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Cambridge escorts

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One to blame Nov 2020
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Cambridge escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

Sergio Oct 2019
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Cambridge is a world famous university town, roughly an hour northeast of London. It was an important trading town for both the Romans and Vikings, and there is even evidence of settlements from the Bronze Age. Of course it was in the medieval period that Cambridge University was founded, all the way back in 1209. So while it is definitely a place that caters to whim of students and researchers coming from all over the world, it also is accustomed to having plenty of tourists visiting because it is so popular. In addition to the university, there plenty of other landmarks and attractions to keep you busy.

With students comes socializing and nightlife of course (no matter how studious they are), and with that comes plenty of fun to be had, and certainly meeting sexy women is part of that. if you are living, studying or just visiting Cambridge, you will definitely be able to find the perfect escort to have a wild night. Whether a young sexy model, or a curvy MILF it's easy to have good time, meeting them either in person or online. And if you want to get a hot massage from a sexy asian babe, or very kinky with a wild dominatrix, the nearby town of Bedford, Milton Keynes and Northampton can certainly accommodate for that as well.

Here on we will give you all the best info and tips about the escorts in Cambridge, so you can have a great night!

A Little Background on Cambridge

The Romans built a small fort just north of the town centre around 70AD, and lasted for centuries. After the empire fell, it fell into disrepair until the Vikings arrived, and used it as a trading post, helping it thrives. When the Vikings were given the boot, churches were built, and along with that, Cambridge University was founded in 1209, with Oxford students looking for a new place to study. This is essentially how the friendly rivalry between the two schools began.

Despite outbreaks of the plague, the university helped garner more attention to the town, and the institution itself played a large role in the Cambridge's development, to the point where they were almost synonymous. It's reputation as a place of research for the highest standards grew internationally and has not faltered to this day.

The Industrial Revolution was very beneficial to Cambridge, although indirectly. There wasn't that much heavy industry built up in town, but thanks to the railway connecting it with London and other areas across the country, it became a much easier to reach destination, and the town grew and grew.

During World War II it escaped with only light damage from bombing, and was a place of evacuation for 7000 Londoners during the Blitz.

Having Fun in Cambridge

if you're a student, you might be too busy to have the sightseeing sort of fun, but if you're visiting there's plenty to do. Like seeing students! While Cambridge is certainly a university for rigorous study, it is also a tourist attraction, and plenty of buildings charge a fee for visitors to come in and poke your nose around. And since the buildings are so old, it really can be a treat if you are the sort who is interest not only in architectural history, but British history as well.

Beyond that, there are plenty of parks, gardens and museums in the town centre that can catch your eye. The Botanical Hardens is lovely, and if you want to get a bit more into the wild, there is Coe Fen. One of the best museums in England is the Fitzwilliam Museum, which shows off all the antiquaries that the university has accumulated over the years. There are many other choices if science, zoology and history give you the horn, so feel free to seek scholarly pleasures during the day so you can seek more physical ones during the night.

The sensibly named River Cam runs right through the city, and it can be fun to traverse it through punting (renting a boat and a rower to take you up and down the river), and can be exciting to watch professionals row it for sport.

Throughout the year there are plenty of festivals and events, from the summer music festival to one celebrating beer in the spring. There should be little surprise that there are plenty of events revolving around intellectual pursuits like sciences and the arts, and no doubt it will impress your date if you can act scholarly for the first part of the date and like a sexy beast for the latter half.

Because it is very welcoming to tourists and visiting intellectuals, there is no shortage of accommodations that can fit anyone's budget. From your typical chain hotels to five star mansions to cozy bed and breakfasts, no matter what you are looking for you can find it here.

A town as old as Cambridge has plenty of listed buildings where you can also have a pint in, and even if you find something a bit fresher, you'll be happy to find a wide array of food and drinking options, plenty of which will be a perfect place to meet or bring a woman to.

The Ladies in Cambridge

Cambridge's worldly reputation has certainly helped it when it comes to meet women there who love to be adventurous in the bedroom. One of the benefits of being a youthful sort of town means there plenty of sexy twenty-somethings who are always looking to have plenty of fun after dark. That means it's not too hard to go to a pub or club and starting chatting up a sexy co-ed who might be eager to help get rid of the stress of studying for a few hours. At the same time you'll be able to find plenty of mature, professional women who would love to do the same sort of thing. And because it is an international sort of community, find Asian and Latin women is easy to do as well.

At the same time, because Cambridge can still 'just' be a university town, there are plenty of very close options if you do want to expand your horizons. While London is a little over an hour away by train, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Northampton are even closer, and they have a great selection of escorts who would be happy to entertain you, and in some cases, travel to Cambridge to come to your flat or hotel room for some face-to-face fun (provided you pay the travel costs). This means that no matter what kind of sexual fantasies you have (whether you like to gets spanked in the BDSM style or want to have a very sexy massage that ends with a very happy ending), you can find it Cambridge, or you can it have it find you.

