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Bath escort reviews

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Bath escort reviews

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Bath is famous city in Western England for - wait for it - the baths. Yes, in Roman Times thousands of years ago, they built spas along the River Avon, and they were so popular that they remained in some form up until the present day. Because of this it has always been a big tourist destination, as it is possible to make a day trip out of it by train from London. Of course, all this attention up to today means there are a lot of people looking for other sorts of fun in the city once the sun sets, and Bath does not disappoint in that regard!

If you want to meet some sexy women here for a really wild night, you're in luck. Not only can you find plenty of beautiful blondes and sexy MILFs, but the city of Bristol - famous for its night life - is only a fifteen minute train ride away. In fact, Bath is practically like a suburb to Bristol, so you will find that plenty of escorts who live there would haven problem at all travelling to where you're staying. Or vice versa, you can travel there and have a wild time in some pub and clubs before retiring with your new friend to a lovely hotel room or their flat. No matter what you're looking for, you will not forget your sexy trip to Bath!

Keep reading here on, to learn everything you want to learn abut Bath and the escorts who can't wait to meet you!

A Few Notes on Bath

Bath began as a shrine built around 60AD, and over the next few centuries the Romans added to the complex to create a very detailed and large structure, with several early takes on modern spas that we are used to today. If you wanted a hot, warm or cold bath, they were all available. Ancient graffiti has been found, and some of it is insults toward people who have stolen the writer's clothes! Once the Roman Empire fell, though, the baths (and therefore town) fell into disrepair.

But because the spring never stop offering up hot water, it still became a popular retreat for both the wealth and the sick, and took on some religious significance as a place where you could be miraculously healed (even though it is now known that the limestone hills around the city is why the springs are so full of minerals). As the town grew through the middle ages (and they went through several churches and abbeys) and beyond, it ended up becoming one of the largest cities in England for a time. Whenever a nobleman wrote about the healing mineral properties of the springs, it became a fad yet again.

After World War II - where some of the city was destroyed in bombing raids - there was a massive restoration project for the Roman baths, and now it is a very popular tourist attraction, and certainly the citizens of Bath are quite proud of their global reputation.

Having Fun in Bath

Whether you are just looking for something to do before you book your escort, or whether you are having a day appointment with her and are looking for things to do, Bath has plenty of landmarks and attractions that can work as great 'getting to know you' moments.

First off are the baths! The Thermae Bath Spa is located right in the heart of the city, and if are looking to feast your eyes on your new sexy friend in a swimsuit, here it is! It is a four-storey complex with some amazing views, and it is a great place to relax and feel good. But because it is so popular, it wouldn't be advised for you to get frisky there, no matter how much you might like exhibitionism.

Remember though: The actual historical Roman Baths are just for sightseeing (and they are impressive), but you can't actual bathe in them, so save your trunks or bikinis for the other locations.

The Royal Crescent is a huge interconnected series of townhouses that was built back in the eighteenth century. They have decorated inside to give you an idea of what life was like back when it was built.

If your lady friend is a Jane Austen fan, then she would probably love the Jane Austen Centre, which celebrates the authors life. It is half museum and half gift shop, some maybe buying her a little something will make her feel much more generous in the bedroom later.

Since Bath is a popular tourist town, there are plenty of places to keep you busy throughout the evening. The city centre is well-contained, so all the pubs and restaurants you can want are very close to each other. And not just the typical English fare, as a sizeable Indian population means they've got great Indian restaurants as well.

The Salamander and The Bell are two notable pubs that have been around for many, many decades, and if you want to do a bit of dancing then OPA and Po Na Na are two great choices. It should also be mentioned that nearby Bristol is also very famous for its nightlife, so if you want to really have a wild evening, consider hopping on the train to go there.

The Ladies in Bath

Bath might not be the same size as London or Bristol, but you can still have plenty of fun with the ladies here. Since it is mainly a tourist city, they certainly know how to entertain you once the baths have closed up for the night and you are still eager to born off some of that energy you got from sitting in hot springs all day. While you can definitely find the typical blonde english lass with a sexy smile, Bath's international flavour means you can find some lovely exotic tarts as well. From some petite Asian beauties to the wild and passionate latinas, you can find all sort of ladies if you pop into some pubs and clubs during the night.

It also means since they've seen all sorts come and go that they aren't going to shy or squeamish in bed. If you want to get a bit kinky with some spankings of fun fetishes they are ready to play. Of course rushing into that with some dirty talk isn't going to impress anybody. Like most women, a bit of charm and flirting makes all the difference, and if you can play it cool at first over drinks, then you can let them make it as hot as the water in the baths you were just soaking in. And if you aren't thrilled with the selection of ladies here, head up to Bristol on the fifteen minute train trip to really expand your horizons.

