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Monica of New Milton

- Nov 2020

Southampton escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

Online: Oct 2020

ColerrRas Jul 2020
She made all my fantasies come true, I'm definitely going to call her again!... See the full "Southampton Escort Review"
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- Nov 2020

Southampton escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

5 25-36


Southampton escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

BarksdaleShean Jun 2020
As our clothes ended up on the floor, we experimented with positions we like...... See the full "Southampton Escort Review"
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Southampton escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

BambooJungle Jun 2020
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Southampton escorts

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AaronM. May 2020
Amazing girl, friendly and experienced. She is the true fulfillment of all my fantasies.... See the full "Southampton Escort Review"
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Southampton escorts

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Kulej May 2020
A fancy and very hot girl, full of enthusiasm and passion. The experience with her was magical.... See the full "Southampton Escort Review"
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Southampton escorts

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SexyBeast Apr 2020
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Southampton escorts

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WeirdHack Apr 2020
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Southampton escorts

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Online: Dec 2019

Gauis the Kind Apr 2020
Lovely little lady with a really tight toned body. Just my thing. But she was not so enthusiastic during our ... little lady with a really tight toned body Just my thing But she was not so enthusiastic during our date ... See the full "Southampton Escort Review"
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Southampton escorts

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Javor Apr 2020
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Southampton escorts

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hammerblows Apr 2020
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Southampton escorts

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Stanley332 Apr 2020
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Southampton escorts

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KingSizeXXX Apr 2020
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Southampton escorts

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Antonie Apr 2020
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Southampton escorts

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VeryExcited Apr 2020
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Southampton escorts

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MikeLee Apr 2020
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Southampton escorts

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Southampton escorts

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For many people, the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Southampton is cruises. That’s because the city has been a major hub for cruise ships since forever, and continues to be today.

As long ago as the 18th century, Southampton was being referred to as the gateway to the world. It was the set-off point for the Titanic in 1912 and the set-off/docking point for hundreds of cruise ship journeys in 2019 alone.

But a wide coastline is not all Southampton has to offer. As a major city in Southern England, Southampton is home to hundreds of different economic industries. Some are quite new (tech, etc.) while others have been present since the early ages.

One of the latter is the escorting industry, sometimes categorized under the prostitution industry. Southampton’s escorting industry has grown in leaps and bounds, and now employs, through discreetly, thousands of members of the city’s workforce.

A History of Escorting in Southampton

Southampton is an old city; it has been around since the early centuries. Even during those early years, escorting was a part of the city’s residents’ lifestyles. Back then it wasn’t categorized as prostitution, so lords and important men could keep their courtesans and mistresses close by safely.

As the centuries turned over, escorting, along with general prostitution continued to boom. Southampton’s position as a hub for ships meant that escorts and other sex workers had a constant stream of customers in the form of sailors and high-sea travelers.

Immigration from Eastern Europe and other countries took center stage starting after the 2nd world war, and Southampton was one of the cities to receive thousands of immigrants. Many of these settled in poorer neighborhoods such as Derby Road and took up odd jobs to survive, including escorting and prostitution.

As other areas within the city such as the Bevois Valley area became known for their sex workers, escorts were taking up shop in more dignified sections of the city. By the 1980s, prostitution had been all but eliminated from neighborhoods such as Derby Road. Thanks to their discretion, escorts continued to operate, even with unfavorable prostitution laws at the time.

Escorting in Southampton today

The escorting industry is at its peak in Southampton these days. Starting with the legalization of escorting in 2009, escorts city-wide have been operating with more pride. Business is steady too, thanks to the city’s ever-improving position as a major docking point for cruise liners and cargo ships heading to the UK. Foreign travelers continue to enjoy the city’s diverse escorts as do British citizens arriving in the city to set off for one cruise or another.

Southampton is also a popular seaside town, especially for residents of the UK’s south. Its famous Westquay Shopping Centre attracts millions of customers a day and it is waterside restaurants and venues are constant draws for escort clients.

The legalities of Escorting in Southampton

As luck would have it, escorting is currently legal in southampton. Its saving grace is the discretion with which the business is handled. According to the Policing and Crime Act of 2009, working as an outcall escort is not illegal, as is selling sexual services in private.

Even escort clients get some relief. Soliciting for sexual services with the promise of financial compensation is also perfectly legal as long as it’s done in private. Previous laws criminalized any form of solicitation and sex work. They were modified following appeals to decriminalize public prostitution. Street prostitution and kerb crawling remain illegal.

Pimping is illegal under the law, as is managing and keeping a brothel. The law defines a brothel as ‘a place where people are allowed to resort for illicit intercourse.’

