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Are You Fit To Be An Escort?

Are You Fit To Become An Escort? If you want to be a companion to men with intimacy thrown in, then being an escort could be for you. Many women think about it but don't know where to start. It doesn't matter who you are, make sure that you weigh

Are You Fit To Become An Escort?

If you want to be a companion to men with intimacy thrown in, then being an escort could be for you. Many women think about it but don't know where to start. It doesn't matter who you are, make sure that you weigh out everything before becoming an escort. Physically and mentally.

One question that you should ask yourself is are you fit to be an escort. Being an escort involves a lot of things so consider everything. The physical aspect of escorting can be challenging but if you take care of yourself and have a regular doctor that you go to, you may have what it takes. Professional escorts take care of themselves and always make sure they look their best. Their nails are nicely manicured and their hair is always done. They also have their private areas well-groomed.

Some women like to go all-natural while others spend time waxing or sugaring. These ladies care about their appearance whether they doll themselves up or are just very natural beauties. Whenever they get together with their clients, they take the time and care to look their best.

There is another piece to determine whether or not you are fit to be an escort and that is if you are mentally prepared. Ladies decide to become escorts for various reasons. Some do not want to be in a relationship and are looking to please men who are lonely by being a companion. They also make good money which is definitely an attraction to the business. To be mentally prepared means that you understand that a client/escort relationship is a no-strings-attached relationship.

Some clients will only book once with you and there may be others who will want to see you again. They become regular clients. Most escorts are mentally and emotionally prepared and there may be a few who get attached or develop feelings.

Before you decide to jump in with both feet, make sure you are aware of things that could trigger some emotions. There are many ladies who are in it for the money. Many are younger escorts who are putting themselves through school. It takes a certain type of person to commit to being an escort and if you control your emotions and keep your feelings in check, it may be the business for you. Things in the escort world are not always fun and games. They are also not glamorous. To be a successful, high profile escort, you should have good looks, a good body, personality and know how to dress and present yourself. Being friendly will take you a long way and never, ever rush a client. Being an escort is not easy.

Every escort punter client is different and will have different personalities. What is good for some, may not be good for others. There will always be guys that you don't want to see again and it is up to you whether or not you will schedule another time for them or let them move on. If you want regular clients, be kind and try your best to impress them. You will want to make sure that you make them happy and fulfil their desires.

Escorting Can Be Challenging For Some People

Being an escort can be very challenging for some people, especially if they haven't done the research or looked into exactly what is required. Many women may think that being an escort is all glitz and glamour.

While there can be some perks when you build a clientele, it is no different than starting any business and growing it from the ground up. It is very true that a big part of the service is if you are fit to be an escort. That is something that you will have to decide on your own. Don't take it lightly, really weigh out the pros and cons. If you decide to become an escort, you can grow from there and once you develop your clientele, things will become more comfortable. There are clients who want a companion to accompany them to events, parties or maybe even away on vacation. Once you establish your escort business, you are likely to find regular clients who offer a lot to you.

The challenge comes in if and when emotions come into play. Clients can also develop feelings for an escort and try to see them more often and become controlling. We are going to focus on escorts. There are some escorts who can become emotionally attached to a client. What makes it very hard is knowing that he is coming to you for companionship, intimacy and a no-strings-attached experience. If you find yourself becoming attached, you may want to reconsider keeping him on as a regular client. Escorts are human and have feelings. You aren't a robot. That is why before you decide to become an escort, you should make sure that you are mentally prepared. Another challenging piece for some people is the variety of personalities you will run into.

Not all escorts are going to treat you the same, talk the same, do the same things and most of all look the same. Are you the type of person who can appreciate a variety of personalities? This is something else you have to ask yourself before you decide whether or not you are fit to become an escort.

The Physical Side Of Becoming An Escort

There are two very important sides that you should consider before becoming an escort. This section will cover the physical side of being an escort. Are you fit, healthy, energetic? If you answered, yes, to these then you have passed a few things about the physical piece of becoming an escort. There is more to it.

The better looking you are and the more you take care of yourself, the more successful you will be. Physical ability can mean many other things that you should be aware of. Will you be able to balance your current life with that of an escort? Do you have a partner? Do you have kids? While many people think that stress and anxiety are only linked to your mental health, that couldn't be further from the truth. While both do have a lot to do with mental health, they can also affect you physically.

Stretching yourself too thin, burning the candle at both ends, can make a person physically and mentally exhausted. You may have pain in your stomach, nervousness and just feel very down. This is something else you need to consider before you commit to being an escort.

Now, not only do you have a partner to please or children to run around and love, but you also have clients that are going to want your undivided attention when you are together. If you can handle that, go for it! You can also be a part-time escort and set your times for what suits you. Maybe evenings and some weekends will work. Maybe you can hook up with clients during the day. Whatever works for you and as long as you can maintain your physical health.

The Mental Side Of Becoming An Escort

There is also the mental side of becoming an escort that is something most of the ladies have to deal with. There are many different types of personalities that escorts will run into. All of the clients are not the same. You may have clients that are kind and quiet or sarcastic and loud. There may also be some that want companionship only or intimacy only.

Can you deal with this?

Once you get started and build up your clientele and reputation, you can pretty much stick with the clients you have a connection with. Another part of the mental side of becoming an escort is emotions. You are human, after all, and emotions will always come into play. You could meet a client that you are instantly attracted to. No one is immune to love at first sight. If this happens you will have to make a decision on whether or not you are going to see him again. Maybe he won't book the time but maybe he will. If he feels the same way, you and your client need to sit down and talk about it.

Ignoring it will not make it go away and your future as an escort depends on the result of a conversation you have with each other. It also depends very much on your personality. Remember why you became an escort and your goals as they relate to your business. There are also emotions that can come from your client as well. Maybe they are married or perhaps they just went through a terrible break-up. His emotions can affect you mentally as well. A good piece of advice is to try and take his mind off of what is bothering him during the short few hours you are together. Distract him with a conversation that isn't related to his personal situation. Escorts sometimes say that they are like counsellors. Well, that is not far from the truth. The biggest thing to remember is to focus on your physical and mental health. You need to come first in your life.

Can You Balance Your Personal Life With Your Escort Life?

Are you fit to be an escort? Can you balance your personal life with your escort life? The balancing act is very important. You may want to keep two separate schedules. One for your personal life and one for your life is an escort. It may help you find the perfect balance. You are human and you have things to get done in your own life as well as preparing for a client. If you have a family you have to do everything the woman of the house does. From making meals to getting the kids to school, doing laundry and cleaning your house.

You will also have to find time to shop for food, clothes and keep up with everything else. If you are single, you still have to keep up with your shopping, laundry and cleaning your home. There is also taking care of your physical self. Taking care of your mental mind and physical being includes having quality me time! Make some time for yourself so you can be well-rested when you are entertaining your clients. Follow the advice you have read. You can fill in the blanks and make it all work for yourself. Everything here will help you to figure out if you are fit to be an escort.

Learning The Business Side Of Being An Escort

If you are curious as to whether you are fit to be an escort or not, ask yourself if you can handle the business end of it. If you are an independent escort, you should have your own office or space in your home where you can handle your bookings and schedule, keep track of your finances, your the best example is in the escort capital of the world London UK where the London Escorts are shrewd business women who invest in their looks and appearance as well as their finances , and a log of your clients. This rings true when you work for a service as well.

You will always want to know what is going on. Being hooked up to the same computer system and the service is a great idea so you can keep an eye on your schedule. You can also follow your finances and that is something that you will want to control anyway. It is very important to learn the business side of being an escort. It is your business and you should be in control of it.

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