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Cambridge escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

Barbossa Mar 2021
Amora is an incredibly beautiful and handsome girl, a real bombshell!... See the full "Cambridge Escort Review"
3 18-24


Cambridge escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

jakeJOkeR Mar 2021
I had a great time with great-looking Melissa. Can't wait to do it again when I'm around!... See the full "Cambridge Escort Review"
6 18-24


Cambridge escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

44times Mar 2021
This all-natural blonde will be sweet first then sexy and naughty!... See the full "Cambridge Escort Review"
8 18-24


Cambridge escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

LesCrepes Mar 2021
After getting a couple of photos from her in real-time, I knew it was the real deal!... See the full "Cambridge Escort Review"
4 18-24


Cambridge escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

Slammmer Feb 2021
"She is an adorable slim butbusty girl, who loves to experiment in bed. Good kisser and great shag. "... See the full "Cambridge Escort Review"
3 25-36


- Jan 2021

Cambridge escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

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Cambridge is a world-famous university town, roughly an hour northeast of London. It was an important trading town for both the Romans and Vikings, and there is even evidence of settlements from the Bronze Age.

If you are living, studying or just visiting Cambridge, you will definitely be able to find the perfect escort to have a wild night. Whether a young sexy model or a curvy MILF it's easy to have a good time, meeting them either in person or online. And if you want to get a hot massage from a sexy Asian babe, or very kinky with a wild dominatrix, the nearby town of Bedford, Milton Keynes and Northampton can certainly accommodate for that as well.

Here on we will give you all the best info and tips about the escorts in Cambridge, so you can have a great night!

A Little Bit on Cambridge

The Romans built a small fort just north of the town centre around 70AD and lasted for centuries. After the empire fell, it fell into disrepair until the Vikings arrived, and used it as a trading post, helping it thrives. When the Vikings were given the boot, churches were built, and along with that, Cambridge University was founded in 1209, with Oxford students looking for a new place to study. This is essentially how the friendly rivalry between the two schools began.

The Industrial Revolution was very beneficial to Cambridge, although indirectly. There wasn't that much heavy industry built up in town, but thanks to the railway connecting it with London and other areas across the country, it became much easier to reach a destination, and the town grew and grew.

During World War II it escaped with only light damage from bombing and was a place of evacuation for 7000 Londoners during the Blitz.

Having Fun in Cambridge

While Cambridge is certainly a university for rigorous study, it is also a tourist attraction, and plenty of buildings charge a fee for visitors to come in. Beyond that, there are plenty of parks, gardens and museums in the town centre that can catch your eye. The Botanical Gardens is lovely, and if you want to get a bit more into the wild, there is Coe Fen. One of the best museums in England is the Fitzwilliam Museum, which shows off all the antiquaries that the university has accumulated over the years.

Throughout the year there are plenty of festivals and events, from the summer music festival to one celebrating beer in the spring. Because it is very welcoming to tourists and visiting intellectuals, there is no shortage of accommodations that can fit anyone's budget.

The Ladies in Cambridge

Cambridge's worldly reputation has certainly helped when it comes to the escort scene. Cambridge, as well as nearby places such as Bedford, Milton Keynes and Northampton, have a great selection of escorts who would be happy to entertain you, and in some cases, travel to Cambridge to come to your flat or hotel room for some face-to-face fun (provided you pay the travel costs). This means that no matter what kind of sexual fantasies you have (whether you like to gets spanked in the BDSM style or want to have a very sexy massage that ends with a very happy ending), you can find it Cambridge, or you can it have it find you. Also, because it’s an international community, you’ll find Asian and Latina women here too.

Booking Cambridge Escorts

Nowadays, escorts can easily be found online via escort agency websites or even dating apps. Since searching for escorts on dating apps can take some time, sites like gets right to the heart of the matter and helps set you up with women who are definitely interested in getting into the bedroom very quickly.

Each escort has their own profile page where you can find photos and a description of herself, which is very helpful because not only will it tell you some of the services she offers, but also give you a glimpse into her personality.

Once you get in contact with her via phone or email, you will agree to meet in person, and if it's at her flat then it's called an Incall, and if she is going to visit you at your place or a hotel room, it's an Outcall. This is also a good time to ask her about some of the services she offers that might not be mentioned in her bio. If you have certain kinks that you would like her to indulge in, find out now if she is willing, otherwise, you'll be disappointed in bed.


One of the best things about getting with an escort is that it is an opportunity to really learn more about sex and what turns you on. Usually, you are a bit worried about what a girl you’re dating might think if you want to try some of your kinks or turn-ons, but with an escort, you can go wild. She can definitely give you some great pointers so you can please the heck out of every woman that comes after. You can bet she'd love to teach you, considering she's probably been with too many men who don't know how to please a woman very well.

Of course, the escort will be much more willing to indulge in your fantasies if you treated her properly right from the start. So treat her with respect and don’t forget to leave her a great review after the date is over!