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What Do Escorts Really Think Of Their Clients?

What Do Escorts Really Think Of Their Clients? When you take a step back and really examine the relationship between a client and their escort, it's a multi-layered interconnection of desires and responses. The psychology of which (in the majority of client/escort interactions - not all) is incredibly interesting. The

What Do Escorts Really Think Of Their Clients?

When you take a step back and really examine the relationship between a client and their escort, it's a multi-layered interconnection of desires and responses. The psychology of which (in the majority of client/escort interactions - not all) is incredibly interesting. The client is the one in subjective control who has certain expectations from an escort (after all, they are the ones purchasing the service from the escort); however, what they are actually purchasing from the escort is essentially the exact opposite: a lack of control.

The client has laid out the groundwork for what they want beforehand (i.e. any fetishes, positioning, requirements, etc), but in most cases (once again, not all) what the job they are actually hiring the escort to perform is to take that control away from them. And through that interaction, both the client and the escort have a pretty good idea of what the client thinks of the escort: they think of them as a force of power and inherently respect them - even when the escort is hired to be a submissive! So what do escorts really think of their clients? You'd be surprised, but for such a generalized question, the answer isn't too complicated.

Even though clients come in all shapes and sizes, from all different walks of life, there are some common traits which they all share - and not just their need for carnal gratification. The client/escort relationship is one that's always been hard to pin down, but at we show you what escorts really think of their clients. To put it in broad strokes, an escort thinks of their client as a business, as an object in need of gratification, as a source of income, as a unique and sympathetic human being, and - sometimes - as a friend and confidant. But canvas depicting the escort/client relationship is made up of more than broad strokes, and you'll have to read further in order to learn the intricacies of each quality.

Clients Are A Business

Primarily, and above everything else, an escort looks at their client as nothing more than a part of their business. They are just a client. They are someone who is looking for a specific service that the escort can provide. As much as some clients would like to think it's not true, money rules out over everything else in the eyes of an escort. And, as a client, you shouldn't be insulted by this either - it's their job. Escorts value honesty and it's one of the things they'd like you to know.

Don't Be Insulted - You're Not Just A Paycheck (Even Though You Are)

Try to put yourself in their shoes and look at the entire interaction - and don't just think about the steamy and sensual situations you can get yourself into with an escort either. Sure, you're paying them for a service, but that doesn't mean they are required to take you on as a client. At that point, it ceases to become a job and it turns into something else. You wouldn't want to be forced to work at a job where you didn't get along with your boss or coworkers, would you? It could have absolutely nothing to do with the actual work - you could very well love the work in fact - but if you don't like who you're working for and who you're working with, you're going to want to be free to quit that job at any point in time, right?

So, with that in mind, don't be insulted! Because, even if your escort looks at you as a source of income above any other quality you might have, it doesn't mean they don't like you! In fact, it's usually quite the opposite - the fact that they remain a loyal escort to you regardless of the fact it's a simple business interaction that they have the ability to end at any time is actually proof that they, in fact, enjoy having you as a client! So, even though they might just be into it for the money, they still like the fact that it is you who is giving them the money - and you can take some comfort in that knowledge and treat them well at all times.

It's An Escort's Job To Please Their Client

Believe it or not, you're someone that your escort wants to see happy. They want to make sure you end your session with a big smile on your face and not a care in the world. Not only because most escorts are great people themselves, but because that's also a bit part of their job. With that in mind, your escort wants to do all of the sumptuous things to your body that you never thought anyone would do to you - and they want to make sure you like it. A good escort looks at a client as someone with needs, even if at first they don't know it. For instance, if you end up booking some time with an escort and once they ask you what you're interested in and you simply tell them, "I just want to have sex," there is usually a lot more at stake behind that request.

Everyone regards sex differently. As an example, some people actually don't even consider anal sex and oral sex to be real sex - but you might think them to be perfectly valid forms of sexual release! And since the escort looks at their client as a person with specific needs that need to be met, they will most likely continue asking you questions about what kind of sex you'd like to have, how you'd like to have it, where you'd like to have, and how long you'd like it to take! Each one is a different need specific to each client. All of which is very comforting to know, because when an escort looks at their client as someone with specific needs that need to be met, you can guarantee you're going to be smiling from ear to ear by the end of the night!

