bonker00's Review of Maddison
  • Overall ranking: 4 / 5
  • Face:
  • Body:
  • Attitude:
  • Service:
  • Photos Accuracy:
  • Photos Real: Yes
  • Photos up-to-date: Yes
  • Age: 18-24
  • Tranny: No
  • Hair color: Brunette
  • Hair length: Other / Don't Remember
  • Hair Style: Other / Don't Remember
  • Height: 5'5" - 5'7"
  • Body Type: Average
  • Breast Size: 36
  • Breast cup: B
  • Breast Appearance: Perfect
  • Implants: No
  • Kitty: Don't Know
  • Ass: Nice and Round
  • Smokes: No
  • Pornstar: No
  • Punctuality: No
bonker00's Review of Maddison - Spicy Details
  • General Description:
    Don’t miss your chance to get with this all natural, super sexy brunette

  • The Juicy Details:
    It was easy to set up this appointment, and so less than an hour later I was meeting this beautiful woman at a nice hotel that was very easy to get to. She was very polite and professional as we met in the lobby, but in the elevator she was already giving me a squeeze and whispering dirty things in my ear.
    That meant by the time we were in the room, we didn’t need much small talk and were already starting to lose clothes. It was a lot easier for her, because she just had on a sexy red dress and some skimpy lingerie, and she just looked hotter and hotter the more she took off.
    Really had a very hot time with her the whole way through, since she was up for a lot of dirty things, including some back door play, and loved talking dirty the whole way through. Even the way she moaned and writhed and grabbed my hair as I went down on her made me even harder.
    Highly recommended if you want a really wild time with this Italian beauty.
Other Escort Reviews for Maddison
  • Prisoner2456987
    Mar 2020

    General Description:
    Cutie pie with a sexy bum, but perverted behind the closed doors

    The Juicy Details:
    I asked this young tart with an innocent look for a police treatment. And when she showed up in the uniform, trust me, she didn't look that innocent. She knows how to put a man in his place. I like her very much! She was teasing and playing all the time, talking dirty, and those lips were perfect to fill with my cock. She sucked me dry and then I fucked her hard, like an uncontrollable prisoner.

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  • PartyMonster
    Dec 2019

    General Description:
    Maddison and I had a fabulous time partying. She kept me company all night, and I had a good time chatting, drinking, and dancing with this beautiful girl.

    The Juicy Details:
    I needed a company for a night out. I couldn't reach any of my friends and was so angry. But, who needs friends for partying when you have escorts, right? They cost a bit more than friends, to be honest, but they bring more fun :D Maddison and I went to a club, I ordered us drinks, and we chatted a bit. Music was loud, so we quit talking and went on a dancefloor. Maddison loves to party and her exotic moves and hot body attracted many eyes. I was the lucky guy that night, and I'm sure many dudes were jealous of me thinking she is my girlfriend.

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  • 420blaze
    Sep 2019

    General Description:
    This sexy exotic beauty kept me up all night long and she’ll surely do the same for you

    The Juicy Details:
    Meeting up with Maddison at her flat near Green Park meant it was easy to get to, and that’s the first step into having a really great night. It wasn’t long after chatting with her (very friendly, really positive) that we headed to the bedroom, and even though she mentioned giving me a massage, as we both started to take off our clothes we couldn’t seem to keep our hands off each other. Her body was just so beautiful now that I could see it in all its glory. So we just started to make out, and fell onto the bed, quickly running our hands all over each other. Loved the way she gave me OWO, and we quickly turned that into a really hot sixty nine. The sex was great, too, and she was very professional and accommodating to work around some lower back pain I had. Did a good job not letting it affect the mood at all. So full marks for her, I can’t wait to see this all-natural beauty again.

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  • U2_Sux
    Sep 2019

    General Description:
    Women aren't the only ones who can enjoy multiple orgasms!

    The Juicy Details:
    I really wanted to use the escort service everyone was telling me about. I just started a new job and had to travel to the UK for business. I am single but no time for a serious relationship or time to meet anyone for a one night stand. My colleagues and I were out for a bevy and the subject about escorts came up. One of them was telling me about this escort service and I decided to have a look at the website when I got home. Browsing through the site I checked out some profiles and one in particular really struck me. Her name is Maddison! A beautiful Italian in her mid-twenties with dark features. I called the number and arranged to hook up when I got to the UK. I just wanted to go out with someone for dinner and then head back to my hotel room. I read that Maddison had a lot of sex toys so I requested that she bring them with her. Her ride dropped her off at my hotel and she came up to my room. I had decided that I would splurge for the all-nighter since I had not used my vacation stash for the previous year. I opened the door and, WOW!, she was as gorgeous as her profile. We went out for dinner and I couldn't wait to get back to my room. The night was fantastic! Everything I hoped for and more. Worth every penny and let me tell you, those sex toys were something I had never seen before and what she did with them, blew my mind! I can't stop thinking about Maddison and the amazing night we spent together. If and when I am in the UK again on business or pleasure, I will definitely be using the escort service again. Hopefully, Maddison will be available.

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