How To Dress For An Apple-Shaped Body Type

How To Dress For An Apple-Shaped Body TypeWearing the right clothes for your body type is important to escorts. At Escort Rankings, we provide tips on how to dress for an apple-shaped body type. A lot of people confuse a pear-shaped body with an apple-shaped body. A pear-shaped body is

How To Dress For An Apple-Shaped Body Type

Wearing the right clothes for your body type is important to escorts. At Escort Rankings, we provide tips on how to dress for an apple-shaped body type. A lot of people confuse a pear-shaped body with an apple-shaped body. A pear-shaped body is heavier in the upper thighs and below the waist. An apple-shaped body is heavier in the middle and the upper part of the waist. People with apple-shaped bodies have broad shoulders, thinner limbs, a flat bottom, and a wide torso. Their bust sizes tend to be between average to large and their hips are narrower than their bust. Such type is very well-proportioned through their waistlines aren't well defined and they aren't curvy along the hips.

There are a lot of features to be emphasized for apple-shaped bodies. When it comes to styling, look for clothes that play up the legs, arms, and the full bust. Apple-shaped body clothes generally move away from the traditional waistline structure. Clothes with the traditional waistline structures tend to be unflattering for apple-shaped bodies because apple-shaped bodies tend to have poorly defined waists.

The Nature of an Apple-Shaped Body

In order to know how to dress for an apple-shaped body type, it might be helpful to know the way an apple-shaped body works. An apple-shaped body is formally called an android-type body in medical science. It is so named because of androgen, the main hormone that dictates how fat is stored in the body. Having a high amount of androgen causes fat to be stored around the midsection, leading to the larger tummy that defines the apple-shaped body.

People with apple-shaped bodies will find it hard to get rid of fat. They will need a combination of a strict diet and regular exercise to do so. Fats in apple-shaped bodies are stored deep enough in the body to affect the function of several internal organs like the liver, the kidney, and the heart. To lose fat, a diet that is rich in food with complex carbohydrates like whole grains and vegetables and regular aerobic exercises can help.

What Clothes are Best for an Apple-Shaped Body?

When dressing for an apple-shaped body, the general goal is to show off the legs and the bust while taking attention away from the tummy area. It isn't very difficult to find apple-shaped body clothes, but the wrong choices can be very unflattering. Here are some general fashion tips on which pieces of clothing to pick.

Wearing a good bra is a great way to define your form. It keeps you from looking like a ball. The bra should lift the bust up and away from the tummy area. By separating the bust from the tummy, you can get a good base for the rest of your outfit. The breasts should be somewhere between your shoulders and elbows. Don't let the breasts sag too low. Saggy breasts are a sign of ageing, and you don't want that. If you'd like to minimize the apple tummy, try some tummy shapewear.

One of the best things about having an apple-shaped body is the fact that a lot of comfortable tops work well with the body type. Flowy tunics, A-line silhouettes, and pretty much any V-neck look great on an apple-shaped body. Tops that have embellishments or cutouts at the neckline can keep the focus on your face and away from the tummy. Empire waist tops or any top that's knotted around the bust work well too. These tops highlight the area under your bust which gives you a nice shape.

The best tops for apple-shaped bodies fall below the hip bone and cover the entire tummy. They should be made from a material that isn't too clingy and not too baggy. Fabrics like linen, raw silk, gabardine, thick cotton, or any other firm fabric are great because they can clean up your look from your bust to your hips. Clingy material can draw attention to the middle area. Baggy fabrics make you look shapeless while making your waist look bigger.

As for designs, look for tops with shoulder details to emphasize the bust. Plunging necklines are great for curvier bodies as these designs make your neck look longer. Those who prefer a more modest style can go for tops with higher necklines in darker colors like navy. It will make you look fashionable and stylish. Tops with cuffed or flared sleeves are great at taking attention away from your belly. Fitted sleeves can balance out the fuller midsection and bust. You can even go sleeveless or strapless if you like.

Getting bottoms that can show off your legs is the name of the game. For comfort, pants that can stretch to fit your tummy work well. Choose pants that have smooth fronts. If you can get pull-on pants or pants that have zippers on the sides, those are generally good. Pants that have zippers in the front tend to draw attention to your middle. It's best to avoid those. Trouser legs or boot cut pants can balance out your look. Don't go for tapered jeans as these can make you look wider. As for pockets, try to get pants with back pockets. These can balance out your waist and form your bottom better.

In learning how to dress for an apple-shaped body type, never be afraid to wear shorts. There's always the right kind of shorts to show off those great legs. Short-shorts paired with an elastic belt can do wonders in emphasizing your legs and minimizing your waist. Just make sure the belt isn't too large or eye-catching. Finishing off with nude sandals can make even more length.

High-waisted cuts are the way to go. Low cuts at the waist may create a muffin top effect that immediately draws attention to your tummy. Whether it's pants or shorts, find a cut that nips at the waistline. This makes you look slimmer.

