How To Dress For An Hourglass-Shaped Body Type

How To Dress For An Hourglass-Shaped Body TypeA lot of women or should we say almost all women fantasize about the hourglass type of body shape. For years, it has been perceived by not only women but also men as the ideal body shape. This kind of figure has a

How To Dress For An Hourglass-Shaped Body Type

A lot of women or should we say almost all women fantasize about the hourglass type of body shape. For years, it has been perceived by not only women but also men as the ideal body shape. This kind of figure has a simple concept. The hip and the bust have the same measurements with emphasis on having a narrow waist. As you can imagine, such numbers an hourglass illusion. Do you have an hourglass body type? Then you'll find our article at Escort Rankings useful when learning how to dress for an hourglass-shaped body type.

Not all women have been given this kind of body so consider yourself lucky if you have it. If you are fortunate enough to possess this kind of shape, then it'll be great to flaunt those curves. That kind of body is considered to be very attractive so naturally, you probably get a lot of attention. On the other hand, appreciation for this kind of body can be hilarious at times. You don't want to draw too much attention by wearing inappropriate clothes, especially for an escort. Not only should you dress according to the event but you should dress properly to suit your body type and accentuate your best features.

There are many ways to dress up an hourglass-shaped body. The rule of thumb is to stay away from bulky and boxy styles of outfits. You can stick to light shades of colours. Also, avoid too much effort and attention to the bust area as you can look substantial, which can't be pleasing for the eyes. You can find some outfits that can define your narrow waist and make use of that asset.

With those things said, there are some fashion tips that we can share with you to define your hourglass-shaped body:

Show Off Your Figure with a Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses never go out of style. When you have an hourglass-shaped body, this is the best type of dress that you can wear. The bodycon dress has a way of accentuating your curves. They stick to your body like a second skin. It's like having your body wrapped up with a piece of cloth clinging to every line and curve. With this type of dress, it can give you an elongated appearance by hugging both your bust and waist areas. To add, bodycon dresses look perfectly well if you have a flat stomach. There are a lot of bodycon dresses available, and you can try checking adding them to your wardrobe. They're the ultimate go-to escort dress for hourglass-shaped body types.

Stand Out in a Wrap Dress and Blouse

The wrap dress is an outfit that can also highlight your hourglass body. With its wrapping features, it draws attention to your curves, especially your waist. If you have an outstanding waistline, this is one of the best dresses that you can wear as it can emphasize your asset.

On the other hand, if you don't want to wear a dress, you can opt for a wrap blouse. Wrap blouses usually draw attention to your waist area. This kind of blouse works fantastically for women who have an hourglass-shaped body as you can adjust the wrap on your waist. You can pull through the wrap in a way that you want your waist to be defined. They can help you in creating an image of being voluptuous yet slim. As an escort, this is one way to show off your sexiness without revealing too much skin.

If you want to prevent looking top-heavy, stay away from tops or blouses that have ruffles, bows, ribbons, and the like. Also, for dresses, bias-cut frocks can be the right choice. Bias-cut dresses in silk can also look good on you if you have a flat stomach. A V-neck dress is also a great thing to take note of as it elongates your appearance.

Striped Skater Dress for Subtle Looks

If you are one of those women who don't want to flaunt too much of their hourglass body, then we have one for you. Stripes are on the way to highlight those curves without drawing too much attention. Striped skater dresses are tailored for hourglass-shaped bodies. It helps you in flashing an elegant look that goes with the curves that you have. It might not be too showy, but it is perfect for someone who wants a subtle look that still gives flatter to their body.

Draw Attention with Narrow and Deep Neck Tops

When it comes to neck details, you should take note of having v-neck or sweetheart necklines. If you don't want to look busty, narrow necklines are the ones for you. It draws attention to your waist area and can help to emphasize those curves.

Pencil Skirt to Hug Your Figure

Pencil skirts have gained familiarity for a lot of years. It has been one of the go-to skirts for women of almost all body types. But if you have an hourglass figure, it can work the extra mile for you! Pencil skirts hug your figure, and it's a perfect way to show off those curves. One advantage of a pencil skirt is that it can work on any occasion and almost on any top as well. In dressing up an hourglass-shaped body, the pencil skirt got your back.

Flared Pants for Sexier Legs

For pants, when looking for something that can highlight your hourglass figure, take note of the ones that can give emphasis to your curves and lengthen your legs at the same time. Flared pants can help you with that as the "flare" on the bottom of the pants allows the bottom of your leg to look balanced to the width of your hips. Moreover, it helps to create a more extended image of you by making your legs look slimmer.

Tops for Hourglass-Shaped Bodies

We know geometric patterns can make you look edgier. For hourglass bodies, there's a bonus as it adds to creating a highlight on your curves. You can find some outfits that have lines or patterns that narrow the waist. Use them to your advantage and watch clients drool over you when you meet.

Fitted button-down shirts or blouses can work on any type of body. When dressing up for an hourglass-type body, stick to fitted button-downs and blouses which can hug the waist without adding more heaviness to the bust area. It's best to choose soft fabrics, such as silks, lightweight stretch kinds of cotton and the like to avoid adding bulk on your appearance.

Crop tops may not cross your mind when looking for an outfit, but here's a little tip. A cropped top can work well with high-waist pants or skirts for an hourglass body. You show a little bit of the thinnest area on your body, which can mirror your hourglass figure.

