How To Dress For A Rectangle-Shaped Body Type

How To Dress For A Rectangle-Shaped Body TypeIn most cases, this body type may be considered boring considering that the rectangle body shape signifies a straight body line. It is evident to those who are lean and tall. There might be a lack of big boobs because most rectangle body

How To Dress For A Rectangle-Shaped Body Type

In most cases, this body type may be considered boring considering that the rectangle body shape signifies a straight body line. It is evident to those who are lean and tall. There might be a lack of big boobs because most rectangle body shapes have small or average ones, less defined waist, or even a flat booty, but the perks of having this kind of body shape is when one gains weight, it is mostly distributed all over the body and not just in one place. Moreover, a rectangle body shape is the easiest body shape to dress. As an escort, it's vital to know what to wear for your body type. Escort Rankings provides you with fashion tips on how to dress for a rectangle-shaped body type.

When it comes to how to dress for a rectangle-shaped body type, it's important to note that women with this body type have hips and shoulders which are most likely to have the same measurements. However, as mentioned earlier, there will be less definition on the waist and regardless of size; one can still have a rectangle shape body because it is the shape and not the size that determines one's body type. In addition, you'll also have flat to average bottoms.

In relation to gaining weight, those with this body type are most likely to gain weight in the tummy or midriff area. However, these instances often happen in the middle years but even extra eights can go unnoticed in a rectangle shape. Slim hips and great legs are the big bonus for those with rectangle body shape. They are the highlights and in dressing up, one will gravitate towards straight lines and structured shapes in order to create illusions and curves. An important note to remember though, rectangle body cannot be altered into an hourglass even with illusions. The good news is, as an escort there are many things you can do to make your body more attractive.

How to Add More Curves to a Rectangle-Shaped Body

If you think dressing a rectangle-shaped body is difficult, think again. Despite having a straight figure, you can still rock any outfit as long as it suits your body type. With smart dressing and choosing the right clothes and accessories, you can maximize the potential of your rectangle body shape.

One should notice that most models who walk the ramp have rectangular body shapes, except for the Victoria's Secret models. Most of them are thin and tall, and their physique and body type are the reason as to why the modelling profession works for them. Almost all clothes work and look good with people with this body shape so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to finding clothes for rectangle-shaped body type.

The most important rule to remember for those with this body shape when trying to dress up is to never use or wear anything that ends near the waist. The tops should always go past the waist. Tunic tops that are nipped at the waist, or are shaped with darts that also end near the hip area are the best ones that go with the rectangular body shape. Those tops that need to be tucked into the pants do not go with this kind of body shape, especially for those who have a big tummy. It is really necessary to steer clear from clothes that have details that will emphasize and bulk up the waist.

Another rule for dressing up a rectangle-shaped body is to avoid form-fitting clothes. Blending everything in the folds of clothing and thinking that such should do the trick in filling the areas you lack and giving illusions of curves is a good thing. However, if one wishes to push things further, grabbing some well-fitted clothes is one in the lists but this does not mean you should wear skin tight apparel. Clothes that stick to the skin should be avoided because they will create bulges and that is what one should try to avoid.

If one has a protruding tummy, skimming clothes and a loose belt is a good choice. Princess seam dresses, especially the ones with piping seam, will also work in this instance since they can create curves, especially for this body shape. If placed correctly, a princess seam will create an illusion of a shape. Waist darts will too, as long as they are placed correctly.

Using Victorian tactics is also a great option on how to dress for a rectangle-shaped body type. Going back in time can be useful and the Victorian era has the best tips to offer especially when trying to have a waist. Corsets are one of the few things than one can try. This will effectively pinch up the waist. Victorians also utilized puffy sleeves and balancing them out with full skirts. Ruffles, lacey trims, flounces, big collars or any embroidery or details in the upper part near the neckline and the bottom will define a waist by making it look thinner.

Wide shoulders are prevalent on women with this body shape so it is important to stay away from any tops which entails details on or near the shoulders. However, if one does not have wide shoulders, it's okay to ignore such tip.

Choosing the correct neckline also contributes in helping you decide what to wear for a rectangular body shape. Tops with V-necklines, scoops, or sweetheart neckline (especially those with big busts) will create alluring shapes. The surplice neckline paired with wrap style top that hugs the body loosely will define the waist more. Off shoulder tops will make the waistline look smaller but it's not something you should wear if you have wide shoulders.