The location of the jacket hem is an important consideration for any body shape. For apple-shaped bodies, the jacket hem should hit the upper thigh or the hips. Any coat, jacket, or vest that fits this criterion looks slimming. Straight, knee-length trench style jackets are great too but lose the waist belt. You can even make a poncho look stylish.

A good jacket can hide the heavy midriff section. Ideally, the jacket shouldn't have too many details on it. A single-breasted jacket is good. Double-breasted jackets can make you look wide. Structured coats or jackets can minimize your waist while creating curves along your hips and chest. These work especially well over long skirts or flowing dresses. Adding a jacket to your top can balance your figure.

Dresses look great on apple-shaped bodies. Apple-shaped body dresses have waistlines just under the bust to form a good shape. Strapless dresses will always look stylish. A Maxi style dress with a low neckline looks great too. Wrap dresses are great too since the V-neckline draws attention to the bust. Just remember to wear a cami underneath. Have the tie wrap on the dress away from the tummy as well. Just under the bust is fine. Drop waist dresses that narrow at the hips work well too because they don't form around the tummy.

Your great legs deserve to have a mini. If that's too much for you, sheath style and knee-length shifts work well too. Curvier apples can pull off a great A-line style dress. You can combine your dress with an open jacket with a nipped waist too.

As a rule on how to dress for an apple-shaped body type, remember that darker colours and diagonal stripes have a slimming effect. If you can find them, dresses that make use of colour blocking are great. These are dresses that have darker colours all the way down both sides of your figure with a lighter colour all the way down in the middle. These dress designs can effectively draw attention off of your waist.

Shoes generally won't interact with what's happening around your belly area but they do serve as eye-catchers for your beautiful legs. Really colourful shoes are the best at doing this. Knee-high or over-the-knee boots can also work especially during the winter months.

Just about any accessory can work well with apple-shaped bodies. The key is to balance out the proportions of your body. You can draw attention up and down with a good combination of oversized earrings and bracelets. Necklaces are generally a bad idea though.

Clothes have always had patterns that have deep roots in colour theory and optical illusions. Apple-shaped body dresses make good use of these to draw attention either upward towards the bust, downwards towards the legs, or both. In general, good patterns for apple-shaped body dresses involve camouflaging the tummy area. This can mean a few well-placed vertical lines, but the best way to do it is with diagonal lines.

Diagonal lines are very effective at slimming the body no matter where it is placed. Dresses that have diagonal line designs from top to bottom tend to be great for apple-shaped bodies. Through the same idea, designs with horizontal lines are generally bad ideas for apple-shaped body dresses. In the wrong places, horizontal lines can widen your body more than expected. Designers know how to make good use of horizontal lines, but it's generally best not to go in that direction if you don't know what you're doing. This is why apple-shaped bodies should try to avoid belts as much as possible.

As for colours, it's common knowledge that black is slimming. A well-suited dress that is completely black has an incredible slimming effect for any body type. While it's classy, monochrome dresses may not be the right dress for the day, especially when a bit of variety is called for. We can push this idea further by saying that any dark shade is slimming when it is placed in contrast with a lighter shade. Wearing a darker shade around the middle section and a lighter shade around the bust generally looks great.

If you would like to dive deeper into this subject, there are plenty of resources on the subject of optical illusions and colour splicing. There's more to matching colours than just generalizing darker and lighter shades. You want nice clothes but the colours are important too. Matching the wrong colours can be annoying to the eyes, even when it's supposedly the right colours with each other. Designers study and use a color wheel and use contrasting colors in the right places and proportions to create patterns that are effective at emphasizing certain areas of the body.

What NOT to Wear for an Apple-Shaped Body

There are some general rules on what not to wear for somebody with an apple-shaped body. Anything that draws attention to the tummy, be it the design on a dress, a gaudy belt, or anything similar, should be avoided. By drawing attention to your tummy, you're making people ignore your more flattering features. Pants can do this too. Pleated pants have far too much detail along the waist, making it a terrible choice for apple-shaped bodies.

Shapeless garments don't work very well either. Wearing shapeless garments will make an apple-shaped body look like a giant ball. That will never be a good look for anyone. Thin fabrics like jerseys can cause an effect like this. Tunic dresses can work if you use them as a base for long lean lines with a good number of layers.

At the same time, apple-shaped people should also avoid wearing tight clingy T-shirts. These are designed to emphasize the curves on your body, whether they are flattering or not.

Celebrities with Apple-Shaped Bodies

Hollywood and fame seem to have an obsession with the thin and slim. There aren't many celebrities who have apple-shaped bodies, but those who do are great sources of inspiration for what to do (and what not to do). Actresses like Drew Barrymore, Kate Winslet, and Catherine Zeta-Jones and singers like Jessica Simpson and Adele have all walked the red carpet in stunning dress combinations that keep the eyes on the right places. Of course, who can forget Oprah Winfrey? She has always nailed her apple-shaped body dresses no matter what the occasion. Her styles are great places to start when looking for ideas on how to dress.

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