Meanwhile, body-hugging sweaters are pieces that can come in handy to pair with any bottom. A v-neckline can give you more advantages, especially in your bust area. Try staying away from turtle or square necks as it can sometimes offer a massive appearance on your top.

Cover Up with Belted Coats and Jackets

For coats and jackets, you should consider wearing one with materials that define the waist, such as a tie or a belt. With that, it can give justice to the thin appearance of your waist and create an excellent hourglass frame. Short or cropped jackets can be considered too as they can emphasize your slim waist.

Excellent Bottoms for Hourglass-Shaped Bodies

As an escort, you have many choices on how to dress for an hourglass-shaped body type. As mentioned earlier, your legs must look elongated to help with creating the perfect hourglass image. When it comes to trousers, opt for the wide-leg ones and high waists. As it being fashion-forward, it can also flatter your figure. Trousers with a belt can be a great combo as they highlight your waist.

On the other hand, when it comes to jeans, you might want to stay away from low-rise jeans and tapered ones. They can make your legs shorter and your hips bigger. Those kinds of pants can't help you with pulling off an hourglass image. Mid- to high-rise pants that wide-legged or straight cut can be a better choice. You can opt for stretch denim or fabric that can trail down your assets and enhance your hourglass silhouette.

A-line skirts can work well for hourglass body types. With straight skirts, you just need to make sure that the fabric drapes well on your body to accentuate those curves. Moreover, fancy additions to the hips, such as ribbons, ruffles, pockets should be avoided. That stuff can only add heaviness to your look.

Wearing the Right Shapewear

Are you an escort who wants to know how to dress for an hourglass-shaped body type? Shapewear is a secret weapon for most women. The right shapewear can enhance any body type but can be crucial to an hourglass figure. Wearing the right one can squeeze in your waist and smoothen out part of your body that you don't want to emphasize.

Top Accessories for an Hourglass Figure

Wearing the right accessories should also be considered when you dress up an hourglass figure. For belts, make sure that they flow naturally on your waistline. Small to medium size belts are good things to consider. If you want to play the game safely, go with wide belts as it makes your torso look smaller. Hip belts, on the other hand, can sometimes make you more heavy or voluminous. So before risking wearing one, you might want to think again.

Short necklaces that drape on your neck or long chains in a V-form are great choices. Avoid using angular accessories as it can't help with the hourglass image that you desire. Necklaces that reach your belly aren't bad, as well.

Shoes for an Hourglass Body Shape

Always include shoes when you think about how to dress for an hourglass-shaped body type. Kitten heels and pumps with medium heels are fabulous for that hourglass figure. For regular days, you can choose a sandal that is a closed-in toe and has a simple strap on the heel part. Pointed or almond toe shoes with wide bottoms can be an excellent choice for you too because they can help in elongating your leg line. Moreover, shoes that are round toe can be a great combo with pants.

Well, here's a catch. Heels are made for your body type! Heels can help you in lengthening that leg image and show some feminine touch. For boots, you can opt for a medium heel that is comfortable up to your thighs.

How to Accentuate Your Hourglass Body Shape Easily

Your narrow waist is your best asset. Hourglass body shape shows a narrow waist, so you must take note of that asset. A wrap dress is an excellent choice to show off that waist with a touch of femininity. A wrap dress as the name suggests wraps around your body which hug your waist and at the same time, have a top layer that can cover up your belly. While a lot of patterns can be flattering, a woman with an hourglass type of body should stick to solid light or dark colours. By investing in a single colour dress or outfit, it creates an illusion of having a balanced figure. Simple colour-blocking can also work. You can try a lighter shade or colour for your top and a darker one on the bottom if you want to give more attention to your hips. On the other hand, do the opposite if you plan to highlight your bust.

Another tip to consider when knowing how to dress for an hourglass-shaped body type is going for figure-hugging fabrics. They can be of good use for an hourglass figure. Before buying a type of fabric, test it first to make sure. The softer you feel the fabric between your hands; the better it will hug your curves. It's because knits and other bulky fabrics can make you look heavier, which is not desirable when you want to flaunt your hourglass body. Since soft fabrics usually go with effortlessly draping dresses, you'll have no problem with finding one in the market.

The neckline is also something to consider when looking for clothes for an hourglass-shaped body type. Opt for lower necklines for highlighting your hourglass frame. Sweetheart necklines, v-necks, scoop necks and related necklines have the characteristic of pointing or crating an angle towards your waist. Well, for an hourglass body type, it's a good thing that the waist catches as it is the thinnest part of your body. Having these kinds of necklines, it can balance your chest or bust area. Again, it can help you in avoiding the appearance of being heavy. Moreover, off-the-shoulder cocktail dresses are also a good thing for the hourglass frame. With your off-shoulder displaying a part of your skin, it balances the hip and the bust, which is very significant.

Another important tip is to streamline the skirt. Full skirt and narrow pencil skirt are two great hemlines that you can lean on for an hourglass body. Emphasizing your curves is what both of these skirts can do. Any A-line or feminine fit-and-flare style can flaunt those curves in a flattering way. The "fit" means it hugs your waist and "flare," which flows down to your thighs and creates an impressive flare at the bottom. A high-waisted version hugs the curves you have and lengthens your leg, which can add to the perfect hourglass look.

Escort Ranking Has More Expert Fashion Advice For Escorts

Knowing your body type can help you find the right clothes to wear as an escort, land more clients, and get amazing London escort reviews or Edinburgh escort reviews as a result! If you have an apple-shaped body type, you might as well check out another of our articles by CLICKING HERE!


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