the feelings are returned, you could always follow through with those feelings and see where it goes. He knows that you are an escort so you might want to talk about expectations. You have other clients as well.

Having a crush on your client can be quite flattering to him. If you are really falling for him, ask yourself if there is something that he did to bring those feelings on. Either that or have you been developing feelings for him since he became a regular client. You have to ask yourself if it is something you want to pursue. You have an established clientele and falling for a client may not fit into your plans. You can't help how you feel but maybe it's best to let your client know and go from there. He may tell you that he won't be booking time with you again or that he feels the same way.

Being an escort is where clients and escorts get together to have some fun. At the end of the day, you go your separate ways with no strings attached. Take some time to yourself and try and figure out what triggered your feelings for your client. It may be something that will pass or maybe there are sparks there and after a couple of times together, you should talk about it. There is a chance that you may have a client that you fall for. You are human after all. What do you do if this happens to you? Read on to find out more!

Should You Follow Through Feelings You Developed For A Client?

Following through with your feelings is something that you really need to think through. You can't help it that you have developed feelings for your client. Love at first sight happens and you need to ask yourself if it is real or something that will pass. It is also quite normal for people who spend intimate time together to develop some sort of emotional connection with each other.

Maybe it's the way he makes you feel when you are experiencing certain sensations when you are intimate. Sometimes, escorts and clients both develop feelings for each other because you are giving him something he doesn't get at home and he brings out a lot of emotion in you. It's natural. If you feel very strongly about your feelings, talk to him and let him know how you feel. There are escorts and clients who have fallen in love and gotten married. It's not something that happens all the time but it definitely happens.

Sometimes, escorts can turn that emotion off when they are with clients. It is quite common for clients to fall for escorts more than escorts falling for their clients. You are human, after all, and if you have developed real feelings for your client and they do not go away, follow through and talk about it the next time you are together. There is nothing wrong with expressing how you feel. If he is not into it, he'll let you know. If he feels the same way, you can figure these feelings out together.

Tips On What To Do If You Develop Feelings For Your Escort Client

-Take some time to yourself to evaluate your feelings: When you feel like you are developing feelings for your client, take some time to be alone to think about it thoroughly. Weigh out the pros and cons and ask yourself if the feelings are real. Do some self-evaluation and try to figure out how and when the feelings started. -You have determined that they are real: You gave yourself some time to see if the feelings were real and they are still very strong. They may even be getting stronger. Now that you have established this, it's time to take the next step and talk to your client about it. -What should you do about it?: That's something that you have to figure out. You know how you feel and how strong those feelings are. The next step would be to figure out what you are going to do. You have several options. You can act on those feelings or you can keep seeing him and hope they fade.

-Should you talk to your client about it?: Talking to your client about your feelings and how you're falling for him is an option for sure! If he is showing you more affection than other regular clients, maybe it's something that you should pursue. When you talk to your client about it you risk one of two things. It goes smoothly or he doesn't feel the same.

-How to deal with your client's reaction: There are a few ways to deal with your client's reaction and it all depends on what that reaction is. If he isn't into it, maybe it is time to let him know that there are other escorts that he can see. If he is into it, you can either take your relationship to the next step or see each other as a couple but not as escort and client anymore.

-What happens if the feelings are mutual?: If the feelings are mutual, you have a few decisions to make as a couple. You can discontinue the escort and client connection and become partners. If you decide to become a couple, is he going to be cool with you continuing with the escort business? Are you going to leave the business and see where the relationship goes? These are all things that you and your client should discuss if the feelings turn out to be mutual.

-Where do you go from here?: This depends on the outcome of sharing your feelings or not sharing your feelings. If you do share your feelings and they are not reciprocated, you might want to make a decision not to see that client any longer. If the feelings are shared between you and your client, you will have to sit down together and talk about it.

-Moving forward once your feelings are exposed: Moving forward is something you will figure out once you have exposed your feelings and have talked it through with your client. Either way, you will be okay. You shared your feelings and now it all depends on how your client reacted. You will either be moving on together or you will move forward being an escort and living your everyday life.

Has Your Honesty Lost You A Client?

Losing your client because you were honest is quite possible. This can happen when you decide to drop him as a client. Maybe the feelings were mutual and you lost a client but you gained a partner. There are a few ways to look at it. These feelings that have been building up inside of you for your client are real. You had one of two choices. Either you told him about it or you kept the feelings in and dropped him as a client. If you dropped him as a client, it's because you were honest with yourself and something inside you told you not to talk to him about it.

Maybe it's because you believed that he didn't feel the same way or the thought of balancing this type of relationship is far too complicated for you. Either way, it is true, honesty can lose you a client. If you decide to tell him and the feeling is mutual, you'll probably start dating your client. In this case, you don't have to drop him as a client but it would be a smart thing to do. You don't want to have your partner booking time with you and then pay you. It will give you extra time to book another client. This is something else that may come between you and your client turned partner.

Is he going to be okay with you continuing to work as an escort? Assuming he does, you should discuss things ahead of time so that he is aware of when you work. Maybe you can change up your schedule to match his. You don't want to give up prime time spots because of your partner and what he wants. He knows what you do for a living. It is very important that you discuss everything before you carry on as an escort. Simple communication goes a long way and as long as you and your client, turned partner, are on the same page, you should be successful with your decisions for the future. Being honest can work to your advantage and you wouldn't want to miss out on an opportunity for a happy future with an amazing partner.

What Happens When You Develop Real Feelings And Fall For Your Client?

There are many ways to handle falling for your client. First, you could give it some time and see if the feelings are genuine or a passing crush. It really is not unusual for an escort to have a crush on her client. This happens when the escort finds that she has a lot in common with her client. You are attracted to him because he is good-looking and you get along great when you are together.

However, don't confuse a crush with deep feelings for your client. If you have real feelings, chances are you can't imagine not having him as a constant in your life. This is when you want to spend some personal time with him and you find yourself wanting to tell him everything about you. You do not normally do that with any other clients and it doesn't bother you.

With this particular client, your intimate time really gets you turned on and there are a ton of feelings going through you. You can't imagine life without him as a constant. This is when you have to start separating the fairy tale from reality. There is nothing wrong with telling your client how you really feel. It may be a huge weight off of your shoulders and if he feels the same way, a weight off of his shoulders as well. There is so much riding on the outcome of being honest.

Do you want to lose out on one of the best things that have ever happened to you or do you want to jump in with both feet and tell him how you really feel? Honesty works for everyone and it is very important to start a relationship based on honesty. If your feelings are real, let him know right away. Do not hold it in and ignore it. No one should ever ignore their feelings. Tell your partner and let the chips fall where they may. If his feelings are the same, good thing you opened up and shared how you feel about him.

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