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The Best Social Marketing Apps For Your Escort Business We're living in a digital world. This is a fact. But that doesn't mean the most important marketing method - positive word of mouth - isn't still alive and well; it's just moved online. Through popular new social media apps, social

The Best Social Marketing Apps For Your Escort Business

We're living in a digital world. This is a fact. But that doesn't mean the most important marketing method - positive word of mouth - isn't still alive and well; it's just moved online. Through popular new social media apps, social marketing has become the quickest way for escorts and clients to spread positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

With a quick glance through this important article, you'll find out for yourself why Tinder, Instagram, and Twitter are the best social marketing apps for your escort business. However, depending on what types of services you offer as an escort, you may find yourself benefiting more lucratively from a certain social marketing app over others. With technology changing every day and new apps entering the online landscape every hour, it can look like a harsh sea to navigate to unfamiliar eyes. A less-than-savvy escort could find themselves wasting hours and hours of time focusing on the wrong app!

Since this is the case more often than not, it is recommended that any sex worker looking to enter the world of online social marketing do their research and discover the pros and cons of each app that's available to them. There are many different options to choose from online, so just let show you the best social marketing apps for your escort business! We've carefully examined the Top Five social marketing apps currently being used by sex workers online so you can decide for yourself where you should be focusing the lion's share of your attention. Creating an online presence doesn't need to be a difficult task for sex workers! With a little help from us, you can be showing potential new clients the kind of pleasures they can expect from you in no time! And make sure you keep your inbox organized because we guarantee new clients from all over the planet are going to be sliding into your DMs in no time at all!

Tinder Is The Perfect Social Marketing App for Escorts

As we're sure you're already well aware, Tinder is the most popular dating app across the globe. Tinder first entered the market in 2012, as a dating app created at Hatch Labs. What made Tinder different from other dating apps wasn't just the convenient location-based services available (meaning you automatically linked only to users in your immediate area), but their marketing strategy - this was an app designed specifically for casual sex. Sure, it's great if you happen to get a relationship out of it - that's not what they're promising. With Tinder, users can upload photos and videos to their profile for other members to see. Opening an account is simple too - all you need is a phone number to verify your existence. With over ONE BILLION "swipes" per day, any escort who doesn't have Tinder on their phone is missing out on a lot of potential income.

Why It's A Good Idea For An Escort To Be On Twitter

Even though it's regarded as just a dating app, it could be a way to market yourself as an escort. Because, when you strip away all of the bells and whistles, the main reason Tinder has been so successful was because it was promoted as a commitment-free dating app, which is just another way of saying, "our users are looking for sex, not relationships". And those are the exact kind of clients any escort wants. By creating a Tinder profile, an escort is going right to the well of the kind of clients they're trying to reach - people who are looking to have sex and nothing more. By starting up a Tinder profile for yourself, you can expose yourself directly to thousands of local potential clients every day! However, we at advise that you make it clear in your profile that you are an escort - the last thing you want to create any confusion. After all, you don't want someone to show up with just enough money in their wallet for dinner and a movie and nothing more!

Escorts Use Instagram To Let Clients Know What's Going On

Instagram is a social media app that is being used more and more every day for the purposes of corporate and business outreach and advertising. Although primarily used as a photo and video sharing social media platform, its secondary features such as the ability to tag people, tag locations, comment, and stream live are what factor into it being one of the best social marking apps for your escort business. Founded by friends Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram was launched and made available to the public in late 2010.

Due to its simple and friendly user interface, it quickly becomes one of the most popular social media applications for mobile users to downloaded. In its current form, Instagram is an almost unstoppable force for social medial. Every day there are over 500 million active Instagram users, sharing their lives with all of their followers. But that's not even close to the actual number of active users, which comes in at over one billion active members. If there was one thing about Instagram that puts it slightly below others (when it comes to marketing for escorts), it's the fact that Instagram has a zero-tolerance policy for nudity on their platform. But, as any good escort knows, you don't have to necessarily take your clothes off to make your clients mouth water!

Keep Your Clients Aware Of Your Current Look

Instagram is the perfect social marketing tool for letting your clients know exactly who is going to show up at their sexy Rendez-Vous. Escorts can post current photos of themselves every day to this social media app. Even better if you post professional photos that show you in the best light too.

