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The Vast Difference Between Hiring A Prostitute And An Escort

The Vast Difference Between Hiring A Prostitute And An Escort If you were to ask the average person what an escort was, the unfortunate truth is that 95% of them would probably tell you that an escort is nothing more than

The Vast Difference Between Hiring A Prostitute And An Escort

The Vast Difference Between Hiring A Prostitute And An Escort
The Vast Difference Between Hiring A Prostitute And An Escort
If you were to ask the average person what an escort was, the unfortunate truth is that 95% of them would probably tell you that an escort is nothing more than a prostitute. In reality, that couldn't be further from the truth. The regular person actually has no idea that there are different levels to working in the sex industry at all! In fact, if you were to ask those same people what a "sex worker" was, they'd probably tell you that a sex worker was a prostitute as well. Most people aren't even aware that sex workers can be cam girls, phone sex operators, exotic dancers, prostitutes, escorts, writers, photographers, filmmakers, or even burlesque dancers! Sex work runs the gamut of dozens upon dozens of different jobs - each requiring their own set of specific and challenging skills. That said, the most common confusion people (and even clients) have is in differentiating between being a prostitute and being an escort. Sure, both jobs require the sex worker to engage in a sexual act with their client - but that doesn't mean it's the same type of work. After all, just because the job of baseball player and basketball player both require someone to have expert handling of balls doesn't mean that someone who is successful in one sport will be successful in the other - just look at Michael Jordan! But we have some good news - If you are a client who is unaware of the vast differences between hiring a prostitute and an escort, let help you make the best choice! By taking a look at the differences we've illustrated below, you'll learn for yourself why the variation in client relationships, medical testing, rendezvous locations, and sexual desires satisfied make being an escort and a prostitute two very different jobs.

What Is It That Makes An Escort An Escort?

What Is It That Makes An Escort An Escort?
What Is It That Makes An Escort An Escort?
Perhaps the best way to describe to a potential client the vast difference between hiring a prostitute and an escort is to first define what an escort technically is from a legal standpoint. You see, as far as the law is concerned, escorts are not charging their clients for sex - they're accepting a fee for their time and company. During that time there is no requirement for the escort to engage in any sexual activity with their client, however if they happen to be getting along well and would like to take the date into a more physical direction, they can do so as consenting adults. And all of this can be done as long as it is made clear between both parties that the escort is only being compensated for their time and nothing more. But aside from any legal variations between both professions, there are other more aesthetic differences as well. The things that really set the job of an escort in a different class from that of a prostitute is the relationships they have with their clients, the health standards involved with the profession, the locations in which they meet their clients, the sense of safety, and the types of connections they have with their clients.

The Escort Business Is Built On Client Relationships

If you find yourself booking some time with an escort, you might also find yourself wanting to visit them again - which is exactly what any escort is looking for. Unlike the prostitution industry, Escorts thrive on the repeat business that comes with forming strong relationships with their clients. They often come to look at their clients as not only customers, but even friends. When you're with an escort, it's not just a one-and-done type of situation. It's even not uncommon to find clients sending their escorts gifts during the holidays or their birthdays without expecting anything in return. Sometimes escorts might even send their clients gifts as well (although a little more discretion is needed in that situation).

Escorts Are Constantly Up To Date With All Heath Tests

It's never a comfortable thing to talk about, but sexually transmitted diseases and infections something that every client and escort should be concerned with giving the nature of the profession. And whether they are independent or are represented through an agency - escorts take sexual health very seriously. Unlike prostitution, it is a requirement through any escort agency that all working escorts they represent must be tested for the most common STIs and STDs on a regular basis (usually at least once every month)- ensuring the safety of both their clients and escorts. Knowing that escorts are doing the steps needed to ensure proper sexual health is something that their clients find very comforting.

Escorts Have Secure And Dependable Meeting Locations

Thankfully, because of the scheduled nature of how clients and escorts get together, the majority of escorts will either have specific hotel room they reserve, or even a separate condo they rent specifically for the romantic trysts they have with their clients. This not only provides a more safe and secure rendezvous location, it also gives both the client and the escort a feeling of familiarity as far as their relationship is concerned. It's because of this that is isn't uncommon for a client to find themselves immediately relaxed upon entering their escorts room. It would be impossible to recreate this sensation if the client and escort were meeting at a different location every time they saw each other.

