Vern's Review of Maxine
  • Overall ranking: 5 / 5
  • Face:
  • Body:
  • Attitude:
  • Service:
  • Photos Accuracy:
  • Photos Real: Yes
  • Photos up-to-date: Yes
  • Age: 18-24
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Tranny: No
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Hair length: Shoulder
  • Hair Style: Straight
  • Height: Unknown
  • Body Type: Average
  • Tattoos: None
  • Breast Size: Don't know
  • Breast cup: C
  • Breast Appearance: Natural
  • Implants: No
  • Kitty: Don't Know
  • Ass: Normal
  • Smokes: No
  • Pornstar: No
  • Punctuality: No
  • Services: Escort , Massage , S & M
Service Information
Outcall rates
60 Min
Incall rates
30 Min
60 Min
Service Information
  • Classic Intercourse
Vern's Review of Maxine - Spicy Details
  • General Description:
    This girl needs awards. Seriously. Give her sexy emmy!

  • The Juicy Details:
    If they gave out awards for this kind of stuff, I swear she would have to get one. Some of the best head I’ve ever gotten and of course she felt so amazing inside. I didn’t even want to stop but our time was up! Thank you so much to Maxine for an amazing time and I really appreciated how much she just wanted to please me. She wasn’t rushing me to finish or get off of her either or anything like that while we were together, which is always a good thing. Sometimes, they just want it to be over and done with but this time it felt like she was actually enjoying it anyway so it all really worked out. Hands down, the best sex you’re going to find this side of Bristol and that’s the truth. Very nice boobs and legs that were just amazing to look at. I’m really into feet and sucking toes so once she let me do that, I was having so much fun. It was pretty great to be able to play out so many of my fantasies with her and it was nice to be able to have that much fun. It’s always so much better when the person you’re with is enjoying it just as much as you and it doesn’t feel like it’d just a job to them and that’s how I felt with her. Very lovely and soft hands, too.
Other Escort Reviews for Maxine
  • Brooks
    Oct 2019

    General Description:
    Real good quality sex -- you will love Maxine's moves!

    The Juicy Details:
    I wasn’t sure it was going to be fun since in her photo she looks like a bit of an ice queen but boy oh boy when you meet her. So warm and welcoming and some of the best, uninhibited sex you’ve ever had. I definitely want to see her again very, very soon.

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  • Sid
    Oct 2019

    General Description:
    Warm and cozy fun with this sexy girl -- not the hottest, but definitely worked the hardest!

    The Juicy Details:
    Maxine is one of the sexiest ladies I know. Pretty and so nice to talk to and be around. Very sensual and makes you comfortable as soon as you see her. It’s all a part of her charms and I love it. Very sexy woman! I’m already planning another day with her next week!

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  • fasttimes_slowjams
    Sep 2019

    General Description:
    She is definitely not very cheap, but you will see that she's very much a bargain considering the great time you'll have with her.

    The Juicy Details:
    Oh wow. Maxine is an exotic beauty from Denmark or Sweden (I can't remember), and she has lived all around the world. I had a very nice time talking to her at the start of my appointment, and actually realized I was wasting precious time to do other things after a while, which is strange because the whole time, I was occasionally looking at her body, and thinking about how badly I wanted to have sex with her.??Once she took her clothes off, she had an incredible bosom, and a large bum that was very soft and round.??I'm not sure if it's because of where she comes from, but Maxine was much more open-minded than other escorts that I've been to in the past. I even tried fisting for the first time with her. I'm not sure if I would again, but I'm glad to say I have done it.??When our time ended, we were both very tired from our session, and I told her that I would have to come and see her again sometime.

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  • gingerbread_tonight
    Sep 2019

    General Description:
    She's an extremely high class escort who has rates that match her beauty.??

    The Juicy Details:
    Women like Maxine aren't very common in the UK. I love a sexy British chick, but Maxine is a Danish beauty that few British girls can compare to. I have been two her twice now, and the second time, when I spent more money on her, and treated her like more than just another escort, definitely was the better of the two experiences. ??I would strongly suggest that if you can afford to, book an overnight appointment. Her laugh, her smile, and her curvaceous figure are all things that I can't get enough of, and I'm sure you won't be able to either. Unfortunately all dates must come to an end at some point, but Maxine makes sure to send you off feeling great, and knowing that whenever you want to see her again, all you need to do is call her.

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  • Jerrell
    Aug 2019

    General Description:
    Nice and tender lips and all of that -- but you need to know something else..

    The Juicy Details:
    Maxine is really wonderful and beautiful. Has a great body and the time I spent with her was really fun. The best part is that she's actually a nice girl, so you don't have to just settle for a girl who's kind of a snob.

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