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There are so many different escorts in Cheltenham that use their bodies for sexual favors and in exchange for money. It is not uncommon to find an independent escort that is promoting herself online and looking to offer her sexual services to clients. However, you would find more escorts in Cheltenham that sign up with an online agency to be listed in their directory and have the registered client find them easily. In this article, you will learn more about the history of Cheltenham escorts, the legalities of the escort business in this town, the kinds of women that sign up to provide these services and much more. Websites like have an online platform that gives escorts in Cheltenham a place to display their skills and expertise in the hope of satisfying their potential clients. This is a safe place to execute their sexual services without having trouble with the law. If you are a client or escort, you are going to want to read this article until the end.

History Of Cheltenham Escorts

In 1716, a mineral spring was discovered in the town of Cheltenham and from that time, there have been a number of spa resorts, which the town is known for. Prior to that time, the area was a village; as early as in 1200 years in the past. It was known as a market town back in 1226. Its economy depended on the fact that it was a market town and during the eighteen century, things took a change when the mineral springs became a huge success for medicinal and health reasons. The mineral spring is no longer in the same area. Now, there is a College for Women in that same location. Cheltenham is located in the country of Gloucestershire in England. It is known for its music and food festivals and its escort community. The escorts in Cheltenham are hot and sexy. There is a diverse group of women and transsexual among the escorts to be found for sex and pleasure.

However, in the past, these same women had to see clients who had come to the spa resort. If they wanted to be out of the sight of law enforcement, that is what they had to do. Of course, the town had women who were street walkers and prostitutes. But, not everyone wanted to pursue that risky lifestyle for fear of being locked up or fined heavily. The introduction of the railway station brought in men from all walks of life and from various other locations. For that reason, sex was one of the things that were rampant back in the eighteen century. These men were away from their families and felt that the escorts in Cheltenham could satisfy their sexual needs. At that time, though, these men had to pick up women from off the streets, massage parlors or in the local brothel. There was no other way to land a sexual encounter in those days. Back in the eighteen century, unemployment was also quite high. And so, there were many women who took to the streets; hoping to land a sexual gig to feed their families. Of course, the police were constantly rounding them up and jailing them for a night, but they would be back out in the street on the next night.

Until the brothel system and massage parlor and spa resort came to their rescue, these women were promoting and showcasing their trade on the street corner. They felt that there was no other recourse to earn the kind of money that street walking and prostitution and escorting provided. It was a no-brainer for many of these women.

Legalities Of Cheltenham Escorting

By the nineteen century, the population of Cheltenham exploded; from three thousand to thirty five thousand by 1851. By the twentieth century, it had reached a population of more than seventy four thousand. New industries and businesses were being started. The law was more stringent on prostitution and street walking as well as escorting. However, by then the women of the streets were smart enough to sign up with the brothel and massage parlor system so as to get off the streets. Escorts in Cheltenham had come to realize that in order to get more dignified clients, it was best to meet them in a private setting. One of the reasons is that many of the clients wanted to protect their privacy and did not want to get in trouble with the police.

When the police raided a brothel or massage parlor, everyone in the establishment was a target, but the law mostly targeted the owners for enabling the women to have sex with their clients. When the police caught a woman soliciting a client who has accepted her solicitation, both parties were considered culprits and the law dealt with them accordingly. The Cheltenham law enforcement agency hardly went into a spa resort to raid the place for escorting and so many of the escorts in Cheltenham took their craft inside these establishments to meet clients for sexual encounters. It was safer and had fewer legal risks.

The Diversity Of The Escorts

The escort community is growing quite exponentially; with women who are from a diverse culture, background, ethnicity, age and intelligence. Many of them have different body types, attitudes, looks, personalities, appearance and skill level. There are women on these escort websites like that have a higher maturity level than others. There are also those who range between the ages of 18 years and 55 years old. Some escorts in Cheltenham come from afar. In some cases, they are international; from countries like Brazil, Italy, France, Jamaica, United States, China, Korea, Ireland, Germany and others. And so, if you are a client who wants to explore the various cultures, this is the place to register.

In the online directory, you will find women that have different looks and different body types, education and personalities. Some of these women are exotic looking while others are bland. Some women take pride in their appearances and even though, they pose in the nude, you might find that they are curvy, sexy, hot, and boldly displaying tattoos and piercings. There are big and beautiful women too, which are called BBWs. Then, there are skinny women that are in their late teens or early twenties. Many of the escorts on are intellectual and well travelled and some clients will prefer to book those women as travel companions.

If you are a client that does not mind trying a variety of these girls out, then you are in for a treat, but you should be aware that some of these escorts in Cheltenham might not speak fluent English or understand how to maintain a conversation because of the language barrier. However, body language could work as a solution as long as you understand each other and speak the same body language.

