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10 Things All Escorts Want You To Know

10 Things All Escorts Want You To KnowPlanning on hiring an escort? Whether you're a newbie or regular in this industry, it helps a lot to gather information about these ladies, their services, and their expectations from their customers. Do you ever wonder what escorts want you to know when

10 Things All Escorts Want You To Know

Planning on hiring an escort? Whether you're a newbie or regular in this industry, it helps a lot to gather information about these ladies, their services, and their expectations from their customers. Do you ever wonder what escorts want you to know when scheduling their services? This article at EscortRankings can help you understand escorts better. Here you'll get answers on the 10 Things All Escorts Want You To Know.

Nowadays, you can easily find hundreds of escorts near you. Thanks to the growing escort industry and the open-mindedness of society, these ladies can now advertise their services on the internet and connect with their clients. Most of them have been working for a while now, though there are some who consider themselves as new to this kind of job. As a client, it's important that you also familiarize yourself with the escort industry especially with regard to things that escorts want you to know before making that life-changing call. Many men think they're all the same and that they're paid to do whatever their clients wish for, but this isn't the case. These escorts have rules and they abide by their principles, too. Besides, they're also humans like you.

1. Honesty is the Best Policy

One of the things escorts want you to know is how much they value your honesty. You're not required to give your real name or expect them to reveal theirs. However, you have to be honest about what you expect them to do. For example, what kind of services do you want? Would you like an in-call or out-call? Do you prefer a specific sex position you want to perform together? Are you interested in erotic massages, extreme sex, role playing or any fetish you want to be satisfied? If yes, better tell the escort beforehand. You have to work out a plan and agree on the things you want to do. You don't just expect her to do whatever you demand on the day you hire her. She needs to know what to expect when she agrees with your conditions. Remember, she aims to please and she can only do that if you lay out your plan and you've reached an agreement beforehand.

2. Do Your Research

If there's one thing that escorts expect from you is that you have done your research, especially if you're new to this sort of thing. There are many websites that provide information on what escort services are, what escorts do, how much they charge, and other relevant things that you should know before contacting an escort. She's not there to give you a crash course on escorting. The fact that you're interested in hiring an escort means you already have an idea about it. Aside from gathering information online, you can also ask friends who've hired escorts and learn from their experiences.

3. Tell Something About Yourself

It's only normal for escorts to ask questions about their clients so don't be offended because they just want to know they're dealing with real people who can afford their services and will treat them well. Again, you don't need to be very specific. These ladies are professionals who respect your privacy, but for their own peace of mind, they need to ask you some important questions so don't be afraid or shy to tell something about yourself. You can give your nickname and if it's an out-call service then you can give your address. In addition, they want to know things that turn you on. For instance, don't be shy to tell her how much you want to try role playing sex or being tied on the bed or how you want to have chocolate drizzled all over your body and let her lick you dry. These ladies are professionals who want their customers to be happy with their services.

4. Respect is Important

Your escort wants you to know that they are deserving of your respect regardless of the nature of their job. They're just like any human being out there earning an honest living so don't ever look down on them. Treat her with respect as you would a sister or a female friend. If you ask her out for a date, treat her like a real girlfriend because she'll definitely give her best to make others believe that you're a couple who love each other very much. Never say anything that will hurt her feelings or destroy her spirit. Yes, you've paid for her services but don't remind her of that especially when you're already doing it because it can totally ruin the mood for both of you. In return, you'll be rewarded with the most pleasurable and thrilling sexual experience you'll ever have.

5. Come on Time

Escorts take their job seriously and expect their customers to do the same. Nothing irritates them more than having clients who are late. Whether you've hired an in-call or out-call escort, being on time is a must. Remember, you're paying by the hour and you can never ask the escort for an extension unless she's free and you're paying extra. Escorts have been doing this for a long time already and they know how important your time is. They would be at the agreed place on time or slightly early to ensure you don't wait for them. In return, you shouldn't keep them waiting as well. Remember that if you're late, it's your loss and not theirs. Time is gold for them so tardiness is a no.

