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Agency: Impulse247

Luton escort

Contact Info:

+44 1707647777

[email protected]


Prefered contact: Phonecall
(be sure to mention ER when calling)

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Overall ranking 2 / 5

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Personal info

  • Age: 25-36 (young)
  • Ethnicity: Indian
  • Hair color: Black
  • Height: 5'4" or under
  • Trans: No
  • Bisexual: Yes
  • Smokes: No
  • Services: Escort
  • Breast Size: 34
  • Breast Cup: C
  • Kitty: Partial Shave
  • Implants: No
  • Body Type: Average
  • Accepts: Couples

Escort reviews (1)

Overall ranking 2 / 5

1 total
  • abstsltd
    Nov 2022

    Asked for a friendly, patient girl who'd be good for a rather shy, older guy. When I enquired about Riya, Impulse assured me that she would be ideal for me. I'd been looking forward to an enjoyable encounter for quite some time, so was quite enthusiastic.

    The Juicy Details:
    Juicy details? There weren't any. She chatted mainly about herself and how popular she was with clients. Two lengthy loo visits, but no suggestion that she was ill on her return. Declined to sit on my lap and cuddle, declined to remove any clothing (lowered leggings briefly, then pulled them up again, saying she was cold). She had told me that she frequently had day-long/weekend bookings, yet seemed enthusiastic when I explained that I'd booked for 2 hrs, rather than 1. Extended an hour (up to £380 now), as I thought she might be a "slow burner". Instead of sitting on my lap, she'd compromised by sitting close to me instead. When I gently raised the GFE subject (I'd simply wanted a nice, cosy chat with a warm, enjoyable "GFE" to finish with), she said I was clearly nervous so it probably would be a waste of time. I pointed out that good, experienced escorts were probably used to nervous clients and could put them at their at ease, but she declined to even try. Although I hadn't said anything adverse, it was significant that she commented "I don't suppose you'll want to book me again" (understandably!), so she was probably aware that she wasn't providing any service. She also volunteered the info that adverse reviews were probably deleted by Impulse, even though I hadn't complained yet - again, suspecting that I might comment adversely. (Just the other night, I was astonished to read a review which accused her of writing her own reviews! But I was less surprised to see that it had been deleted by the following morning!) I complained to Impulse, pointing out that her website photos implied a very different service from the one I'd received (I saw more of her in her photos!), that I'd had a "non-service" from another girl a few years back, and was misled into booking a current escort through their old photos - and that I'd been a respectful, undemanding client for over a decade. No reply. I've had a few "OK" experiences with Impulse and one or two very good ones, but it's clear that they don't care about regular clients and getting a nice, friendly girl from them is something of a lottery. You may be lucky, maybe not. If they were really concerned about their girls' safety, they'd keep their regular, normal, respectful clients happy - instead, they "rip off" these clients and send the girls to guys who are completely unknown quantities. My own theory is that she "came on" that evening, hence the lengthy loo visits, hence her disinclination to indulge in intimacy or even sit on my lap. We'll never know. I asked if she'd give me at least a quick flash of her body and bum before leaving - and her response implied that this might be possible if I booked (yet) another hour!!! Leaving aside the current escort who looks nothing like the photos Impulse were using when I booked her (she's aged considerably and appears to have taken up weightlifting!), I had another "non-service" with an Impulse escort a few years back. She looked really cute in her photos, but on arrival, would barely converse, despite my best efforts. Was she shy? Surely not. Interestingly, she kept saying "I'm sorry" and "it's not you" which left me wondering. I imagine if I'd demanded the GFE service I really wanted, she'd have just lain there passively during the proceedings which would have been pretty unsatisfying, so I didn't bother. The mystery was possibly solved a few months later on entertaining another Impulse girl. As they often do, she asked if I'd met anyone else from that agency, and I described my previous (non-)experience. This escort remembered the girl in question and said that she'd got pregnant by the brother of her best friend (another Impulse girl). When we discussed the dates, I realised that it was quite "conceivable" that my last "guest" had just learned that she was pregnant when she came to my home, which would account for her non-communicative mood. The visiting escort told me I should have complained to Impulse about the previous one, so I did so now (by phone - I've since discovered that they appear to ignore emails). They said it was too late to do anything now (why?), which implied that they'd have addressed the problem if I'd complained sooner. Of course, subsequent experience suggests that they wouldn't have lifted a finger! So my advice is that you have a favourite girl at Impulse, continue to see her. Anyone else, and you'll be gambling with your money. Better still, avoid them like the Plague and use a decent agency which values its clients. In the unlikely event that they get in touch and suggest some form of compensation, I'll update this review!

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