How To Dress For An Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body Type

How To Dress For An Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body TypeWomen have different body types and for someone who has to look good all the time, you need to know how to dress appropriately. Are you an escort interested in knowing how to dress for an inverted triangle-shaped body type? Escort Rankings

How To Dress For An Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body Type

Women have different body types and for someone who has to look good all the time, you need to know how to dress appropriately. Are you an escort interested in knowing how to dress for an inverted triangle-shaped body type? Escort Rankings has you covered with this helpful article.

Knowing More About the Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The inverted triangle body shape is often considered the most athletic looking body silhouette. It entails well-defined or broad shoulders, chests, and back that make the upper body appear wider than the lower part. In this body shape, the lower body tends to be narrower, hence the term 'inverted triangle'. If you have this body type, it's extremely helpful to know how to dress for an inverted triangle-shaped body type to attract more clients.

Typical Characteristics of an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

This body type is defined by an upper body that is proportionally larger than the lower body. It involves slimmer hips, and most often than not, a flat bottom. Shoulders are broader or wider in this body shape, the busts may come in ample measurements, and the backs are often wider too. If one has a wider upper body as compared to their lower body, then there is a high probability that she or he has an inverted triangle body shape. Hips are narrower in this body type which makes this body silhouette very attractive. In fact, a well-toned inverted triangle body shape is one of the most desired body shapes out there so consider yourself lucky.

Meanwhile, the waist will appear subtle given that it will be narrower. On the other hand, the upper body parts are often the areas where people with this body shape gain weight. If there's one thing you have to be thankful for having an inverted triangle-shaped body it has to be the fact that you are blessed with beautiful shapely legs which are your best assets!

Common Problems in Having Inverted Triangle Body Type

Women always struggle when it comes to dressing themselves accordingly. Regardless of body type, the key is to bring balance to your look. And as an inverted triangle, balancing your outfits should be quite simple: just add volume and shape to your lower body. You can do this by wearing clothes that add curves to the right places. Most women who are inverted triangles have amazing legs; so don't be afraid to use that to your advantage as well.

Most of the time, problems are often caused by choosing the wrong type and style of clothing for your body type. In worst-case scenarios, you'll end up looking like you have a very heavy upper body especially if you've already gained weight in that area. That's why it's imperative to know how to dress for an inverted triangle-shaped body type.

For someone with an inverted triangle body shape, the main focus is to reduce if not remove the attention from your chest and shoulders. Instead, you have to redirect or draw people's attention towards your assets which are your long slim legs and narrow waist. Read on for some of the useful tips on how to dress for an inverted triangle-shaped body type and how to wing it.

Ideal Tops for Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body Type

Tops should be in dark or sombre colours and should always be paired with a light-coloured bottom given that dark colours tend to make things look smaller. Light colours on the other hand, make things look larger. This colour coordination can even things out by creating an illusion.

Furthermore, tops should also be kept plain. Tops should not have any pattern and other adornments. This is an effective tip on how to dress for an inverted triangle-shaped body type by diverting people's attention to the lower part of your body.

In addition, it is important for women with the inverted triangle figure to create some balance between the slimness of their bottom half and the width of the upper part of their body. Therefore, it's always better to wear tops that have vertical details on them.

For somebody with an inverted triangle-shaped body, you will look at a top with a narrow V-neck. It can effectively narrow your upper body while at the same time create curves around your hips. Another tip on how to dress an inverted triangle-shaped body is wearing a deep shawl-collared especially in dark colours, preferably with a light shell underneath. In addition, tops with deep V-neck wrap style have always been universally appealing especially to petite women with inverted triangle figures for a more proportionate look.

There are actually a lot of choices when it comes to tops for inverted triangle-shaped body types. For example, you will look charming in a highly tailored button-down shirt that highlights your small waist. Collarless tops can also look great on you especially if you leave some of the buttons unbuttoned.

As a rule for dressing an inverted triangle body, you have to direct the attention away from your shoulders. You may consider wearing strapless or off-shoulder tops. You should also try wearing the right bra to accentuate your slim waist. On the other hand, if you have broad shoulders, avoid spaghetti-strapped tops. Stick to those with thicker straps and halter necks because they can effectively minimize your shoulders' width.

The neckline should also be put into consideration when knowing how to dress for an inverted triangle-shaped body type because not all necklines will work for you. You have to make sure that people don't focus on your shoulders and to do that, try wearing tops with V-necklines to draw people's attention to your bust area or waist. However, avoid wearing cropped tops and jackets as well as those with boat necks.