Fortunately, hotels and other popular outcall options are not considered brothels according to details in the law, so outcalls are still very preferable. Lawmakers are now considering decriminalizing ‘smaller brothels’ in a bid to support the safety of sex workers.

Advertising related to sexual services is also illegal under the Criminal Justice Act of 2001. Fortunately for Southampton escorts and their clients, advertising on the internet and social media is still legal and allowed. A recent attempt to delegalize it too failed in 2015.

The law is still very strict on sex slavery in the city. City police continue to operate stings on women and men working as escorts forcefully. In 2010, city police raided and closed down a brothel in the Ocean Village section that was found to have 100 enslaved escorts in operation.

Nevertheless, the discussion on complete decriminalization of sex work in Southampton is gaining steam in the city as more distinguished institutions back it.

The Types of Escorts You’ll Find in Southampton

Southampton, like many other UK cities, maintains a vibrant escort culture. This vibrancy is powered by two types of escorts – independent and agency escorts.

Agency escorts

Agency escorts are adult entertainers that are managed by an agency, itself a small company that’s usually virtual-only for legal purposes. This means that most of the hard-scrabble details typically associated with an escort’s workday are handled by the agency in exchange for a cut of her earnings. Across Southampton, most of the active escorts are agency escorts.

Agencies handle an escort’s major details, including managing and scheduling bookings by clients. Some agencies also go-ahead to provide a flat for their escorts to meet clients in. All this is done in exchange for a sizeable chunk of the escort’s daily earnings. The agency sets the rate and collects the money.

Pros and cons of agency escorts

The agency escort is what one can call a safe bet. They come with less risk of being fake, having STIs and more. You can trust her because agency escorts tend to have reviews from former patrons visible.

Agency escorts have also been praised for their unique skillsets during sessions, probably a result of pleasure and companionship training by their madams.

The downsides to agency escorts tend to revolve around how expensive they are. Agency escorts are usually high maintenance, and they charge very high fees. It’s all partly because of the premiums their agencies charge. Agency escorts are known to charge independently for every extra service they offer.

Independent escorts

Also known as ‘indies’, independent escorts are distinguished by the fact that they operate on their own. This means that, unlike agency escorts, they handle every aspect of their business. A smaller percentage of escorts in Southampton are independent.

Independent escorts handle their promotion, advertising, booking, and scheduling. They are also responsible for their own protection and accommodation. Many of them operate out of their flats, while others operate in discreet brothels despite their illegal nature. Many prefer to go out for outcalls.

The pros and cons of agency escorts

One major attraction of independent escorts is that they are laxer about their scheduling and other such restrictions, thanks to being in control of their time. Many are also usually very good at what they do because they were once agency escorts. Many fetishes and ethnic escorts in Southampton are independent escorts too.

The downside to independent escorts is that some tend to price quite high. Independent escorts can also be unsafe.

Categories of Southampton Escorts You Need to Know

Beyond the two major types of escorts in Southampton, there are other escort categories that you need to know (and explore). Some include:

Niche escorts: These escorts provide very specific services to a specific clientele, including fetishes such BDSM, water sports, fisting and more. They are not too common and many operate independently.

Mature escorts: Southampton is home to older escorts too, ranging in ages between 35 and 60+. They are popular among clients and still rack terrific reviews. Some operate independently.

Trans escorts: THERE ARE A GOOD NUMBER OF TRANS ESCORTS IN SOUTHAMPTON. Some have had their sex-change operations while others haven’t. Most mark it clearly on their profiles that they are trans and they are quite popular.

Ethnic escorts: Southampton’s escort group is no stranger to ethic escorts of refreshingly variety. Clients can expect Caribbean, Asian, African and Latina escorts in sizeable numbers alongside the usual white girls.

BBW escorts: Another unique group of escorts, the Big Beautiful Women, are also present in Southampton and ready to work. They may not feature on escort agency websites; that’s because many operate independently.

Sugar babies: Southampton is not very far from numerous universities, so clients can expect a steady stream of wannabe sugar babies when they stop by. All they want is a good client that can take them up on their offer.

Mistresses: Southampton is home to hundreds of young escorts seeking to become mistresses to that one right client. A good number of mistresses are already available and active in service to their master clients.

The Average Southampton Escort

For a portrait of the average Southampton escort, we used definitive parameters such as age, ethnicity, nationality, and rates charged for services.


Active escorts in Southampton range in age between 18 and 60 years of age. There are some escorts younger than 18, but they mostly operate independently. Clients can expect to find escorts of any age on any random escort website, although those in the 20-28 age bracket feature the most.