Instagram Shows Your Clients You're Having Fun

Instagram is so effective with regards to marketing your escort business because it helps you create your brand. If you want to show your clients that you're fun and outgoing, make sure you're giving a big toothy smile to the camera in every post. If you want to appear mysterious and sultry, don't show your clients too much of yourself and let their imagination do all the work for you. By effectively and efficiently utilizing the basic functions of Instagram, escorts can not only create a fun and appealing brand, but they'll also significantly increase their monthly revenue and boost their Glasgow escort reviews! So what's stopping you? Create an exciting new name for yourself on Instagram today!

Instagram Gives Your Clients Familiarity

By starting an Instagram account for your escort business, you immediately create a comfortable impression with new and current clients. By sharing a bit of yourself with the world, you let clients get to know you a bit more - leading new customers to feel much more comfortable with reaching out to you and scheduling a date!

Use Twitter To Connect With New And Old Clients

Founded in 2006 by four computer engineers, Twitter is a micro-blogging social media application that has quickly become one of the most important tools on the internet. By the time 2012 rolled around - just six short years after its launch - twitter had over one hundred million members; but that's nothing, in its current size the platform finds itself home to over 400 MILLION active Twitter users - that's a large potential client base for an escort! That said, Twitter's influence can be felt in every facet of our daily lives. Not only has it been known to do things like cause cancelled television shows to be picked up for another season, but it's also played a significant role in influencing elections around the world. And they also allow users to post nudity, which is fun.

Reach Out To Clients Over Twitter

Although the structure of Twitter makes it the perfect app to let Escorts give their client list quick updates, its direct messaging feature is what really shines in the escort business. With the direct messaging feature, new and prospective clients can reach out to any escorts they've been following to learn more about the services they offer. We all know it's much easier to write someone a message than call them on the phone, and Twitter is the perfect social marketing app for just that purpose!

Become A Regular Fixture In Your Clients Life

The best way to retain customers (and gain new ones), is to never let yourself slip from their minds - which Twitter allows you to accomplish. By having your clients follow you on Twitter (even if they have to create a secret fake account to do so), they will be reminded of all of the sexy and sinful times you've shared together every time you publish a tweet. So when you do start tweeting, expect your inbox to start filling up with direct messages. We can't guarantee anything, but it's been commonly reported to us that escorts who start to establish a presence on Twitter experience up to a 150% influx in interested clients! Just think of all the fun and sexy new clients you can meet by simply typing out 280 characters a day!

Use Twitter To Post All Of The Sexy Pictures You Want To!

Perhaps the one thing that lets Twitter stand head and shoulders above the rest of the best social marketing apps for your escort business is a simple fact that they allow users to post adult content. That's right, not only do escorts not have to worry about the accidental nip-slip with Twitter, they can even accidentally forget to put on clothes and still post the photo! This feature alone makes Twitter a favourite with the staff here at!

Discover Other Fantastic Social Marketing Apps

Although Online Classifieds, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, and Twitter are probably the best social marketing apps for your escort business, there are even others that may be able to give you a leg up when marketing yourself. These days with the rapidly developing landscape of the internet, it's harder than ever to keep on top of what the best apps are for business - but there are a few out there that stand out from the crowd.

If you'd like to put more social marketing apps in your escort toolbox, we have the perfect article for you; the online edition of Forbes Magazine recently published an article titled Top 25 Social Media Tools For Marketers, which summarizes some of the new and leading internet marketing applications that any business would find helpful. Through their summaries, the Forbes article breaks down the specific functions of the selected apps and clearly illustrates how they could be helpful to your escort business. For instance, the article introduces the reader to a newer app called Sendible, which is an application for scheduled multi-platform posting on social media apps. That way, you can write a series of posts, or collect a selection of your most tantalizing pictures and enter them into your Sendible account - which does all the work of posting them to your favourite social media platforms on a pre-scheduled release. It's a great app for keeping your clients updated and saving yourself some time!

As well, another app the article focuses on is called Quuu. Even though the name is hard to pronounce, the app itself is an easy-to-use tool for curating your online social media presence - a great help for any escort looking to clearly define their brand! There are countless social marketing apps available right now, but it's well worth your time to try a few of them out and see which one works best for you!

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