Getting Together Online

We've mentioned above how with so many tourists and students mingling and plenty of pubs that it is easy to meet people face to face, but at the same time it is absolutely true that chatting up a woman at the bar is becoming less and less of a thing. Feel free to try it to your heart's content if you feel you have the charm (just don't lay it on to thick), but it's become clear that the main way you are going to meet women (and escorts) these days is by going online.

Thanks to plenty of dating apps and websites, 'swipe right' is simply a term everyone knows for saying 'yes I'm attracted to you'. And this isn't just for long term dating prospects, but one night stands as well. Since this can actually take a bit of time via chatting and second thoughts, sites like gets right to the heart of the matter and helps set you up with women who are definitely interested in getting into the bedroom very quickly. The site looks exactly like most dating sites, and that means its easy to search for what turns you on right away. From body type to hair colour to ethnicity, you can find your dream woman, and thanks to location settings, you can find ones that are very close to you.

Each escort has their own profile page, and on it you can find photos and a description of herself, which is very helpful because not only will it tell you some of the services she offers, but also a bit of a glimpse into her personality. Finding out if you will actually get along chatting over drinks makes a huge difference when it comes to what will happen in the bedroom later on. If you are a party-going bloke, and she is writing about how she likes a quiet evening with a nice massage, maybe you aren't the best match, even if she looks lovely.

Once you get in contact with her via phone or email, you will agree to meet in person, and if it's at her flat then it's called an Incall, and if she is going to visit you at your place or a hotel room, it's an Outcall. This is also a good time to ask her about some of the services she offers that might not be mentioned on her bio. If you have certain kinks that you would like her to indulge in, find out now if she is willing, otherwise you'll be disappointed in bed.

Some Cambridge Escorts

It should be noted that since Cambridge is a university town with a rather sterling reputation, you might not find that many escorts listed as being from the town itself, but that's where the nearby town come into play. Escorts from Bedford, Milton Keynes and Northampton are quite used to making the trip into town to entertain the gentlemen of Cambridge, so don't be afraid to search for women from those places and inquire if they are willing to travel. In fact, if you want to save a bit of coin, it's not that hard to travel by car or rail to her!

Natasha is a sexy raven-haired beauty with a dream body, perfect breasts and ass to die for. Whether you want to wine and dine her to start, or get right to it with some wild kinky fun, you can best believe she is down for all of it. She is an expert at giving some very hot massages that will certainly end with you going wild with lust, but if you want to take it slow she can also give you the full Girlfriend Experience. That means plenty of kissing and body-to-body contact before giving OWO and moving onto some great positions for intercourse. Natasha offers both Incall and Outcall services, so no matter how you want to meet her, it can work out perfectly.

Amelia is a beautiful all-natural brunette with a supermodel-like body who loves to get wild in the bedroom. That means if you wanted to try some things that you've always dreamed and fantasized about, she's the woman for you. Whether it's anal sex, all sorts of BDSM play (including being dominated), and roleplaying (which means she'll dress up as a sexy schoolgirl, nurse, or anything else that gets you excited), Amelia is game. In fact, if you and a friend or partner (sure, if you're in a relationship and love to get wild, why not add a willing third wheel?) want to visit her together, she is more than willing. So if you want to start with a lovely night with drinks or get hot and heavy right away, this sexy tart is just right for you. And she is willing to do both Incall and Outcall.


One of the best things about getting with an escort is that it is an opportunity to really learn more about sex and what turns you on. When you are meeting with someone in date-like situation, you are a bit worried about what they might think of you want to try some of your kinks or turn-ons, but with an escort, you can go wild. One of the main reason people go to escorts is because they are a bit ashamed of their foot fetish or how much they love getting a strap-on dildo up the ass. And that's what an escort loves to do. It's also helpful if you are a bit of newbie to the world of sex (regardless of your age). She can definitely give you some great pointers so you can please the heck out of every woman that comes after. You can bet she'd love to teach you, considering she's probably been with too many men who don't know how to please a woman very well.

Of course the escort will be much more willing to indulge in your fantasies if you treated her properly right from the start. Even you have already put down the booking fee to ensure that the night will end in the bedroom, the more of gentleman you are before you both get asked, the better time you will both have once the clothes come off. Have some funny stories ready, laugh at her jokes and be interested in her, maybe bring a bottle of wine for you to share. Get dressed up a little bit. It doesn't have to be a three-piece suit, but at least put on a golf shirt and slacks so you look like you clean up well. She will definitely be getting dressed up for you, so put in the effort so she could at least imagine walking into a classy joint with you on her arm. And related to that is make sure you smell decent, and that means a spray of cologne and a breath mint. A woman doesn't want to lean in to get close to you and realize that you stink.


In terms of sexual health, you should certainly wear protection. And a condom of course is not just to prevent pregnancy (she may also be taking contraceptives for that), but to reduce the chance of catching an STD. Even if she goes to great lengths to stay healthy, it is always better to err on the side of caution. And while some escorts offer the chance to go bareback with them (meaning 'no condom'), it is strongly discouraged from doing so.

As far as other risks, Cambridge is one of the safest cities in the country so you should have no problems overall, but it makes sense to avoid badly lit areas at night. And around some pubs on Regent and St Andrews street there might be some rabble-rousers at closing time.