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Viva Street Vs Escort Rankings

Viva Street vs Escort RankingsA major universal truth in life is that despite our best efforts we are always short on two things in life : time and money. Both are finite and it's always a question of what is the best way to spend yours. It's those two factors specifically that

Viva Street vs Escort Rankings

A major universal truth in life is that despite our best efforts we are always short on two things in life : time and money. Both are finite and it's always a question of what is the best way to spend yours.


It's those two factors specifically that made us here at want to look at two top London escort sites and compare them. This way you'll know the best way to spend your time and your money. Specifically as the title suggests we'll be comparing & We'll look at which site is better and why. Then at the end give you our recommendation on which one to use.  On both websites, escorts post their own ads as they look for clientele.


Full disclosure: I have never looked at either website before writing this article so I am going in blind. 



Viva Street

The layout is nice, clean, and safe for work. But also confusing as to what it actually is. The homepage has a stock photo, a search bar and various tabs for its classified categories. That is to say Viva's home page (show screenshot if possible) is clearly a catch-all classified site. Right at the top you'll see things like “used cars, buy and sell”. This is essentially a nice site if you are looking to rent a flat, buy or sell your guitar or boat or if you're looking for an accounting job. As well there is a section for traditional personal ads. Of course there is a clearly labeled section called “Adult” which covers escort work. Which I'll get more in depth on in a moment. Overall the site is nice, but not at all focused on any one thing.


Escort Rankings:

As soon as you click on the website there is no confusion that this is an escort site. That is to say this website immediately greets you with NSFW ads for the various escorts that list on the site. At the top is a search bar, with advanced search options. As well as advice for escorts, and an option for escorts to add themselves to the website. You can quickly toggle between searching for female or trans escorts and to the left of the page you see a list of the areas the escorts cover. At the bottom of the page are various notes that let you know the escorts are all 100% independent. As well there is a brief mention on how to avoid scams and other useful info. Clean, clear and informative. Overall I prefer the layout of As it cuts to chase in terms of content and information.


Winner for layout : EscortRankings

Escort Ads:

So here is the meat of the matter. The thing we are really on these sites for.


Viva Street

Once you click on the “Escorts” tab you are greeted with various NSFW ads with photos. As well as search options at the top that cover everything from price range, to services offered to age and ethnicity of the escort(s) you are looking for. The website currently lists just over 13,000 listings for escorts and massages. As well there is an option for escorts to post their own ads. But its way at the top in a corner.   


The listings have a small link showing a photo or two of the escort, a headline, the escort's name, age, working location, hourly rate and brief description. Clicking on an ad shows you more photos, the services each escort offers, and another description of the escort. 


The ads are nice, simple and clean. Standard for an average classified site that also sells car parts.


Escort Rankings

As you'll see on the website's main page, has over 30,000 listings. I think they do a much better job with their ads and here's why, along with the standard photo, age range and location you are also greeted with a green “verified as of X date” tag. That little tag lets you know when this add/escort was verified letting you know up front it's not a fake ad. There is also a star rating and a snippet of a review.


When you click on an ad, you're greeted with standard stuff. These include more photos, more information on the escort such as services offered, rates, contact information, measurements ect. One bit of information I found amusing was an info tag for “punctuality”. Always good to know they will be on time. The ads include longer reviews of the escort in question. The point is that these ads definitely include enough information to make an informed decision.


This of course all comes down to personal taste, but I just like the layout of EscortRankings ads better. As opposed to Viva Streets functional but generic classified listings type ads.


Winner for Escort Ads:


Posting Ads:


Before I close things off I just wanted to point out one other aspect about both sites. Specifically when it comes to escorts posting ads. Afterall, not everyone who goes to either site will be looking to hire a sex worker.


Viva Street

If you're a sex worker thinking about posting on Vivastreet there is something to take note of. That is that Vivastreet charges escorts a fee to upload their profiles, what this means is that the escorts themselves are vivastreets clients.  If sex workers flee the site in droves, it could shut down. Giving them one less place to advertise. It also means that escorts are out of pocket right from the jump. The upside is that this does put more power in the escorts hands.


Escort Rankings

If you're thinking of posting on escort rankings it's important to know that this site flips the script a little bit by putting power in the hands of the site's users. Along with all the reviews that are visible on the site, you'll notice that escortrankings don't hide negative reviews. So if a client had a bad experience they are free to share that with the world. Of course this doesn't account for people who just want to be a dick and leave a bad review for no reason. But still, that open forum approach makes those sex workers listed on there want to put in that extra effort. As well, not just anyone can post on there; this makes escortrankings a bit more exclusive than other sites.    


Winner for posting Ads:

Escort Rankings



Overall, I found Escort Rankings to be the better site between the two. This is the site that far and away gets our recommendation here at escort Both sites do have clean and professional layouts but my main gripe with viva street it feels generic. You always feel like you are just at a regular classified website. I know that may not seem like a big deal but I keep in mind the phrase “jack of all trades master of none.” The ads for escorts look essentially the same as an add for a boat for sale on the site. 


Whereas was clearly designed to serve one purpose so all the energy went into designing a site that is easy to use, pleasant to look at and gives plenty of info for escorts and clients alike.


Thank you so much for reading. We really hope you found this article helpful! So be safe, have fun and be respectful. After all these escorts are providing a valuable service. 

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