Meeting Up Online

While it is still possible to go out to pubs and clubs to chat up with the locals and tourists and maybe get them to join you back at your hotel or at their flat, the real change in shacking up together is that you typically start it off connected only by the internet. It's so surprise that how people meet each other these days is mostly through dating apps and escort sites, and is definitely one of the top draws to meet sexy woman who want to cut out the ifs and maybes and move on right to the fun stuff.

Being able to search through dating and hook-up sites based on location means it is easy to pair yourself up with someone who might just be up the street from you. And of course if you're travelling - as is typical for a lot of people who find themselves in Bath - you can find people in your new location very quickly. The profiles on can show you photos of the sexy women and offers up a bio or description about them so you can see if they are the right fit for you.

If you are ready to make a booking, there is going to be either a phone number of email address for the escort, and while it might seem that the first is obviously the quickest way to go, these days people are connected to their email (through their phone) all the time, so don't be dismayed if that's the only way to make contact. You will discuss a time and place to meet as well as agree upon a booking fee, and this would definitely be a good time to ask any question you have about some services she might be interested in offering that might not have been listed in her bio.

Some Bath Escorts

When a smaller city like Bath is close to a much bigger on like Bristol, you will find that plenty of escorts are happy to work essential in both places. So while at first it might seem like there is a lack of eager women in Bath, remember that there are hundreds in nearby Bristol, and it will easy for them to come to you, or for you to come to them. Incalls means the escort works out of their apartment (so you visit them), and Outcalls means they go to meet you at your place or at a hotel. Some escort do one or the other, and some do both.

Kaleena is a tall, supermodel-like blonde from the Czech Republic with an all natural body and a perfect pair of lips that would look amazing wrapped around certain part of your body. She has a lovely bum that she will let you spank and lick, and can want to spread herself so you can have plenty of fun. Whether it is a nice sexy massage that slowly gets more intense and erotic as it goes on, or whether it is a very kinky night with some toys and costumes, she can't wait to make your sexy dreams come true. She is open to day appointments as well, meaning if you want to visit her right after your visit to the spa, that's all good. Since she does both Incall and Outcall, you can have a great time with her seeing the sights of the city before ending on a very high note.

Maxine is a sexy, all-natural young blonde babe who can offer you a high-class experience right from the start. If you want to get a hot massage from her, no problem, and you want a really wild time with complete full service and the Girlfriend Experience (meaning plenty of kissing, body-to-body contact, as well as oral and intercourse), she can offer that, too. Incalls and Outcalls are both available, so if you want to have her come to your flat or hotel room, then you can just relax on your bed until you hear a sexy knock on your door. And if you really want to splurge, she offers overnights, because the only thing better than spending the evening with a sexy woman is waking up beside her the next morning for some fun.


The most obvious tip when meeting up with escorts - although it is the same advice whenever you are meeting a woman in a date-like fashion - is to be polite. The stigma about being an escort is only slowly changing, and it is too easy to be dismissive of them because you are paying, but it makes completely sense that if you are the patient and charming sort, then the whole night will go so much better. Even if it is guaranteed to end the bedroom, if she actually likes you and is attracted to you, she is definitely going to give 110% when it comes to the sex. And along with being polite is being on time (as she might have other appointments through the night), and being presentable. That doesn't mean you have to wear a proper suit, but skip the jersey and torn jeans. Make sure you pop a breath mint in, too, since the last thing you want her thinking is that your breath smells.

During the booking process, it helps to have a few different escorts as your second or third choices, as it is possible that once you contact your number one choice that she might not be available due to scheduling issues. In other words, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Have an open mind the whole time, and it is morel likely that you will be satisfied.

A great way to really enjoy your night is to try things you might have otherwise skipped over. Since you are mostly likely never going to see this woman again (although becoming a repeat visitor has its own set of advantages), why not try some kinky things with her that you would never consider with a woman you're met on a date or are in the middle of a relationship with. Certainly the escort won't be judging if you suddenly end up liking some wild kink, so don't be afraid to explore a bit.


Overall, Bath is a safe city, although like a lot of English tourists spots, there can be a slightly aggressive homeless population in and around the city centre. If you're used to such issues in your hometown, then it shouldn't be any different here. If you are just visiting, it would make sense to avoid darkened areas at night (in fact, even if you're al local you should avoid them), and that's just as much about getting lost than running into someone who might do you harm. There is the usual concern about some drunks being tossed out of bars around closing time, but typically if you're not looking for a fight, you're not going to find one. If you are the cycling sort, there have been robberies on the roads between Bath and Bristol, so please be aware of that.

As far as any risk regarding meeting up this escort, it should go without saying that if you do not feel safe at her flat for any reason (whether she is acting in a way that is off-putting, or if the apartment seems dangerous, or if there are other people there when you arrive), you should leave immediately. if you believe there is some sort of health or safety emergency, don't hesitate in calling an ambulance.

And finally, practice safe sex. Most escorts insist that you wear one, although there are a few that are willing to forego if you pay an extra fee (this is called going 'bareback', and unless you know the escort from previous visit and trust her when she says she is healthy and us using contraception, it is not advised).

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