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5 Reasons Why EscortRankings Is Better Than Kommons

META DESCRIPTION: If you are looking to book an escort in the UK and are going back and forth between EscortRankings and Kommons, we've got you.5 Reasons Why Is Better Than KommonsIf you ended up here, it means you are looking for a hot escort babe for some good

META DESCRIPTION: If you are looking to book an escort in the UK and are going back and forth between EscortRankings and Kommons, we've got you.

5 Reasons Why Is Better Than Kommons

If you ended up here, it means you are looking for a hot escort babe for some good times. Whether you're a student looking to finally lose your virginity, a married man not getting any attention from the Missus, or a businessman looking for some pleasing female company - we see you.

You want some pussy (or booty), you don't want anyone to know, and most of all, you don't want to be scammed for your money! With all these escort sites popping up each month, it's easy to get confused or worse, scammed. 

And we both know you don't want to waste time researching and figuring out stuff cause at that point you might as well spend time finding a gf. So, we did it all for you and we bring you 5 reasons why is better than when looking for an escort in the UK especially the London escort scene which is the most competitive escort market in the world.

#1 More Choices

What you'll notice right off the bat is that EscortRankings has more girls to choose from. While Kommons has around 26 000 escort girls altogether, EscortRankings has that many in London alone! If you are from Derby, you will certainly want to choose from 266 girls you got on EscortRankings over only 11 <a href=""><b>Kommons</b></a> has to offer you.

Not to mention that if you are from a small place like Earls Court, you won't even have options to choose from on Kommons whereas EscortRankings's got you covered. So, EscortRankings has more girls overall but also covers more places throughout the UK, even those with as little as 9,000 people. 

#2 Better Choices and Better Experience 

Not to bash the girls over at Kommons, but EscortRankings has better girls and many different kinds of escorts to choose from! You'll find brunettes, blondes, exotic ladies from Asia or Brasil, Eastern Europeans, young, mature… Overall, a wider variety of escorts and overall better-looking escorts are on EscortRankings. 

Also, if you are one of those hopeless romantics or looking for a cup of conversation or company besides just shagging, you have better chances on EscortRankings. Escorts there have talents outside of the bedroom. You can get a pro massage, play video games, or find girls who can discuss intellectual topics with you if you like that sort of thing.

Girls are also overall more compassionate and welcoming and will know how to make you feel relaxed. This is especially important if you are hiring an escort for the first time. Ladies at EscortRankings will ease you into it.

#3 More User-Friendly Website

Both of these sites offer you a chance to book without registering which is a lot safer for you if you don't want your Missus running into promotional emails on your shared computer. But, EscortRankings's website is more user-friendly and easier to navigate than that of Kommons

Their advanced search options will make it possible for you to find and get exactly what you are looking for from this experience easily and quickly. You also have a forum and website where you can find different sorts of information and tips which is great if you are a first-time punter.

#4 Useful Reviews

When you are booking an escort, you just never know what you're going to get and that can be off-putting for many people. But, that's not the case with EscortRankings! Here, you'll clearly see the reviews of other punters who hit what you're looking to hit before you and how it was for them.

The reviews are conveniently displayed right along with the girl's picture, after her name on the DIscover page so you don't have to go out of your way to find them. Based on those reviews you'll know if you can get what you're looking to get without wasting your time and money.

#5 Hits, Not Misses

Listen, these independent escort sites are plagued with fake profiles and scammers and there's no one to raise a claim with if something goes amiss. That's a general disadvantage of independent escort sites compared to agencies. But, you don't have to pay registration fees and there are ways to spot escort scams and avoid them.

Now, we're not claiming that EscortRankings is completely scam-free as you might run into a fake profile picture there, too. But they seem to keep that thing under control as people aren't complaining about that sort of thing or scams with EscortRankings.

Kommons, on the other hand, has a huge problem with fake profiles and scammers that they can't seem to curb. You probably already know someone who has been wronged by an escort either by not getting the full service, arriving to find another (worse-looking) girl, or worse.

So much so that the Internet is full of bad reviews and reports of scams on Kommons. Maybe that's why they don't have the review option on their site? Either way, it seems that Kommons is more misses than hits and you don't want to bother with that.

UK Independent Escort Sites Are the Way to Go in 2022

Independent escort sites are the way to go if you are looking to get laid with no strings attached. You just visit the website, scroll on through, and choose what you like without any monthly fees, subscriptions, or leaving trails. 

As for fake pictures and profiles, you can simply click the right mouse button and do a reverse Google search to confirm the picture is legit. For the rest, use some good old fashion common sense and you'll be OK.

When it comes to EscortTankings, we give it a huge thumbs up. Whatever it is you are looking to get from an escort, you will find it there and you'll get your money's worth. Feel free to let your guard down with this escort website and enjoy the ride!

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