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Escort Dates: Etiquette Tips and What to Expect

Escort Dates: Etiquette,Tips & What to ExpectYou may have heard the term escort etiquette before. Understanding what is appropriate behaviour when you meet an escort is essential, especially if this is your first time! Rather than being a set of rules, it is more to help you and your escort

Escort Dates: Etiquette,Tips & What to Expect

You may have heard the term escort etiquette before. Understanding what is appropriate behaviour when you meet an escort is essential, especially if this is your first time! Rather than being a set of rules, it is more to help you and your escort feel comfortable so you can enjoy the experience you booked. After all, it is always good to be prepared for any situation, but particularly when you are meeting escorts in Belfast!

Escort Etiquette

Escort etiquette is fundamental to any meet-up with an escort to ensure both of you are comfortable so you can have the best experience possible. Escorts find it helpful when clients are already prepped with the do's and don'ts of their meet-up together, so they can mutually enjoy their time together.


Present yourself well. Whenever an escort gets ready to see a client, they try to look their best for you. We encourage clients to appreciate this effort by matching it by being properly showered and nicely dressed.

Be respectful towards your escort date From complimenting her to respecting her privacy and personal boundaries, you are creating a more comfortable environment for you to enjoy yourselves in by respecting your date.

Be punctual. We all have busy lives but escorts admire it when their dates turn up on time for their date. Punctuality shows respect for her time and that you are considering an escort's schedule as well as your own. If you expect to be late and cannot help it, we advise contacting the agency you booked through to make them and your escort aware you are running late.

Be open-minded. We understand that meeting an escort for the first time can be nerve-racking, and to put you at ease, we ask you to be open-minded about the experience. All escorts aim to be friendly and make their clients feel at ease based on their various needs. Just know you can take everything at your own pace and are in a safe, judgement-free environment with an escort.


Expect free services. This is a massive negative in the escort community, as you are not entitled to any free time with an escort. If you wish to spend any extra time with a companion or need additional services, then ask and make sure you have the payment ready for these agreed-upon extras.


Be inappropriate. Escorts always aim to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for their clients and ask you to be polite in return. Turning up under the influence of drugs and alcohol is forbidden as this can lead to people's behaviour getting out of control. Being friendly and kind is the best way to impress an escort and ensure your experience starts on the right note!

Get too personal. As mentioned, crossing an escort's boundary is unacceptable, and asking personal questions may make her uncomfortable. Comfort is essential to our companions being able to provide you with the outstanding experience you have always desired. Most importantly, don't ask for personal details such as where she lives; her professional and private life is always considered confidential unless she states otherwise.

Some escorts may be uncomfortable with gift giving, which, let's remind you, cannot be used in exchange for free services unless otherwise stated on their profiles, so be mindful of these personal boundaries when meeting an escort.

Top Tips to Prepare

Now you are prepared with the do's and don'ts, and we have some top tips on how to prepare and what to think about when you meet your escort:

Bring the appropriate payment. Nothing is worse than showing up to your date with an escort and forgetting to bring any money or the wrong amount. We also advise carrying extra cash (on top of your hourly fee) for a tip, date or any additional services/hours you may want. Most escorts expect to be paid at the beginning of the session before anything begins, so do not be alarmed by this, as this is normal across various meet-ups.

Ensure you know the time and the place of your meet-up. Whether you are meeting an escort night or day, for an incall or outcall escort, knowing the details for your meet-up is important for punctuality and maximising your time together. Additionally, if you are late, please inform the agency you have booked with or the escort so they are up to date with the situation and the booking.

Hygiene Regardless of the service you are preparing for, ensuring you are hygienic before attending your escort meet-up is integral. Not being adequately washed or prepared may lead to an escort rejecting you.

Protect yourself. Whether getting a check beforehand to ensure you do not have an STI or bringing protection along prevents any unintended consequences from your date with a companion. If you haven't already, we recommend prioritising your safety by reading reviews on your chosen escort to ensure others have enjoyed a positive experience.

Prepare for your escort service. This all depends on which service you have booked the escort for, but it is important to be prepared for your experience with a companion. Whether preparing for an A Level service or BDSM, preparing right will make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

What to Expect From Your Experience

As your session with an escort begins, you should expect a conversation with an escort as you ease yourself into your experience. Escorts are fun and laid back, so don't worry too much. Just be yourself, and they will like you! It is imperative to be kind when out on an escort date.

If you behave poorly, people will know about it, as the escort world is tiny, and word gets around quickly. One of the worst things you can do is to taint your name, and if you're rude, no one will want to work for you. Just be kind and respectful, and you'll be fine!

The most important tip of all is to enjoy yourself! After all, you deserve to experience true pleasure. Being comfortable before you arrive is the perfect way to ensure that.


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