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How To Tell If An Escort's Photos Are Real

How To Tell If An Escort's Photos Are Real There are escorts who will do anything just to lure clients into dialing their number and this included posting fake photos with their online profiles. For someone who doesn't want to be tricked

How To Tell If An Escort's Photos Are Real

How To Tell If An Escort's Photos Are Real
How To Tell If An Escort's Photos Are Real

There are escorts who will do anything just to lure clients into dialing their number and this included posting fake photos with their online profiles. For someone who doesn't want to be tricked by these conniving ladies, you have to be smart enough to avoid them. There are numerous escorts who use fake or edited photos. Learn how to tell if an escort's photos are real or not by reading our guide at EscortRankings.

You don't need to be an expert to identify fake photos. In fact, you can easily tell a legit photo from a fake or edited one with your naked eye. However, there are those which are really good at using filters and photo applications that sometimes, you just can't tell which are real and which ones aren't. Rest assured that this article will give you all the information you'll need.

Getting Scammed by Escorts

You decided to take a go and explore the adult industry. However countless of unfavourable instances might show up. Being new to the industry, you don't have any idea how to prevent being scammed. You started to doubt as you heard countless stories of scams ranging from bait-and-switch to no shows. Would you still take a leap or would you decide to just stop, go back and just forget how exciting it could have been for you?

In case you really are scammed and been lied to, another dilemma is you don't have any recourse of action against those scammers especially in countries wherein prostitution is considered illegal. You might say it is the end of your adult industry exploration and end up being in a trauma. Or would you settle to backlashing and leaving a very bad comment in her profile? Is it enough? Maybe, or maybe she would just delete such profile and start a new one. So how can you verify that everything posted in ads are genuine and true? How can you tell if the escort's photos are real? Is there a way to identify who are real and who are fakes?

If you are trying to look for just anyone, usually you get recommendations from friends or acquaintances. They would probably suggest an escort or an escort agency to you based on their experiences or the things they have heard from friends, too. Though these are reliable sources, you have to brace yourself to the fact that not everyone would share their favourite escorts with you. Not everyone is open and proud of what they are doing and who they are with when the night falls and the bedroom doors are locked.

One of the easiest ways clients are scammed by escorts or those pretending to be escorts is by their photos. Many would lure you into their traps by posting their most beautiful and sexiest pictures only to find out later on that they're not exactly the women you thought you saw online. Luckily, there are some helpful tips on how you can protect yourself from escorts with fake photos and it doesn't need an expert to spot the difference.

Look for Telltale Signs

Fake escort photos must be very disappointing but worry no more. You don't need to be a professional photographer to tell if an escort's photos are real. Sometimes all you need is a pair of keen eyes. One of the most common applications used to edit photos is Photoshop. However, due to its complexity not everyone can use it like a pro. When looking at escorts' photos, you just need to take a closer look and you might notice some irregularities. That is where everything starts, by being attentive to details.

Stop, Look, and Think

We see things as a whole. We examine a photograph not on its details but on how pleasing the photo is based on our own set of standards. That is why it's easy to be a victim of fake escort photos especially if they just look so good and amazing in your eyes that you ignore that gut feeling telling you something is wrong. As long as she has all the right curves in the right, that is all that matters. Unfortunately, this attitude causes clients a lot of trouble because they're too blinded to see something's wrong. So before thinking that a photo is real, think twice and ask yourself, "Is this too good to be true?" If yes, then you have to think twice before calling that number.

Beware of Bad Edges

Beware of Bad Edges
Beware of Bad Edges

Pasting two unmatched objects is way too hard. You may find fake photos of escorts wherein their faces don't match their bodies. For instance, you may find an escort who has a skinny frame and yet she has a chubby face. You might think nothing is wrong and she just got this rounded face but try to double check. You can try to zooming in the picture and you might notice some jagged lines around her neck. This sign is a clear manifestation that everything on this photograph doesn't just add up. Also try to look at the distribution of colours. For example, is the face too light compared to the rest of the body? As long as you noticed something fishy, trust your instincts and move on to the next escort profile.

Look for Mismatched Lighting

When you are trying to put some photos together, light is one thing that is so hard to coincide. Always take note of the brightness and the shadow of each part of the photograph. Examine where the shadow falls and make sure it agrees with the rest of the picture. However, it can be difficult to determine if the photograph has been shot indoors and the light came from various places which is most likely the case for escort photos. In this case, focus more on the brightness, and contrast of the photograph to determine if the escort's photos are real or fake.

