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Why Do Married Men Get Escorts?

Why Do Married Men Get Escorts? The question all wives want the answers has no easy answer. It's easy to see the dilemma: marriage is ideally a fun, loving institution. Escorts are crazy expensive and used by everyone else. Why would a married man choose an escort over his marriage/wife?

Why Do Married Men Get Escorts?

The question all wives want the answers has no easy answer. It's easy to see the dilemma: marriage is ideally a fun, loving institution. Escorts are crazy expensive and used by everyone else. Why would a married man choose an escort over his marriage/wife? There are a few answers to be offered. We explore some of them below.

To try new sexual experiences…and fetishes

The average wife will only accept a certain range of sexual activities between her and her husband, depending on her knowledge of sex. The average escort, on the other hand, is well versed with sex and will provide a shockingly wide range of services to any of her clients, including those the average can never entertain. No married man with a specific sexual need can overlook that difference in offers. That is how escorts get so popular among married men. Not all escorts provide every sexual style possible, but those who do go all the way.

Some escorts provide deep excursions into BDSM. Others explore water sports and extreme fetishes in a way no other woman can. When it comes to fetishes, escorts entertain a lot more than the average wife can take: foot fetishes, ownership fetishes, suckling fetishes, and more. Any married man looking to try something new with their lives wouldn't be blamed for booking an appointment with an escort near them.

To fulfil sexual needs they aren't getting at home

When people get married, their sex lives tend to go through the roof. The sex becomes regular and with the person they love. But after a few years, with children in the picture and other marital issues, marital sex tends to become a rarity. Wives lose their drive and offer less sex. Husbands become restless and vice versa. For many married men, this is a daily reality.

Some have marriages that function fully in every aspect except with sex. Others have fully dead marriages where sex was replaced with alcohol and pills. With such circumstances, many married men start looking outside the box. Some stumble onto escorts by accident; others go out for them at once. Because they are open to all sorts of sexual things, escorts fill the gap the men have for sexual fulfilment so well that they keep going back. A relationship with an escort can be regular or a one-time thing, and in both cases, it helps relieve a neglected man. No doubt it's expensive, but the prospect of added companionship and high discretions make it worth the charge.

To avoid breaking up their marriages

Perhaps the most important reason many married men give for meeting escorts on the side is that they don't want to destroy their marriages. Affairs with other women, including other married women, have always been the primary killers of marriages everywhere. Either love develops between the cheating couple or the wife finds out. Many married men looking to stray a little without hurting their marriages end up choosing a different story altogether: escorts. With escorts, the attraction is that the affair is highly discreet and no feelings are expected beyond the paid session.

Technically, a night with an escort is cheating, but not an affair. There is no way the wife can know and it might never happen again with the same woman. This guarantees a stable though lifeless marriage while enabling a steady escort lifestyle for the husband. It also means that rather than spill vitriol on an already exhausted union, a couple can live together in quiet lifeless companionship since each party gets serviced on the side. No doubt this works out well for both parties to the marriage.

For the daredevil adventure thrill of it

One of the reasons many married men have affairs is not to derive extra pleasure, but to feel the adrenaline-heavy thrill of it all while prancing about in the shadows. There is a certain thrill to be felt when doing something so good in the dark but you know to be wrong in the light. That thrill can fairly be attached to the escort business too. Having sex with an escort qualifies as an affair, and many married men know that meeting an escort isn't right. But for many adrenaline junkies, the possibility of getting caught adds pleasure to the events with the client. The whole thing feels very risque, very macho, very daredevil, just the way most men like it. Having sex with your wife is expected; no one thinks it thrilling. Having unusual sex with one or two escorts is nowhere near expected. So when a married man is faced with the decision to book or not to book, the idea of skipping out the thrill tips the scale in favour of the former.

To boost their ego

For any man, time with an escort is time well spent. It is such an ego booster for a man to think that he has conquered yet another woman, even though he had to pay for it. This is the other draw that attracts married men to escorts. Many men entertain highly sexual lives in their younger years, playing one, two or three women at a time. It's a source of pride, confidence, and ego. Once they get married and stay faithful, all that comes to an end. But the desire and lust are always there, and when they become overpowering, the need for women on the side triggers action. Escorts come in handy here, and with their reputation for being expensive and great in bed, it's no surprise that they come with an ego boost. For married men that like booking escorts to exclusive parties, a beautiful escort as arm candy is always good for ego too. For married men with enough wealth, escorts are just another object they can collect, after their cars and mansions and real estate.

