How To Stay Out Of Legal Trouble As An Escort

How To Stay Out Of Legal Trouble As An Escort Even though you may have fun getting into trouble under the covers with a client, there is always a dark cloud looming overhead of you as a sex worker if you're

How To Stay Out Of Legal Trouble As An Escort

How To Stay Out Of Legal Trouble As An Escort
How To Stay Out Of Legal Trouble As An Escort
Even though you may have fun getting into trouble under the covers with a client, there is always a dark cloud looming overhead of you as a sex worker if you're not careful - and that dark cloud has a name: legal trouble. You could have an amazing client base, be well liked within the sex worker community, take all of the safety precautions necessary to ensure a long and happy career; yet it can all be wiped away in an instant if you fall into a litigious black hole. But legal problems don't need to cross your path. You can be a successful escort and never step into a court room for your entire career. Staying out of legal trouble as an escort isn't rocket science - it all comes down to taking the required safety measures; and lets face it, when you spend less time worrying about legal matters, you can spend more time focusing on client sexual desires - which will only result in a more lucrative business for yourself. By exercising the proper amount of discretion, avoiding suspicious methods of contact from clients, prodding any new clients for clues to their legitimacy, and remaining proactive in your legal safeguards, you will be sure to avoid most of the legal pitfalls that can potentially ensnare escorts and sex workers. So keep reading, and you'll discover that at we'll show you the most common ways to keep free and clear of the law as we teach you how to stay out of legal trouble as an escort!

Language Is Everything - Do Not Use Explicit Terms

By far the best legal safeguard any escort can take is the actual language they use when speaking to others about the kind of work they do. As we've already stated on our article about The Vast Differences Between Hiring A Prostitute And An Escort, you never want to mention that your job involves sex. As an escort, you're not selling your body - you're selling your time and your company. If you mention sex in any way - even if your client asks - you suddenly move from the world of escorting into the world of prostitution. Never use explicit terms to describe your what you offer. Be as vague as possible about the services you that you preform, while still allowing for enough innuendo that any potential client will understand your "wink-wink" job description.

Put Your Services In Writing

Whether it's on your own personal website, your escort agency's website, or an listing you post on a forum or message board - putting your services in writing somewhere will protect you if anyone claims they entered a escort/client meeting expecting sex.

Never Accept Money For Sex

Payment should only be accepted for your physical companionship and your time. Period. If a client tries to hand you money and says they are paying you for a sexual act the both of you happened to engage in Do Not Accept. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, simply smile and tell your client, "I will gladly accept a fee for the time we spent together, but not for what happens between two consenting adults during that time."

Stay Clear Of Calls From Blocked Numbers

If you look at your phone and a call is coming in from a blocked number, don't answer it. Not only is it not worth your time (any potential client calling from a blocked number is probably still too nervous to dive in and wont show up to the date anyway), but it could actually be the police trying to get you to indulge the full nature of your services. Anytime you receive a call from an unfamiliar number, answer it and tell them you'll call them back to check the validity of the number. If they say "no" avoid their next call - you've got more than your fill of real clients and it's not worth the hassle.

Invest In A Temporary Phone

One of the easiest ways to stay out of legal trouble as an escort is to invest in a temporary (or burner) phone. By constantly switching phones and phone numbers, it's much more difficult for anyone to track your incoming and outgoing calls. Although it's very unlikely that anyone would monitor the phone activity of an escort, it's still a good precaution to take.

Don't Jump Right Into A Full Date With An Unfamiliar Client

Don't Jump Right Into A Full Date With An Unfamiliar Client
Don't Jump Right Into A Full Date With An Unfamiliar Client
If you're meeting a client for the first time and you're not completely sure about them (if they didn't come at the recommendation of another client for instance), it's best not to rush into a sexual relationship. If the unknown client tries to push things in a sexual direction, let them know that you want to get to know them first and you don't like to be pushed into things. If they persist, hold your ground - even if they change tactics and attempt to guilt trip you. Don't ever feel guilty about making a smart decision. At Escort Reviews, we can't stress this enough - take as much time as you need to feel out anyone unfamiliar to you. After all, legally they're only paying for your companionship and time - not your body.

Treat Your Job Like A Job - Especially When It Comes To Accounting

If you want to be a real professional and stay out of legal trouble as an escort, you'll need to treat all aspects of your business like a real job - especially when it comes to earning money. Hire a business accountant and keep track of all of your business expenses, including hiring drivers, security, hotel and/or condo rentals, advertising, wardrobe, and even make-up.