A Good Escort Is Their Clients Therapist With Benefits

Any escort with a good reputation isn't going to just look at their client as someone who wants to have sex - they're also going to look at them as a patient. Studies have been conducted across both North America and the United Kingdom where men and women who have used the services of escorts in the past were asked why they used them in the first place; it comes as no surprise that over 85% said it had to do with them not being able to find an intimated - rather than physical - connection with another person.

And that percentage didn't change if the person surveyed was married either! What that tells us is that most men and women don't turn to escorts to simply get their rocks off - they want an actual connection; they want someone to cuddle up against and talk to; they want someone who is going to let them know things aren't all that bad in the world. And this is something an escort already knows. On average, Escorts report that their clients don't even like to engage with them sexually until they've talked for at least 15 minutes first. So an escort doesn't just think of their clients as sex-hungry maniacs, they look at them as people who just need a friendly face to talk to.

Rewards Come With Good Escort/Client Relationships

The escort industry (and most divisions of sex work for that matter) is built on the backs of healthy relationships. To that end, the best thing an escort could hope for is to have a good, respectful relationship with their client. With a good and respectful client/escort relationship, an escort will know with some degree of certainty that not only will each interaction be pleasant and fun, but they can depend on you to book with them later in the future.

An Escort Wants To Be Able To Count On Their Client

What does an escort wanting to have a healthy escort/client relationship mean anyway? It means that an escort looks at their client as an investment. So, if you suddenly find yourself worried that maybe your escort doesn't think you the both of you have a good relationship, there's an easy question you can ask yourself: have you been with a specific escort for more than a few bookings? If the answer is yes, it means your escort probably thinks the both of you have a good relationship with each other. Escorts do not waste time on people they don't get along with. Believe us, if they get bad vibes after your first meeting with each other, you will not have a second.

Every Escort And Client Is Different

If after reading this article your think you might not have the strongest relationship with your escort - don't worry about it. When people find themselves asking what escorts really think of their clients, it's usually because some uncertainty has entered into the relationship. And that's not a bad thing. In fact, it's best for both of you! Clients and Escorts essentially break down into three different categories. If you don't the relationship you have with your escort is the strongest, it's probably just because you don't fit into their category. At EscortRankings, we think any time spent trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is time wasted - and it's best just to move on to another escort who fits your persona! Not only will you get along better, but the sex you have with your new escort will also be wilder than anything you've ever had before!

Are You Or Your Escort All Pleasure?

Whether you're a client or an escort, there are those people out there that just want to jump into bed and get sexual with a stranger! At EscortRankings, we consider those types of individuals to be all pleasure. They don't want to know how your day went, or how work was, or what you had for lunch - all they want is for you to strip your clothes off and get nasty. If you consider your time with an escort to be all pleasure, you're going to want an escort to think the same about you!

Are You Or Your Escort All Mental?

On the other hand, there are people out there who don't care about the physical at all; the only thing they want is an intimate and emotional connection. If you would rather really get to know your escort on an intimate and emotional basis before you move to anything physical, it's best to find an escort that wants the same thing from a client. This is why checking her Glasgow escort reviews is super important because it will show you what she's into.

Are You Or Your Escort All Business?

And lastly, there are even people out there that look at sex as nothing more than work that needs to get done. It's neither an emotional nor a physical connection - it's just a job that needs to be done so they can be less distracted during the day. At Escort Rankings, we refer to those types of people as being all business. It's not the funniest way to spend time with an escort, but if you're this type of person, you'll get along great with escorts who feel a similar way toward any sexual relationship.

Learn More About How People Might Look At You

Understanding what people think about you isn't just great when you are trying to get the hottest relationship possible with an escort, it's something that can apply to every facet of your life. Whether you find yourself in contention for a promotion at work, or you're just curious what the in-laws really think of you, it's always good to find out where you stand in such matters. To help you on that quest, we've discovered a great Forbes article called, Five Ways To Learn What People Really Think About You. Take a look over it and try to make all of your relationships a little bit stronger!

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