The Client Registration

If you sign up as a client with websites such as, you will find so many escorts in Cheltenham that you like. And so, there are various options to try out as it relates to the experienced adult service provider. As a client, you have to register in order to view the web pages of these escorts. After your registration is done; paid or free, then you get the chance to use the basic and advance search feature to scour the online directory to find the kind of escort that you are seeking.

Once you have your search results, then it is time to go through each of them; landing on the individual web pages and going through the photos and profile description to see which of these escorts have the services that will satisfy you. On one web page, you might notice an escort hiding her face, but showing her body. Some of them do that to maintain their privacy. However, it is always recommended that they show their faces and their bodies since most clients prefer to choose those who do. On the web page, most escorts in Cheltenham will have their phone numbers or other contact details such as an email address.

The escort’s web page might also have a detailed profile description with mention of the various services being offered. There are some escorts that will do an incall and outcall and then, there are others that will only do one or the other. The client takes control of the outcall by booking a location, which could be a motel or hotel or his residence (this is not usually the case). The escorts handle the incalls. It could be in her home, but most likely not. Many escorts like to keep their business away from home and so may arrange to meet the client at a mutually agreed upon location.

Preserve Privacy

It is important to find a location where both the client and the escort can preserve their privacy. And, whether it is an incall or outcall, both parties try to arrange for a location that will help them to maintain their privacy and safety, of course. When you are going to hook up with a stranger, it is best to take all the precautionary measures that you can. It is best to speak on the phone prior to hooking up so as to iron out all the necessary details that will be involved. For example, if you are doing an incall and you want to book a motel, it is best to check with the client to make sure that he or she is OK with the specific motel. What if the client knows someone in that vicinity and it is too close for comfort? You wouldn’t know this important detail unless you check with the client first, right?

That is why, it is so essential to discuss the scheduled session and all the details that will be involved. If you are going to an outcall with the client, it is ideal to know where you will be meeting. In doing so, you will be able to research the location for safety; knowing where the parking lot is located in proximity to the building and so forth. Most escorts will have a driver to transport them to the location. In some cases, the agency will provide a driver. The focus is staying safe in every situation. The escorts should also make sure that someone else such as a friend or family member know of their whereabouts.

Independent Escorts

There are different kinds of escorts in Cheltenham working in various locations such as in Baths, hotels, massage parlors, spas, private buildings and other establishments. The independent escort is the one that works in hotels where the public eye is not an issue. However, an independent escort does charge a higher price than the escorts that work with an agency. Since an independent escort is considered to be self employed, she promotes her website online and gets to keep all the money that she makes for herself. The escorts in Cheltenham that work in agencies have to rely on partial payment once the client has paid. The agencies take a portion of the proceeds as administrative costs.

It takes more time for the independent escort to find clients because she is working for herself and has to set up shop online, do the promoting and book clients. Of course, she can hire people to do this for her, but the cost is going to be more and that is why she has to charge higher prices.

The escorts that work with an agency are considered employees. Their charges may also be high, but the price is usually set by the agency representatives. These escorts will usually meet their clients in hotels or motels on an outcall and even on an incall, it is generally common to meet outside of the home. In every case, the escort has to also protect her privacy and meeting at her residence would be against such decision.

Making A Choice

If you want to book any of the escorts in Cheltenham, you have to first decide whether you are going to try one who is acting independently or one who is from an agency. Either way, you just want to know that you get the woman that will meet your needs, but it is a process. If you sign up with an agency, you have the luxury of finding the escorts quickly. When searching for an independent escort, you are forced to use a major search engine. This might take some time as you have to put in the right search terms and phrases to be able to find what you are looking for. The escort agency makes the process so much easier to handle.

Visiting The Web Page

Like the independent escort in Cheltenham, the agency represented escort has a designated website where the client will land on during the search. After browsing through the search results, the client has to pick a few links, visit the web page and see the kind of services that are offered by each escort. Going through each page, the client may or may not see a detailed profile description. If there is one, it will usually list the services, contact numbers, email address and photos of the escort. The most important detail to first go through is the description. It will tell the client a lot more about the escort such as where she is from, her background, her expertise, how she will please the client, if she is into kinky behavior and if she offers outcalls and incalls as well as other essential services that the client is interested in. Now, it is time to do a comparison of these different web pages and then make a decision as to which escort is going to get the most attention.

The Experienced and Inexperienced

Escorts in Cheltenham; whether independent or agency represented are all inclined to provide as many services as possible so as to be competitive. There are some inexperienced escorts that may not have as many services listed. For that reason, many clients will go for the more experienced. However, there are clients that will choose escorts that are inexperienced, if they are open minded, ready to play dirty and have an outgoing personality.

Many clients prefer to hook up with escorts in Cheltenhan that are not afraid to try new things and open enough to be able to fulfill their sexual fantasies. There are some escorts that will go to lengths to make sure that the client is fully satisfied; providing a porn star experience that most clients won’t forget. If you are an escort in Cheltenham and you want to please your client, it is best to offer as many services as possible, even if you are inexperienced. It is through those actions that you will gain experience.