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Alexandra Spark

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sheerRun28 Jan 2022
I met her a while ago but would love to see Alexandra again if time allows it... See the full "London Escort Review"
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faithful Sep 2021
I'm just thrilled with this girl, you won't see anything better today. Very interesting and beautiful!... See the full "London Escort Review"
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Alexi Sparkles

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VayneRuni Apr 2021
She gave me the chance to pay some attention to those stunning breasts.... See the full "London Escort Review"
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London escorts

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London escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

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Kensington (Olympia) represents a combined tube and rail station in the Kensington area, London. You can go just about anywhere from this point, including Earl's Court, Clapham Junction, Willesden Junction, and Central London. The station got its name from the nearby Olympia Exhibition Centre and its very location, Kensington. The station dates back to 1844, but it was closed and reopened multiple times. It was last renewed in 1986 and had about 0.11 million traveller journeys in 2019.

There is a lot you can see and explore near the Kensington Olympia area, besides the beauties that are Kensington Olympia escorts! You can visit clubs, museums, parks tours and so much more. Yet, the best part is that you can also hire an escort to keep you company if you don't want to spend your days and nights here alone.

Blythe House is a huge building in South Kensington, merely behind Olympia, housing various archives and museums. This oppressive structure was essentially built to be the Post Office Savings Bank. Featuring the red bricks of Edwardian Baroque style, it resembles the Pillar Hall. The bank relocated to Glasgow in 1963, which led to the Government purchasing the building and making it an art storage facility. Nowadays, you can find V&A, British and the Science Museum here. Book your visit via these institutions.

Leighton House, a museum and special events venue, is located just a short walk away from Kensington Olympia. It is rich with sculptures and paintings associated with its prior owner, Lord Frederic Leighton. The Leighton House centre is the rich Arab Hall with an indoor fountain and a striking Islamic tiles collection. The rest of the rooms contain charming furniture, artwork and fabrics. Additionally, you can attend some of the events hosted here - talks, workshops, recitals, and more. You could easily spend your whole day roaming the House without even noticing it.

Holland Park is a delight during all seasons, and very close to Kensington Olympia as well. The park has been open to the citizens since 1952 so you can enjoy a number of gardens, including a Japanese garden and a semi-wild forest. The whole park is an amazing location to just unwind and relax. During the summer, you may enjoy an outside-theatre opera with an amazing view of Holland House remains. Some parts of the House were restored and are now cafes, restaurants, and even a hostel. This park is a must-visit if you plan a trip to Kensington Olympia.

If you are eager for some shopping, Westfield is just the place for you! This giant mall has been working since 2008 and has more than 300 stores, including retailers, bars and restaurants. Being this large, of course, everybody can find something they like. It offers valet parking, hands-free purchases and numerous dining options. You can even dine on the terrace if you please. The mall also organises various events, many of them for children. Also, you may find a 17-screen Vue Cinema with premium luxury and 3D screens. It is no more than a 15-minute walk away from Kensington Olympia, so make sure you pay a visit to this glorious location. Consider bringing your escort here and buying her some fancy dinner before the night goes wild!

Where and When To Look For an Escort in Kensington Olympia

Considering that the United Kingdom is one of the few that legalized this type of activity, you can find your escort basically anytime and anywhere. There are numerous agencies that can help you find your perfect lady, but there are independent escorts that you can reach out to, as well. The choice is yours, and yours only.

We do recommend an agency over an independent escort because there is a lot less stress during the process. Keep in mind that although you will pay a few pounds more, this will be the time of your life, and it's worth that money. The agencies provide a guaranteed top-notch experience, so you don't have to wonder if it could have all gone better.

However, if you are low on budget, you can still hire an independent escort. They might not offer as much pleasure, but it will still be a night to remember. It is only important that you discuss everything with the girl, so you are both on the same page. This is the right way, and you should follow the rule with an independent escort as well as the agency lady.

What Types of Services Can You Get From an Escort in Kensington Olympia?

With a large number of agencies and many independent escorts that you can find in Kensington Olympia, you will certainly be able to find exactly the service you are looking for. No matter how kinky or not you are, you can expect to be a very happy man with these ladies.

We know that some of you are not looking just to make your way with the lady, but someone to make you company during those rainy London days. Some of you might need a lady to be your date and make your colleagues jealous as hell? If that is the case, you should request a GFE - A Girlfriend Experience. And when the party's over, you can still have some fun in the bedroom, if that is what you both agreed to!

If you are kinky and like some BDSM experience, it's your lucky day in Kensington Olympia. Just ask for an escort that enjoys the same things as you, and be on your way. Make sure to set up a safe word before you start your adventure; you wouldn't want anyone to get hurt!

If you are, on the other hand, eager to have some gentle fun in bed, it's easiest to find an escort. Just like the Liverpool escorts, ladies here like to be treated like the ladies they are, and you are their type of boy.

Can You Really Pick an Ideal Escort in Kensington Olympia?

The answer is: Yes, of course! Thanks to the variety of filters and categories on Escort Rankings, it’s easy to search for your dream girl. You can find a girl whose appearance matches your criteria. With a proper search and some time invested, you will most likely find the lady you always dreamed about.

Pick your girl's age - as some like young girls (always over 18), some like MILFs, and some of you are fond of elderly women. Choose their hairstyle, hair colour, nationality, cup size and anything your mind can imagine. You can even, on top of all this, choose a transsexual if you are into that.

Where Should This Meeting Take Place?

As you might have guessed, you can pick a place for your meeting, too! If you would like to meet your escort in her flat, you should request an incall service. However, if you would like the meeting to take place somewhere else, request an outcall service, and set up your meeting where ever you like.

You should know that outcall is a bit more expensive than an incall service, but every pleasure has its price. Remember that it is her safety we are talking about, and it is only normal for them to request more money.