Stay Away from Poor Quality Photos

One way on how to tell if an escort's photos are real is by examining their quality. With the highly advanced technology nowadays, it is very unusual to see a low quality photo that's why if you see one you have to be very cautious. A low quality pixelated photo might be an instrument to hide the unwanted irregularities. Obviously, it will be too hard to find the jagged edges if the whole picture is just pixelated. It can also hide the uneven skin tones of the escort. Low quality photos are also used to hide additional filters like extended lashes, trimmed faces, edited pouty lips and concealed pimples. Anyways just be mindful always and double check everything you are seeing in your screens.

Avoid Getting Distracted

You can never tell if an escort's photos are real or fake if you allow yourself to get distracted. Always remember that there's no such thing as a perfect woman. The moment you see an escort's photos and your hands just want to dial that number, stop. Control yourself because not everything you are seeing might be true. Of course escorts who post fake photos, edit the original photos and post the almost perfect ones do such things because they know for a fact that they would attract you. Who would want to post a haggard looking, pale and stressful looking picture, especially if they want to earn as much as they can?

Take a look at each aspect of her face and body. Maybe her lips are too red to be true. The curves you are looking at may not be her real figure. Who knows? A lot of body slimming picture editors are on the internet nowadays. The "oh so milky white complexion" in the image might as well be edited. Try to look closely at the picture and you might notice that something just doesn't seem right. Sometimes it is easy to spot a fake if you don't allow yourself to get carried away.

Don't Forget to Read Reviews

Want to steer clear from escorts with fake photos? Luckily, some countries have a review board you can access. There are also review groups you can join in. These review boards and groups are full of random people who are willing to leave some reliable notes you can use as reference as you choose who to do business with.

You will find a lot of well-reviewed and recommended ladies however no reviews doesn't mean that the escort is fake or is not doing well. There's a big chance that she is just new to the business and hasn't established connections yet. Ratings and feedback are not everything but indeed they are something. Try to look at their profile carefully ignoring them. You might just miss someone who's actually deserving of your time and money. When using these groups and review boards, always remember that not all reviews might be true. Some reviewers might be fake and unreliable. Always have a questioning mind.

Dealing with Ads

Many clients have been fooled by escorts with fake photos who take advantage of ads. As you continue to browse and scroll escort sites, ads might appear on your screen. When looking at these ads, always be careful and don't fall easily. Don't be surprised to find some mouth-watering photos of hot babes because they're there to lure you into their traps. You may even be surprised to find a supermodel's photo on such site but don't act hastily.

Instead, try to browse their displayed photos online and you might be surprised to find out they are just photos taken from Google. In such cases, the escort is only trying to fool you and you may end up face to face with a whole new different person when you finally meet. This is an example of a classic bait and exchange. Better prevent it while you still can. Many scammers prefer to use photos of more attractive women to get more clients but luckily, you can protect yourself from them by knowing how to tell if the escort's photos are real or not in the first place.

Check for Any Irregularities

Although it's a bit tricky to identify a fake photo, you can still protect yourself from these scheming ladies by checking for any irregularities, especially in their contact information. You can start by searching for their listed phone numbers in their profile. Their phone numbers must be consistent and must not belong to more than one independent individual. Many escorts are under different agencies but their numbers should remain the same. In case of irregularities, they might be managed illegally or may be nothing but plain swindlers. Make sure that such phone numbers belong to a single individual, to the one you are about to contact. If that is not the case, well better think twice about what you are about to do, you might end up being conned. After all, people posting information online don't need to pass any legal document to prove the validity of such information. It is easy to type, to copy and paste, and swindle and lie. Better stop and save yourself from trouble.

Avoid Fake Websites

Avoid Fake Websites
Avoid Fake Websites

Sometimes, finding out if an escort's photos are real or not can be based entirely on the website where you found the photos. Examine the website carefully. Is it well organized and professional enough or does it looks like an old website that lacks maintenance? Well, it doesn't mean that expensive looking site must be the only site you can search in, thought it has its advantages. It is just that professional and legit ones would probably put up a sustainable site. They would invest more into their site knowing that they won't be forced to shut it down because of reports from clients, or be bombarded with nasty and negative reviews. By the end of the day, websites are essential tools in doing business and legit ones know this.

However, do give self-made websites a benefit of a doubt. A cheap website doesn't conclude illegibility. It might be that the website was made by an independent escort who doesn't have enough to invest on high cost ads and escort sites. She may not have the money to hire a professional to make her site as well. Chances are she's also new in the industry and still trying to slowly put up a reputable and well-established escort service. Moreover, they may also be independent escort who are just testing the waters and is not yet sure if they are going to like the escort industry or just want to do it for a short period of time. Just be patient enough and research more in order to prevent unwanted issues and wasted money and effort.

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