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How To Define Your Escort Brand

How To Define Your Escort Brand Let's face it - if you're a client, there are no shortage of escorts to choose from. Every city, no matter how big or how small they happen to be, seem to have dozens and dozens of escorts ready and willing to give any

How To Define Your Escort Brand

Let's face it - if you're a client, there are no shortage of escorts to choose from. Every city, no matter how big or how small they happen to be, seem to have dozens and dozens of escorts ready and willing to give any potential client the carnal pleasures they deserve. So how does an escort compete with all of the options available? How does a simple, sweet, unassuming escort stand out from the crowd? How do they market themselves as escorts?

It's not through talking down the competition or deciding to perform acts you wouldn't normally perform - it's through marketing. And the first step of marketing is creating a brand. But what is a brand? A brand is a marketable good which customers can rely on to provide a degree of dependable standards and expectations, which is easily recognizable from other similar products. So, for instance, if a client had a specific fetish for tall, blonde women that loved to participate in sensual foot play, an escort known to fulfil those qualities would be branded within her client base as an Amazonian foot fetishist. And if you created that brand for yourself, your clients would dependably know what to expect from you; and, in return, you would also find financial rewards in building a strong and reliable client base.

We've laid out all of the steps for establishing your brand - and when you put into practice everything that Escort Rankings can teach you about branding, you'll have no trouble learning how to define your escort brand!

Get Some Good Photos Of Yourself

Branding is all about image, and if you don't have good photos of yourself you're never going to create the right image as an escort. Also, it's a good idea to always be current with your photos. People change over time and you don't want to be selling anything to a potential client that you can't back up in real life. Although we recommend hiring a professional to take some publicity photos of you (and when we say professional, we don't mean someone at the local portrait studio - find a local fashion photographer); but if you can't find or afford a professional, there's no shame in snapping a few sexy selfies! Make sure all of your photos convey the image and attitude in which you want to be represented. Once you have some fresh photos in hand, start creating a presence online!

Represent Yourself Well In Ads and Biographies

Believe it or not, clients don't just judge escorts on how they look - they want to know a little bit about them too. Sure, they can find a picture of an escort online that drives them wild, but if their ad copy is written in sloppy and broken English, it can be a real turn off. As we at have stated many times in the past, clients don't just hire escorts to engage in the hottest sex of their lives - if they wanted that they could just pick up a prostitute. Clients hire escorts for a physical, emotional, and intellectual connection. If you have poorly written ad copy, clients aren't going to be as stimulated.

Have Someone Else Write For You

If you don't have the greatest grasp of the written word, don't feel bad. There are plenty of affordable writing services online that you can hire to write all of your ad copy for you. And if you have a website (which you definitely should), they can write all of the copy for that also. However, if you want to take a stab at writing all of your material yourself, you can also use free online writing resources like that can help you find the perfect wording to turn on all your new clients!

Stick To In-Call Service When Starting To Build Your Brand

Until you're able to securely establish your branding as an escort, it's a good idea to perform more in-call meetings with clients than out-calls. This is for one reason and one reason only: the location where your clients experience their time with you can define your brand just as much as any photo, piece of clothing, sex act, or fetish. A brand should be an intangible representation of who you are, the exact same way the place you call home helps inform your personality. So when your client first steps into your place of work (whether that be a private residence, hotel room, or a secondary apartment/condo), everything about it should represent the brand you're trying to create. Decorate it with brand-specific artwork and furniture. Try to make sure everything is coloured with a consistent pallet - whether it's the paint on the walls or the sheets on the bed.

Smells Trigger Memories More Than Anything Else

Here's a quick tip from your friends at - pick a scent that represents the escort brand you're trying to build. How do you want your clients to think of you? Sweet like strawberries? Rugged like a pine forest? Soft like lavender? Once you know what kind of scent best represents your brand, buy a stockpile of candles and incense of that flavour to burn throughout your place of work. Once you do that, your clients will always associate that specific scent with you. If you follow our instructions, we guarantee your client won't be able to smell a strawberry again without feeling a tingle in their trousers!

