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Tina Kay

Earls Court escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

Kanda Nov 2021
Exceptional! The opportunity a man cannot miss. I was windblown just by the opportunity, and Tina was wow!... See the full "Earls Court Escort Review"
4 25-36

Jessica Sparkle

Earls Court escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

Operation Success Oct 2021
I enjoyed a passionate hour in the company of this hot babe. She was amazing, and really really naughty.... See the full "Earls Court Escort Review"
8 18-24

Candy Sparkles

Earls Court escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

Joseph L. Jan 2021
I had a few ideas of how I wanted my session to go with Candy, but I allowed her to ... with Candy but I allowed her to decide and she picked sexy performance in a uniform and some light domination ... See the full "Earls Court Escort Review"
8 18-24

Skye Holden

Earls Court escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

4 18-24


Earls Court escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

burnout Apr 2020
I would love to see this sexy blonde babe for more fun... See the full "Earls Court Escort Review"
3 18-24


Earls Court escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

doclock Nov 2020
She is sexy babe who loves to have fun in the sack. She's honest and takes good care of you.... See the full "Earls Court Escort Review"

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Services: Massage / Escort

Drake33 Feb 2021
A high-class, friendly and really seductive girl who gave me pleasure beyond imagination!... See the full "North Kensington Escort Review"
1 18-24


Chelsea escorts

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NigelTheSenegal Sep 2020
I thoroughly enjoyed the hour of great fun, she is just fantastic!... See the full "Chelsea Escort Review"


Chelsea escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

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If you want to discover more details on how the escorts in Earl's Court operate and what to expect from them, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will go to lengths about the escort agency and the women that sign up to be represented and the independent escort that works alone. We will also look at the various types of services offered, the kinds of women that work in the escort business and the history and legitimacy of the escort world; among other important things. You will be able to tell how to approach the escort, if you are a client and want to exchange money for sex. You will also learn about proper etiquette, the language or terminology used and a bunch of other things. We hope that after reading this article, you will understand more about the escort industry, the agency and all that it represents to the client and the escort as a whole. Make sure you read the entire article.

History Of Earl's Court Escorts

In the city of Earl's Court, there is a history of the escort industry that begs explaining and understanding. Like any other industry, there is a general attitude towards its complexities and the escort industry is no different. In the grand scheme of things, different people had different attitudes about a sexual encounter between two consenting adults as one is get paid for providing a sought-after service.

This is nothing new because there has always been a stigma associated with sex. Many advocates of this industry believe that it should not be illegal to consent to sex with someone with whom there is a mutual understanding. In some cases, the thought is why would something be illegal in a situation where the woman can also give it away for free? It is her choice and her prerogative and her body. There are thousands of clients that search for escorts in Earl's Court every day and there are so many that did so in the past, but for prostitutes and street walkers. Nothing has changed when it comes to this perspective.

History has told the tale of women walking on street corners in wait for men who drive by in their cars and stop to ask the price of sex. In the city of Earl's Court, it was no different. Men were always seeking to have sex with women who did it for a living. However, it was very risky for the parties involved. The cops would set up raids to catch the women and their clients in action. Usually, the sex would take place in the back of the client’s car. In other cases, the street walker would only offer a blow job so she can get it over with quickly before the cops came. In other instances, the client would book a hotel in advance and then drive by to pick up the woman. It was also dangerous for the women to jump in the car of a stranger, but some of them felt that they had no alternative.

History does repeat itself, but in a different way. After some of the women graduated and chose to offer services inside a brothel or massage parlor, it was obvious to them that this was a better way. The client would call up the brothel or massage parlor and schedule an appointment. It was handled more professionally and the women were safer and there were fewer entanglements with the police. There were also fewer risks and the women could call the shots. And more importantly, they were represented by a company and so the client had to be made accountable during every encounter.

The Brothel Structure

The brothel was a structured and organized way of being employed for sex. The brothel could still be raided by law enforcement, but it did not happen often. Massage parlors were less professional and were usually raided more so as to prevent sex trafficking. In the advancement of the Internet, more women came out of hiding so to speak to offer themselves to the men that craved sex, but they did it within the confines of an escort agency that operated on the Internet. During the years of the brothel system, many women still preferred to be on the streets. Many of them complained how unfair the brothel owners were in their payment structure. The women felt as if they were being robbed financially since they were the ones providing the actual sexual services. With the introduction of the Internet, many of them breathe a sigh of relief because they were able to stand out more, bargain with their agencies and negotiate with the client.

The Recruiting Process

As history unraveled, the Internet brought with it new processes and distinct steps for someone to become an escort and for clients to have an outlet for their sexual fantasies. Many of the escort agencies that came on the scene did so gradually. They placed advertisements in print and online to find the escorts in Earl's Court that they wanted. It is by seeing those advertisements that escorts would apply and be scheduled for the interview. Some escorts got the job through word of mouth advertising. However, everyone had to go through a rigorous hiring process.

Some escort agencies had a recruiting process where they would pick up girls from the street corners, in bars, in strip clubs and in night clubs. No matter where the girls were found, they had to go through the interview procedure. The girls were from varied age groups; 18 to 25 and mature women from 35 to 55 years of age.

The escort agencies would ensure that the women were from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities. There were transsexuals, transgenders and transvestites; shemales, lesbians and others. There was always a mix that the clients could choose from; female to female, male to male, female to male and male to female; not necessarily in that order. Usually, most of the agencies concentrated on one gender, but there was always an availability of the alternative, which was sometimes required by some clients.

If an escort enters the industry through word of mouth referrals from family members and friends, they are still accepted and it does not matter their sexual preferences. Advertising in print was also very effective. Advertising on specialized websites did a lot to gain online influence and be considered reputable in the industry.