Older escorts tend to operate independently in contrast with their younger counterparts. University girls, mothers, and MILFs are all available. Many escorts falsify their ages too, to improve their booking chances.


Southampton’s biggest ethnic group is the ‘White British’, while its smallest is the ‘Mixed Race’ group. In correlating fashion, most of the escorts in Southampton identify as white British and its Mixed Race escorts are few and far in between.

This correlation extends to all the other ethnicities the city has, which, by the way, are many and have gained the city a ‘diverse’ badge of honor.

According to 2011 census information, 77.7% of Southampton’s residents were White British, while 22% were non-white British (Caribbean, African, Latina, Mixed Race, etc.) Its ‘Other White’ residents were noted to be quite many, most of who had migrated from nearby European countries.


Southampton is one of the most diverse cities in the south of England. Diversity in nationalities has boomed over 200% in some categories since 2004, according to the 2011 National Census. The city continues to let in a huge number of immigrants from its Eastern European neighbors every year.

The 2011 census poll revealed that 17.6% of Southampton’s residents were indeed born outside the UK and that 17,461 individuals were white but of non-British origin. Other countries that contribute notable numbers of immigrants include Brazil, Spain, Jamaica, and several African countries.

This wonderful pool of nationalities expresses itself among the escorts the city has to offer. A random peek at any random escort website featuring Southampton escorts will reveal a fascinating number of nationally diverse women seeking clients. The most prominent nationalities featured on most such websites include Ukrainian, Hungarian and Spanish.

This nationality diversity hasn’t had much effect on the languages Southampton escorts use. Most can only use one language, either English or their native language. A good few can sport more than two languages.

Rates charged

The average rates charged by Southampton escorts are £80 for in-calls and £150 for outcalls. Those are essentially minimum rates for the minimum duration of a session, which is usually 30 minutes. That figure doubles as the session’s duration increases. These averages render Southampton escorts rather pricey, especially in comparison with escorts in smaller cities nearby.

For context, the average Southampton escort charges between £50 and £150 for an incall, and that‘s for the minimum duration. That figure doubles to between £130 and £200 for an outcall, also for minimum durations. As rules go, clients are supposed to cater to transport costs if their outcall is farther away than usual. In smaller cities, the rates are 10 or 20 pounds less.

According to experts, the rates are high because of the expected value and the expected clientele, including wealthy sea-farers and foreigners. Meanwhile, other services such as a dinner date in one of Southampton’s fancy sea-side restaurant establishments can set clients back upwards of £300.

Prominent traits of a Southampton escort

Regions come with unique traits that define them and their people. The same applies to escorts. Southampton’s escorts have a number of unique, distinguishing traits about them that clients love.

• Exotic

There’s something exotic about Southampton’s escorts; it emanates through their speech, their poise and their knowledge. The average Southampton escort has traveled a little and might be foreign by birth, hence the foreign vibe. Clients have called it sexy.

• Sexually free

There’s a reason escorts with Ukrainian and other East European nationalities are favored by clients everywhere. They are not only sexy, but they are also sexually free in a very sexy way. Southampton is home to many such clients, and most offer some of the most unique services ever offered anywhere. It’s no wonder clients can’t get enough of them.

• Very discreet

Escorts here understand the power of discretion, and they strive to great lengths to make sure it is maintained. Many escorts here are university students and wives looking to earn extra without their families knowing, so their desire for discretion makes sense.

• Very sexy

Exotic women are always sexy, and when it comes to Southampton’s women, the definition is upped to a new level. Many of the escorts here are young and fit and come with perfect bodies for clients to lust after. And since many speak foreign languages mostly, they sound very, very sexy too.

• Expensive

If you haven’t been with expensive escorts before, Southampton’s will give you the fix you need. They may not be as expensive as London’s top escorts, but this Oceanside city’s top babes ask for big bucks in exchange for their services.

• Very fluent in one or two major languages

Southampton’s escorts are not very fluent in more than one language as those in more metropolitan cities. But they tend to be fluent in one major language, be it English or the language of their native country. Some, especially university students, are fluent in both.

• Young

The average Southampton escort is young and nubile, ranging between ages 18 and 28. Clients can find these escorts on various escort websites and platforms such as social media. Older escorts are also available; they’re just less visible.

• Fast-adapting

A Southampton escort tends to adapt so fast to different customers, making them feel at home with no effort at all. It’s a skill they get from meeting so many foreigners.


As we hope you’ve noted from the information above, Southampton escorts are worth checking out, thanks to their diversity, their unique skill set and the overall safety of their business around the city. If you are new to the city, you won’t have trouble finding your dream escort. And if you are a Southampton regular, we hope you meet as many escorts as you wish.