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10 Things All Escorts Need To Hear

10 Things All Escorts Need To Hear Just because they are escorts, that doesn't mean there aren't things that all of them like to hear. No matter what your profession, there will always be things that stand out to people as nice things to

10 Things All Escorts Need To Hear

10 Things All Escorts Need To Hear
10 Things All Escorts Need To Hear
Just because they are escorts, that doesn't mean there aren't things that all of them like to hear. No matter what your profession, there will always be things that stand out to people as nice things to say, and tons of reasons for clients to say them. Whether it's to put someone at ease or offer up a compliment, we put together all of the things that escorts need and love to hear the most!

I Will Arrive on Time

This is one of the best things that an escort can hear! For most escorts, you are trading money for their time and their time is important to them. By being late, and generally still expecting to get the full time that you booked, you're adding additional stress to her day. Only book with an escort if you can be absolutely sure that you are able to be on time and maybe even early. It's always a big inconvenience when you're late. By calling or texting ahead of time that you're going to be arriving right on time, it's something that will make an escort feeling assured that her time is not going to be wasted, which is always a good thing. It's always important to respect people's time no matter what it is that they do, but certainly for professions that charge and run by the hour, showing up on time is one of the most respectful things you can do, so that is something you should keep in mind.

You Look Great!

Think of an escort the way you think of any casual encounter. As much as any woman would likely love to hear how nice she looks, escorts are not that much different and should be treated accordingly. When you greet her, a nice thing to say would be that she looks nice. Think of something she's wearing that you can throw out a compliment about and go for it. A shoe or clothing item, her perfume, a physical feature - something that lets her know that you find her just as attractive in person as you did in the photos from her profile. It might not seem like a lot, especially considering that many escorts are confident enough to not seem like they rely on compliments, but you never know how they may be feeling that day, and a nice compliment is always a nice way to make someone's day.

I Brought What We Discussed!

These are some especially nice words for an escort to feel secure. While it's not a good idea to mention money specifically, something to the effect of "I have what you requested" or "what we discussed" is a good way to indicate to her that you have brought the hourly or nightly rate that she asked for. It's always nice to bring a tip to add a little extra on top of that. Whether it's $20 or $200, it's always nice to throw some more on top of the rate you paid. At the end of the day, an escort is providing a service, and one that you will likely very much enjoy, so be sure to show that in terms of how you tip after the fact. Again, don't mention money specifically but a handoff at the very start of the night is in your best interest so that she can feel secure in knowing that she's already been paid. It can be unnerving for some if you're not able to provide that sense of security.

I Bought A Gift!

Women love gifts, no matter who they are! While they should not be thought of as something that you can offer instead of payment, they can serve as a nice tip! Whether it's a purse, jewelry or something as simple as a nice bottle of wine, bringing along a small token is a nice gesture that will quickly put you in any escort good books. Some profiles include information about the kinds of gifts that a particular woman likes the receives, so be sure to consult that before making your final purchase. It's always nice to have an idea of what she might like before hand so that you can make the right decision. While bringing a gift is not mandatory by any means, it's a nice gesture on top of the payment you are already offering up, so that's something that you should also consider. Most of the time, when service people feel appreciated, they end up going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their client is happy!

I Brought My Own Condoms.

I Brought My Own Condoms.
I Brought My Own Condoms.
There's nothing worse for an escort than a client who is trying to weasel out of using a condom. For the few who allow clients not to use one, they are charging more for it, so trying to act as though you don't have any is simply a way to shrink around paying the extra associated costs. Give an escort peace of mind by letting her know before you arrive, or right when you arrive, that you have your own condoms on hand so they don't have to worry about anything. It's always so much easier to have your own on hand than having to rely on the escort to have some. Sometimes, they may have their own condoms for you to use if they like or trust a particular brand, but that should not be seen as the absolute default to the situation so it's important to keep that in mind and always stay prepared. Letting them know up front that you have your own is just an added bonus that will likely make them feel at least a little bit more secure about the interaction.

I Took a Shower/Freshened Up Before I Got Here.

One of the escort's biggest pet peeves are clients who don't come fresh and clean to their arranged time. It can be pretty terrible having a sexual encounter with someone who smells and it can sometimes be hard to tell how bad it is until all their clothes are off and all of that. It's always a nice thing to do to just give her a heads up that you've washed and freshened up before you start so she feels relaxed in knowing that she's not in for any surprises at all. You can mention it via phone or text before you arrive or on your way to the location, or as soon as you walk in. You never know what other kinds of clients she had that day, and letting her know that you're already fresh and ready to go might just be the bright spot that her day needed. Think of it the way you would any other service and just go from there. It's always nice to make someone feel secure.

I Like To Be Discreet.

This is like music to an escort's ears. Most escorts also love being discrete, so the more you are into the same thing, the better. You don't have to worry about either of your business being out there when you don't want it to be, and by saying this up front, you're likely making her feel very secure about things. Think about whether or not you might want all of your family and friends to know what you do on your private time, and consider that your escort may feel the same. This is especially important if you meet them for the first time in a public place. It will make the escort feel so much better if they know you are a person who likes to be discrete, so you won't be discussing sex acts or making money handoffs in public. These are all things that might make it much more obvious that you are a client and she is an escort, so in addition to saying you want to be discreet, be sure that your actions match that as well.

Whatever Makes You Comfortable.

Different escorts are into all kinds of different things, so it's always nice to acknowledge the ways that what might fly with one won't always fly with another. It's in your best interest to leave the kinds of acts that she is comfortable with up to her. At the end of the day, you are paying for her time, so her boundaries and limits should be heavily considered. You should have had a prior conversation about the things that might be included in the evening, and you should err largely on the side of leaving that up to her. It's always important to consider that not everyone is into the same things, so that's something you will certain have to think about. What works with another escort you might have been with might be completely off the table with another. By saying upfront that you're okay with whatever she is comfortable with, you're likely to make her that much more comfortable with trying new things and simply feeling safe.

Do You Need Anything?

Whether you're at your place, their place or a neutral spot like a hotel, showing a bit of willingness to cater to your escort is always a nice touch. They are providing a service and largely focused on you and your pleasure, so a bit of consideration in their direction is always a nice touch. Make a drink or offer a snack. Even something as simple as taking their coat and pulling out their chairs are all nice touches that make the night more special. You might only be there for a casual, paid night of passion, but that doesn't mean you can't be nice in the meantime as well. Think about how you might treat a woman you were going on a date with and go from there. Besides the money aspect, there is not too much difference from how your behaviour should be. Be respectful, kind and courteous about the whole thing and you should be fine.

I Enjoyed That!

I Enjoyed That!
I Enjoyed That!
Sometimes, the look on your face or heavy breathing might not immediately give away that you had a good time. Sometimes, people like to hear that they've done a good job. Letting your escort know after the fact that you enjoyed your night with them is just a nice thing to do and it makes them so much more comfortable about doing it again in the future with you. You don't have to go into detail about what you liked and didn't like, but a general approval of what happened is always a nice way to end off the night. As mentioned above, a tip is also a nice way to show your appreciation for a great night, so consider making that a part of the exchange as well. It might seem like they should or would already know that they are good at what they do but who doesn't like to hear some kind words or encouragement and approval? These are the kinds of things that you should keep in mind! Of course, this is not an exhaustive list! There are always things that you can also say that will make an escort feel good. Ultimately, they are offering you a service and you should be courteous and kind the same way you might be with anyone that provides you with a service. That's an important consideration to make.

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