In General You Will Have A Safer Experience With An Escort

Keeping in mind the security of the meeting location, the regimented sexual health testing, as well as the nature of working with an escort agency in itself, it is clearly much safer to find kinky company using an escort as opposed to a prostitute. By being familiar with the meeting location both the client and escort are aware of any safe zones to retreat to in case of emergency. Legal and financial disputes are settle in a much more professional manner as far as escorts are concerned since any differences of opinion will be handled by the escorts agency representation, as opposed to they types of people who "represent" prostitutes. As well, the routine STI and STD testing is a requirement to safeguard the sexual health of everyone involved. At do are best to prove to any potential client that no matter what aspect of the escort industry you look at, you'll find it safer than the business of prostitution.

Escort/Client Relationships Are Intimate, Emotional, And Physical

Perhaps the most important factor of them all, when a client decides to spend time with an escort, they're getting much more than a quick and reckless roll in the hay. Sure, they'll be sure to have all the hot kinky fun you expect to have with an escort, but it'll come as the result of a truly intimate and emotional connection. An escort will take the time to really get to know their client. They'll be up to date with any problems they may be having with their family, work, or even friends. An escort isn't just there for physical release; they become a part of their clients life. A friendly ear to listen to their problems; a sensual lover to quench their passions; and even a friendly shoulder to cry on when needed. The client/escort relationship goes far beyond just physical pleasure, which is why we at Escort Rankings find it so important to promote and encourage.

What Is It That Makes A Prostitute A Prostitute?

What Is It That Makes A Prostitute A Prostitute?
What Is It That Makes A Prostitute A Prostitute?
In stark contrast to the legal definition of being an escort, the litigious definition of a prostitute is anyone you fiscally compensate solely for the purpose of purchasing sexual favors. In contrast to the financial exchange with an escort - in which you are merely purchasing their time (and whatever happens during that time is at the behest of two consenting adults) - the only thing being purchased from a prostitute is sex. And that's only the start of the vast differences between hiring a prostitute and an escort.

The Client Base Of A Prostitute Is Random And Unscheduled

Prostitution is the wild west of sex work. There is no scheduling, very few repeat clients, and no dependable point of contact. Most prostitution in North America occurs on the street, as random clients approach anyone soliciting sexual services.

Prostitution Is Very Unhealthy In Comparison To Escort Services

Since there are no scheduled appointments, no loyal clients, or any agency decreed oversight, the sexual health of those engaged in prostitution goes largely neglected. As well, since the majority of prostitution involves engaging in sexual activity with random partners, prostitutes are at a much higher risk of contracting either an STI or an STD. Which is probably the most important reason we at promote visiting an escort over a prostitute.

There Is No Permanent Meet Up Location

Since most prostitution occurs on the street at random, there is no guaranteed private location for a sexual rendezvous. Although some prostitutes are known to take their clients (referred to in the prostitution world as "Johns") to rather unsavory charge-by-the-hour motels.

Clients Are At Risk Of A Higher Degree Of Danger With Prostitutes

Once again, due to the locations in which prostitutes sell their wares, the entire process of locating and engaging with a prostitute involves an increased risk to the clients safety than would occur with an escort. It doesn't matter how comfortable you may think you are, there is always risk involved when you following a stranger into a seedy and unfamiliar building - which is what is required in most instances of hiring a prostitute. As well, since prostitutes tend to be managed by a more unscrupulous type of person, clients find themselves with nowhere to turn if things go sour.

Prostitutes Are All Physical

Lastly, you will simply never get the same experience with a prostitute that you will with an escort. The only thing a prostitute is concerned about is performing the act and earning their money. It's an entirely impersonal exchange, and one that you will not be bragging to your friends about later.

Get To Know The Difference Between All Sex Workers

As you can now plainly see, there is a vast difference between hiring a prostitute and an escort if you're looking for a night of fun. Just because they both happen to be sex workers, doesn't mean that they are the same thing. But did you know that they aren't the only type of physical contact sex workers in existence? In actuality, there are quite a few different tiers of physical sex work available to participate in. Now that you know what makes an escort and a prostitute different, would you like to know what the difference is between an escort and a call girl as well? Or would you like to find out what makes the kind of sex worker who resides at a brothel different from a sex worker that is signed with an escort agency? Or find out the difference between a window worker and a traditional streetwalker? Have you ever heard of what is referred to as a bar or casino worker? They are a specific type of sex worker who predominantly does their business out of South American night clubs or casinos, and specifically look for tourists as customers. If you want to learn the ins and out of some of the most common types of physical-contact sex worker operating in the world today, we at would like to point you in the direction of an article titled, The 6 Types Of Prostitutes And Where They Work which was written by Business Insider contributor Erin Fuchs. It's a great read for any client of sex work, or even just the curious layman looking to ad a little fun to their weekend!

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