The Clients and Escorts

Many escorts in Earl's Courthave signed up with an agency because of many different reasons, but mostly for security, safety and fewer risks. The clients register with an escort agency for almost the same reasons, but mostly for privacy and anonymity. Both the client and the escort have to be compatible in order for the session to be successful. First, the escort has to find out all the client’s needs and see how best she can approach it so as to make sure that the client is fully satisfied. Once the client has found his escort, he should contact her over the phone or by private messaging to maintain anonymity. Then, both he and the escort will discuss the specifics of the services and the session, which might include location and type of sex offered. The details should not take too long to iron out unless both parties cannot come to a mutual agreement.

When the details are taken care of, it is now time to meet. The escort should make sure that she researches the location prior to showing up. She should get the exact address and it is recommended that she drive to the location a day or so before the actual meeting. This will protect her safety because then, she will be able to see where the parking lot is situated and if the address is located in a bad side of town. If it is an incall, then it is the escort’s responsibility to choose the location. In this case, the client should also ensure proper address location, research and the whole nine yards. Just to mention that the outcall is the client’s responsibility and the incall falls in the lap of the escorts in Earl's Court.

The Initial Meeting

When it is time to meet the client, the escort should show up on time; within 30 minutes or less of the actual timing. It is advised that the client and the escort meet in a public setting first such as a restaurant, movie theatre or bowling alley. That way, both parties will get to warm up and become familiar with each other; able to ask questions and have them answered. During the initial phase of the session, there will be more conversation about various topics, but both should stay away from private matters such as marital status, place of employment, relationships and children. Think of this as if it were a date. You wouldn’t discuss those topics on a date. However, the escort in Earl's Court can engage in conversation about sex. In fact, this is highly recommended, especially if the client has asked for specific sexual fantasies.

Sex is the main thing why the client has arranged this meeting and so nothing is wrong with talking about it. As an escort, you should not be shy, but be ready to let the client know how you can please him or her. You should instigate the discussion to any level of maturity; prompted by the client. In other words, let the client lead the conversation and you follow. For example, if the client has scheduled the session to receive BDSM, then the client is expecting things like oral sex, bondage, role playing, submission, domination, exhibitionism, humiliation, and adult baby. However, you shouldn’t assume that the client will be open to all of these things. That is why, it is important to ask or converse about it.

A client might be interested in BDSM as a sexual fantasy, but at the same time, he might know everything that is involved. And so, it is your duty as an escort in Earl's Court to explain what it entails so that everything is clear. A client, for example, might not mind being a sex slave, but not want to be humiliated to the extent that he is too controlled and dominated. He might accept being tied up, but not handcuffed. He might want to be an adult baby, but might also prefer that you role play this part. Do you see where a discussion is important?

The Courtesy

Even though, this is an escort industry and the women are offering sex in exchange for money, it does not mean that you should be courteous to the woman. It is the same with the escort. Not because the client is requesting undercover sex should you handle the client in an untoward way. People have different reasons to do the things that they want and it is none of your business to judge or question it. Both parties should be civil, engaging and courteous and kind to each other.

Some clients might complain that an escort is rude, drama driven and with a bad attitude, but it rarely ever happens. However, when it does, happen, the agency deals with it. The client, of course is always right. And so, as an escort, it is in your best interest to please the client, do not show up with an attitude, leave any bad vibes at the door and ask as many questions as possible to hold the client’s interest and to ensure that the client is being well served.

The Variety

In the city of Earl's Court, there are a variety of escort agencies such as escortrankings.uk and there a lot of women who have gotten into the escort industry so far. The industry spans women from China, Australia, United States, Amsterdam, Africa, Poland, India, Pakistan, Italy, Jamaica, Columbia and Brazil; just to name a few. The field of women is very diverse and varied. There are women of varying ages; from young to older and with a higher level of maturity. There are those who are overweight, which is what is called a BBW or big and beautiful women. There are women with different appearances. Some love to dress provocatively while others are more conservative. There are some women that prefer to please the client with negligee and stockings while there are others who just like to be in the nude. Some women find it appealing to dress up for the client and undress for him; giving him a strip tease, pole dancing or lap dance.

There are women as escorts in Earl's Court that have bigger butts than others; larger breasts and firmer asses. There are women with wide lips, smooth legs, curvy bodies and sex appeal. Some clients find their picks to be more engaging and outgoing; open minded and laid back. The only thing about picking an escort is that the client does not know what her attitude and personality will be until they both meet. That is why it is important for the escort to have a winning smile and be outgoing at all times. The client’s expectation is always going to be high. And so, it is the escort’s job to ensure that those expectations are met.

If the client has asked for a threesome, for example and you are not sure whether you want to indulge or not, it is best to let the client know upfront. If you did agree to have a threesome and backed out at the last minute, it does not do much for your reputation, honesty and authenticity as an escort in Earl's Court. What it does is to put you at odds with the client and change the vibes of the session. And you might receive a bad review, which does not help the agency. Therefore, all the details have to be discussed beforehand and if you agree to something over the phone, you should carry through with it.


For those escorts in Earl's Court that want to maintain a good rapport and excellent reputation; helping to build their career and the agency with which they work, it is best to think of the client as a reliable customer. In so doing, you will receive return visits from the client as long as you provide the best sexual services. On your web page, list the services that you want to offer and that you are experienced with. Discuss the details of the session to confirm clarity. Ask questions when you are not sure. If you are an escort and you want to get into the escort business, be sure to commit to it and you will do well in the industry. Most clients will be loyal to an escort that shows tenacity, delivers the goods, satisfies, protects privacy and goes to lengths to ensure that the service is one to be proud of.

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