6. Be Yourself

Many escorts have encountered clients who don't act the way they should maybe because they're too shy or nervous. This is normal but bear in mind that being yourself is one of the important things escorts need you to know. You don't have to impress her by pretending to be someone you're not. In fact, she'll appreciate more if you show your true colours. If you have a funny laugh, show it instead of suppressing it. Do you like to imitate a cartoon character to make others laugh? Feel free to do so. These ladies love men with great sense of humour. Further, they don't really care about what others will say about you because for them as their client, you are no. 1.

7. Stick to the Agreement

Once you've reached an agreement, the escort expects you to stick to it no matter what. They don't like surprises or sudden changes in plans especially if they violate their principles. That's why you're asked about the specific services you want to avail before she agrees with you because she doesn't want to be tricked. Escorts are good at what they do because they prepare for it days before. For example, you want to have role play sex with her wherein she has to dress up as a cheerleader but suddenly, you change your mind and want to have a bondage experience instead. This isn't in the agreement and you'll make her feel uncomfortable. Not everybody is open to such changes or to bondage sex in particular.

On the other hand, if there are slight changes and you communicate them to the escort and she agrees, then you have nothing to worry about. However, remember that she may charge you extra for any inconvenience. For example, a change in location could mean she has to take a cab to get there. As long as you're willing to pay and you have valid reasons, your escort can have a change of mind and heart.

8. Safety First

For your safety and hers, you have to wear a condom at all times. All escorts want you to know that prevention is always better than cure. There are many cases of sexually transmitted diseases and infections out there and one of the main causes is having multiple sex partners. Both of you will enjoy more knowing you're protected no matter what sex act you do together. You can bring your own condoms but knowing these ladies, they always have several of them in their purse.

In addition to using a condom, you should also apply sufficient lubricant in case you're both in the mood for anal sex or pegging. Lubes are very useful because they allow you to penetrate your partner from behind without causing pain or any form of discomfort. It comes in handy during handjobs, too.

Did you know that escorts are worried about their safety, too? That's why they emphasize sticking to what you've agreed on. If she feels that she's not safe with you, she will immediately find a way to get out of there and leave you. They're also particular with the kind of services you want. For example, if you plan on doing BDSM, she'll bring the "toys" herself. Respect her if she tells you to stop.

9. Proper Hygiene is Important

You may not be aware of it but your escort wants you to know how important proper hygiene is to her. Take time to make yourself presentable when you finally meet. Have a haircut, shave, shower, and wear fresh clothes. You don't want her to smell you reeking with alcohol, cigarette smoke or sweat. That will be such a turn off. Meanwhile, don't be offended if she asks you to join her in the shower or tub. She only wants to make sure you're both clean and smelling good as you prepare yourselves for a few hours of hot action.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to have her come over to your flat be sure that your place is neat and clean. She'll only be there for a few hours but she expects you to at least have fresh sheets on the bed and an extra towel in your bathroom.

In addition, cleaning up afterwards is just as important. You'll be drenched in each other's sweat and sex acts like anal can be very messy. Have a shower together and afterwards you can both relax while having a glass of wine or a cup of coffee before you say your goodbyes.

10. She's Just Like Any Woman

Above all, escorts want you to know that they are just like any other woman out there. This means they like being spoiled, too. If you hired her to be your girlfriend for a day, you might as well treat her like one. Bring her flowers and chocolates and introduce her to friends. If you're going out on a nice dinner before going to your hotel room, be sure to ask her what food and drinks she likes. Also, don't be shy to cuddle her after doing it because like other women, they want to feel appreciated, too. These ladies love receiving presents so if you're happy and satisfied with your escort's services, don't hesitate to send her a gift like a bottle of perfume or a bouquet of roses.

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