Never Underestimate the power of a good review

At this point, you understand the importance that image plays in knowing how to define your escort brand, but you can't be the only one telling prospective clients how great you are - you need to get reviews as well! Thanks to the technological age we currently live in, people have countless options to get anything they want - and across the board, the one thing that helps in putting one product out ahead of the others is a good customer review. Whether you're talking about restaurants, video games, or even sex workers, a good review will go a long way in getting your brand out there to more people.

Don't Forget To Ask All New Clients For A Review

We can't stress how important this is: don't let a client leave a date without asking them to give feedback. If you let them know that you just need the feedback to help boost your Birmingham escort reviews, chances are they'll be more than willing to help. If they seem at all hesitant, tell them that you'll give them a discount on your next date if they provide one.

Find Out The Best Places To Post Reviews

Reviews hold the greatest value to building your brand if you can put them in front of the largest amount of potential clients possible; so, before you ask your clients for a review, be sure to find the best platforms for escort reviews - and specifically platforms that review the types of escorts that fit your brand. Your clients may have to register on some websites and forums in order to post reviews - but seeing as they've already visited at least one escort in the past, chances are they're already registered. If you notice a lot of your customer traffic comes from a certain website, escort forum, or message board, be sure to ask your client to post their review directly to that site. If they do so, you're guaranteed a spike in your escort bookings. As well, be sure to get your clients to write about their escort experiences on EscortRankings, not only are we a great information resource for both clients and escorts, we have more accurate reviews from real clients and agencies than any other escort review site!

If You Can't Get Enough Client Reviews, Write Them Yourself

Don't be afraid to take some initiative and start writing your own escort reviews - believe us, everyone does it to some degree. If you do end up writing the first few reviews yourself (just to get the ball rolling), try not to fill them with too much praise or any potential client isn't going to buy it. A good rule of thumb is that for every three good qualities you mention about your service, including one that could use a little improvement. And when writing your reviews, be sure to focus on aspects of your business that support the brand you're trying to create. After all, no one else is going to know how to define your escort brand better than you are!

Touring Is A Great Way To Spread The Word About Your Brand

If you really want to get your brand out in the world, you'll need to tour. Touring makes all the difference between having a well-recognized brand and being forgotten by the escort community. Think about it - going on tour is the difference between becoming a rock star and staying in a local bar band. The same applies to being an escort. Not only that, but you'll make much more money on tour than you ever would staying at home. Touring escorts are regarded as a rare experience by the clients who are able to book some time with them. Why not make some money and see a bit more of the world as an escort? If you're looking for ways on how to define your escort brand, there are few things more fun and exciting than touring!

Be Sure To Announce Your Tour Online

As an escort, touring is only possible if people know where you're going to be - so be sure to post your tour schedule online. If you are represented by an agency, have them post your tour dates on their website; if you aren't represented by an agency, post the dates on your own website. Don't forget online classifieds and back page forums (adult dating and sex work forums) either. Use social marketing to aid you in this. If you are going to be visiting a certain city, post an announcement in the adult section of that city's online classified section (craigslist New York for instance) announcing that you'll be arriving in their city soon and you're booking appointments now. Do this at least two weeks in advance to make sure your dance card is full by the time you arrive!

Learn Why Branding Is So Important To The Marketplace In General

Due to the nature of the profession, it can sometimes be hard to forget that even though escorting can be regarded as a sexy and adventurous lifestyle choice, above all else it's a business - and the escort themselves is the sole proprietor and employee of that business. This applies even if the escort is signed with an agency - as the main function of the agency is to represent the business of the escort. Here at, we're actually very surprised that more escorts don't take business and marketing classes during their free time so they can help themselves build their escorting business and image. As an escort, you should look to business and entrepreneur websites and youtube channels - using that knowledge to help market yourself and understand exactly how to define your escort brand. One such article that is perfect for the escort looking to take their business to the next level is from Forbes (written by Pia Silva) called, 6 Reasons That Will Make You Want To Brand Yourself.

In that article, you'll be able to learn exactly why personal brands (and if being an escort isn't a personal brand, we don't know what is...) connect faster with markets, as well evolve and adapt to market variations more easily than corporate brands. Not only that, you'll probably learn the most important and empowering business lesson of them all: the main advantage you'll have as a personal brand is that you don't need anyone else to sell your message but yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and take your escort business to the next level - we'll be here cheering you on!

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