Prints can also be advantageous but it should be properly placed in the right area. If placed correctly, prints will create illusion of shapely waist. It should be noted that horizontal prints on tops or dresses should really be avoided especially when they are near the waist area. They will make that area larger and wider than it is naturally. Unity in colour is also a good tip and both the top and bottom should have the same colour because if they don't match, they will cut the body in two to make one look larger and wider.

Top Accessories for Rectangle-Shaped Body Types

As an escort, always remember to wear the right accessories for rectangle-shaped body type. One of them is the belt. It can be beneficial for this type of body shape however, wide belts should only be the ones you should use. Choose belts that blend in with one's ensemble. It is advisable to choose the same color with the dress you're wearing. The belts should not be obtrusive at all.

However, belts don't need to be really tight. One does not really need to have a tight cinched waist so loose belts and sash will do the trick for dressing a rectangle-shaped body. Tight belts will only make the tummy bulge. On the other hand, belts and sashes will give the distinction between top and bottom.

Meanwhile, consider wearing padded underwear and shapewear. They will not only make the boobs bigger but will also make the waist thinner, thus giving one shape. They help create shapes especially in the parts where there is a lack of them.

Tips on What to Wear for Rectangle-Shaped Body Types

As an escort, being physically attractive is vital to your job that's why wearing the most appropriate clothes for your body type plays a key role. Some clothes can make one look boxier such as a straight cut silhouette. To soften the boxy angles, wear flowing and flared clothes and dresses nipped at the waist. Such clothes should be in soft fabrics like chiffons.

In terms of pants, most women with this body type have good legs. Therefore, it is important to utilize them well. Fitted pants work well in this body type. One should go for the slim fit or straight cut pants and jeans. High waist or any with good enough rise is a thumbs up. Avoid low rise pants especially those with belly or tummy, it will make them obvious. Those with wide waistband are good too. Flared pants also go with rectangular body for it will balance things out by making the waist appear smaller.

An important reminder is to avoid tucking the tops, rather let them skim the waist and flare because it will give the body shape. V-necks that nicely flare to the hem at the waist and a nice pair of good fitting pants are the ultimate go-to ensemble for this body shape.

When dressing up for a rectangle-shaped body type, choose the skirts that flare at the hem. Mermaid skirts are perfect for they will give shape. A tiered skirt is also a good choice for it will fit at the waist then flare at the hem, giving shape to the body.

What NOT to Wear for Rectangle-Shaped Body Types

Despite being the easiest type to dress, the rectangle body shape also has some apparel which is best avoided because they're unflattering to the figure. One of the few things that someone with this type of body shape should avoid is any clothes that will make one look boxier, especially the tops. Moreover, low-waist bottoms or low rise pants are also a no-no. Moreover, wearing both skin tight tops and bottoms will make you look like a giant stick figure. However, skin tight bottoms can be worn but should be paired with regular tops that should not be skin tight.

Practical Tips for Shopping for Rectangle-Shaped Body Types

Now that you have an idea on how to dress for a rectangle-shaped body type, it's time to learn some tips and tricks on shopping for your wardrobe. You want to look your best when meeting your client for the first time. In order to avoid mistakes, you should try wearing your intended attire days before. Practice with your shoes, bag, and other accessories on. Look at yourself in the mirror. This way you can have an idea on what you'll look like and make the necessary changes beforehand.

Escorts need to invest on their appearance. For an escort with rectangle-shaped body, it's imperative to invest on good quality clothes and shoes. Don't hesitate to pay for designer brands because they're not only attractive and comfortable but they also last longer too. Besides, your client can easily tell if you're trying hard to impress him by wearing knockoffs.

There are times when you are doubtful when it comes to what you should wear for your specific body type. The key is to consult with a pro. Do you know of a local fashion designer? You can pay them a visit and ask for suggestions. In fact, you can invest on some tailored outfits perfect for your figure. It may cost you more but the results will be great, too.

As mentioned, many models have this body type and if you're an escort learning how to dress for a rectangle-shaped body type, watching fashion shows and learning about fashion staples can do you a lot of good. You can watch videos on the internet or attend fashion shows near your place. Learn from these models as much as you can and you're sure to be on your way to being a pro at dressing up according to your body type.

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