Don't Ever Forget To Pay Your Taxes!

Once you have someone looking over your books and know exactly how much money you are earning during the year, pay your taxes! At, we can't stress this enough! Tax evasion (aka not paying your taxes) is a surefire way to get into legal trouble. You can avoid potential prostitution charges by ensuring you never mention your accepting money for sexual favors, but the authorities aren't dumb - they know what's going on. By not paying your taxes, you are simply providing the police with a completely legal way to shut you down!

Always Be Aware Of Local Sex Laws

You may think that the same laws apply everywhere, but you might be surprised to learn that isn't the case. Thanks to local bylaws and ordinances, what's legal in one part of the country can be a imprison-able offence only a few miles away! For instance, in some areas of the country it is completely legal to be perform the act of an escort, but it is against the law to advertise your services as an escort. It can be a real legal headache if you don't do your homework as to the specific laws in your area regarding escorting and sex work. As well, if you are a touring escort you'll need to educate yourself as to all of the different laws that pertain to escorting in every destination of your tour! The last thing you want is to get a bad review after missing a date with a client because you were sitting in a jail cell on the other side of the county line.

Staying In The Good Graces Of The Law Is All Part Of The Job

Staying In The Good Graces Of The Law Is All Part Of The Job
Staying In The Good Graces Of The Law Is All Part Of The Job
If we would like you to take one thing away from this article, it's that you can't look at trying to stay out of legal trouble as an escort as a problem with the profession - it's simply part of the profession. Until society and modern culture finally evolves and completely decriminalizes all aspects of sex work, escorts are always going to have to be careful when conducting themselves. There are certainly a few "job safety" precautions and behaviors that every escort can act upon which will help them stay clear of legal problems.

Stay On Your Best Behavior And Don't Work When You're Upset

No matter where you work, attitude is at least 50% of the job; unfortunately, that percentage is actually about 25 points higher when it comes to the escorting industry. The amount of money you take home at the end of the night (as well as your legal well-being), is entirely dependent on your attitude. Since attitude and behavior are so important for an escort, we advise that you don't head off to work for the night if you're not feeling well mentally. If you're in a bad head-space, it's going to reflect in your behavior, and that could cause a lot of problems for both you and your client.

Don't Escalate Negative Client Behaviors

Similarly, if your client doesn't seem to be in a good place mentally, it's best to stay on your best behavior. If they start calling you names and disrespecting you DO NOT escalate the matter. Escalating the situation will only make things louder, and the last thing you want is someone hearing the commotion and giving the police a call. By all means try your best to deescalate the situation or simply leave the room.

Cameras Can Protect You From Legal Trouble

Although we understand the importance of trust in client/escort relationships, we at still advise escorts to do whatever precautionary measures they can to avoid future legal situations. And a good precaution is to keep hidden cameras in your place of work. You never know what can happen with a client after your session ends, and you'll want to have a solid record of your interactions with all clients in case you inadvertently find yourself involved in someone else's litigious nightmare.

Other Legal Tips For Escorts (And Agencies) With High Client Traffic

Now that you are aware of how exercising discretion, keeping clear of clients trying to contact you through suspicious methods, using simple methods to suss out their legitmacy, and taking a proactive stance toward legal protection are great tactics to stay out of legal trouble as an escort, you may thing you're free and clear, right? Unfortunately you can never be too careful when it comes to staying on the right side of the law. Thankfully, the UK National Escort Association is there to help out escorts all over the world. Any escort - anywhere on the planet - can visit their official website and access an article titled Escort Safety Tips To Avoid Legal Hassles. This collection of legal safety tips is a great resource for not only self-represented call girls, but escort agencies as well! Throughout the article you can inform yourself on legal precautions such why it is not a smart idea for escort agencies to rent property to their escorts (in case you want to know why they shouldn't, it's because that one act suddenly turns an escort agency into a brothel - and believe us, there are agencies that foolishly do this!). As well, both escorts and agencies and inform themselves on why it is an absolute legal necessity to let escorts remain completely independent to choose their own hours (the reason, of course, is because an agency does not want to be seen as controlling these aspects of an escorts life in any way). But that's just the start! There is leagues of information to be be pulled from that article for escorts and their agencies - and all of it should be implemented as soon as possible! The last thing we at want to see is an escort unable to do the sexy work they love because Johnny Law is in the way!

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