Escorts always have to be careful about what they wear that's why you should know how to dress for an inverted triangle-shaped body type to impress others, especially your clients. For this kind of figure, it's better to say no to tight tops that cling such as those made from Lycra. Doing this will only make you look like you have a thick waist. Go for soft materials such as knitwear and jerseys. They fit snugly but they will skim over the places that one is trying to keep out of sight. In relation to the previous tip, tops should just go past the hip in order to hide the waist and draw attention down to one's slim and shapely legs.

Wearing the Appropriate Bottoms for Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body Type

Being aware of how to dress for an inverted triangle-shaped body type can also help you decide on what bottoms to wear. For pants and trousers, always choose those that are full and flared in order to add width and volume to the hips and legs. As mentioned earlier, your best assets are your beautiful legs. You have great legs so don't be afraid to experiment with skirts of varying lengths, but don't go too short otherwise, you will draw attention to the upper half of your body which is exactly what you're trying to avoid.

An inverted triangle-shaped body type often comes with prominent shoulders and you want to draw the attention away from that. One effective tip to follow is to create volume on the lower part of your body. You have to wear pants with side pockets and wide, flared legs. Cargo style pants will particularly look nice on you, too.

Skirts are also something to consider when dressing an inverted triangle-shaped body. A-line skirts fill out your hips slightly while balancing your upper body so they should be fashion staples in your closet. Look for details around the hips or bold colours and prints to further enhance the effect. Meanwhile, you can try ballerina and full skirts that are known to add curves to the lower part of the body.

Although escorts are advised not to wear jeans when meeting a client, it doesn't mean you're no longer allowed to wear them. You only need to impress a client when he's around but for your everyday wear, you'll need something comfortable like jeans. Opt for straight or skinny jeans especially in bright and light shades. The colours can add a touch of femininity to your rather athletic figure.

How to Accessorize Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body Type

Did you know that learning how to dress for an inverted triangle-shaped body type also includes knowing which accessories to wear with your clothes? Always remember your ultimate goal which is to avoid drawing attention to your broader upper half. The aim is to create a well-balanced silhouette while at the same time keeping others' attention on your beautiful face and curvy lower half of your body. For accessories, try to wear statement sunglasses, long necklaces with pendants, and huge cocktail rings on your fingers. Bold bracelets and bangles are perfect as well. You should definitely use larger bags and clutches as well to complete your whole look. Having several choices in your closet allows you to mix and match your outfits with your accessories easily.

Shoes for Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body Type

For someone with an inverted triangle-shaped figure, you can wear whatever shoes you want as long as they draw attention to the bottom half of your body. This includes shoes with bright styles or with a pop of colour. In addition, embellished shoes and block heels are excellent choices, too. You can emphasize your slim legs by wearing ankle straps as well as slouch and cowboy boots. Be sure to have different kinds of shoes in your closet to suit any occasion. Investing in some designer shoes is a smart decision for any escort, too. Make sure to try them on first before buying. Style and comfort are your priorities when buying the right pairs.

Celebrities with Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body Type

You're definitely not the only woman with this body type. In fact, many female celebrities have inverted triangle figures and they can get away with any outfit from simple casuals to red carpet attires. There are a ton of models, athletes, even celebrities who exhibit this particular shape and you can learn from them about how to dress for an inverted triangle-shaped body type. Some of the celebrities that have this silhouette are Cindy Crawford, the Bridget Jones Diary star Renee Zellweger, Teri Hatcher, Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, Lucy Liu, Kelly Clarkson, Dolly Parton, Pamela Anderson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. And don't forget Spice Girl Victoria Beckham who also has very prominent shoulders and yet can rock any outfit that suits her body.

If you want to know more on how to dress for an inverted triangle-shaped body type, you can definitely learn a lot from these celebrities. Browse photos of these stars and take note of the clothes they wear. What kind of dresses do they like to wear? What tops and bottoms emphasize their bodies? Watching fashion shows on TV or online can also help. In case you still have zero ideas, you can always seek expert advice from a professional fashion designer. It's a good investment especially if you intend to stay in the escort industry for a long time.

Being aware of your specific body type is extremely useful especially for an aspiring escort who wants to achieve raving Liverpool escort reviews. There are many escorts out there competing for clients so if you want to get noticed, wearing the right clothes is an effective way to do so.

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Now that you know how to dress an inverted triangle-shaped body, it's time to give that wardrobe a makeover. Invest in various clothes and accessories that are compatible with your body type. Meanwhile, if you need more advice—about dressing for gala events, specifically—you can CLICK HERE!


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