For the offer of companionship

It's important to remember that escorts do not sell sex. Escorts sell companionship services. Companionship covers a wide range of activities, and sex is just a part of them if offered. At its most basic, the escort business is all about escorts spending quality time with clients with pleasure as the expected end result. For married men whose marriages have become cold, lifeless trappings, a couple of hours with an escort sound intriguing.

Like courtesans before them, escorts have a deep understanding of how to make men feel good about themselves through companionship, even if it's for just an hour every day. For many married men, this hour means everything. It can mean a deeply engaging conversation with an interested partner or a night out on the town with a woman that is available and interested in attending. It means receiving lots of attention from another woman, which makes a great difference, especially if your wife doesn't offer it anymore.

The attraction of escorts

As it happens, it's not men that take the full blame for triggering encounters with escorts. Escorts come with their fair share of advantages and perks that men are bound to be attracted to. In many ways, these perks make the escorts so appealing that married men cannot resist the temptation. Here are a few:

Escorts are very discreet

Discretion is a very attractive quality in any escort. Escorts don't just have it, they maintain it. The nature of the business is that no evidence of a sexual session can ever be found and that the escort doesn't go out trying to shame the client after their time together. Any married man would die to make sure their every affair is kept discreet. Escorts make this very easy, meaning that unlike affairs with random women, there is no danger of being caught or having your most secret sexual pleasures exposed. It all sounds like a great bargain, and married men will continue to rush to the sale.

Escorts are good at what they do

When any man imagines sex with an escort, they imagine wild, wonderful sex that's just out of this world. Escorts everywhere are known to be so good at sex that any thought of them conjures up images of unfathomable passion. That's largely true, and that's because many escorts put in the time to learn and get better. Most love their job too. Most escorts are also open to the deeper, more unusual aspects of sex that many women dare not try or are just unknowledgeable about. For married men, the guarantee that sex will be wonderful is a draw they are willing to gamble on. Even when that draw comes highly-priced, they are more than willing to spend the cash.

Escorts tend to be pretty and attractive

One unspoken rule that works across the escort industry is that an escort should be attractive in a certain way. It's unusual to find a conventionally unpretty escort; most are slim, slender women that could have been runway models. Escorts are usually pretty too. Those that want more tend to undergo cosmetic surgery to look even more attractive for their clients. The photos displayed on escort websites are always of beautiful women that happen to be so attractive. For married men, this is a major draw. Those that are stuck with older, unattractive wives at home see this as an opportunity to snap up some beauties for themselves. Even men with pretty wives back home find themselves with an excuse to book these escorts. And since beauty and sexiness are essentially the trademarks of an escort, married men will be coming in for a long time.

The escort business is all about NSA –no strings attached

If there is one thing married men love most, it is NSA – no strings attached sex. It is the kind of sex that is just as promised: free, now and forever. No repercussions, no regrets. Married men love NSA because it doesn't pose any harm to their marriages either. And as luck would have it, escorts are all about no strings attached. At its most transactional, the escort business attaches NSA and discretion as essential parts of its payment package when clients pay for escorts. No escort is expected to call the client for more after the session; there is no relationship beyond the paid time. And so married men find themselves with the perfect situation on their hands: beautiful women offering sex that doesn't come with additional requirements after. Why won't they snap the offer up?

Escorts don't judge

Unlike everyday women that might refuse some men's advances because of looks or physical appearances, escorts are in it for the money and for awesome London escort reviews, so they do not turn down guys just like that. Escorts know that all guys don't come in the same design. The escorts that prefer men of a particular build or personality will always mention on their websites. At the end of the day, it means that any married man will get a chance with a sexy, high-class escort as long as they can pay. And when a client and escort get together, it's uncommon for the escort to judge the client for their looks or skill. The client is in control, which is always such an ego boost. Married men can therefore expect a fun, free, judgment-free session with the escort of their choice. For self-conscious married men, and men who've been subjected to judgment by their wives, this is an enticing prospect.


At the end of the day, married men will keep getting escorts, as long as they stay attractive, sexy, and discreet. For centuries, women have offered companion services to men in exchange for something, be it money, protection, or power. That's not about to stop. Escorts have proven that they are not dangerous, and married men love the idea. Even if escorts get more expensive by the day, married men will still flock to them, because millions of marriages are still failing every day. Their services are always in demand.

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