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The Hot Spot: The Escort Bible for the Hertfordshire town of Hemel Hempstead: Your guide to escorting in Hemel Hempstead.

Escort and Escort Rankings writer Redhotrio speaks to Giselle, an escort who organises dogging bookings. Old Town, New Town Hemel Hempstead has been a settlement since the 8th century. In recent years it has grown and prospered after being made a New Town after World War II. In 1140, the church of St

Escort and Escort Rankings writer Redhotrio speaks to Giselle, an escort who organises dogging bookings. 

Old Town, New Town 

Hemel Hempstead has been a settlement since the 8th century. In recent years it has grown and prospered after being made a New Town after World War II. 

In 1140, the church of St Mary's was built. It has an unusual 200ft spire, one of Europe's tallest and is one of the finest Norman churches in the county. 

Remains of a Roman farm have been found here as well as a Roman burial mound. In 1966 a Romano Celtic temple was uncovered in Maylands. 

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Hemel Hempstead was an agricultural market town. The rich built some country houses during this period. The Industrial Revolution saw travel between London and the Midlands increase greatly. Hemel Hempstead was on the route, so was a good stop off point. The Sparrows Herne Turnpike Road was opened in1762 and in 1763 work began on the Grand Junction Canal to provide a waterway for freight. The construction of the London and Birmingham railway in 1837 ensured growth in Hemel Hempstead's commercial transport. After World War II, the government designated Hemel Hempstead as a New Town to house the population who were made homeless in London due to The Blitz. In 1947 the government began work on the New Town and in 1949, the first residents moved in. The town continued to develop after that with factories being built to ensure that Hemel Hempstead didn't become a dormitory town. 

Interesting Things About Hemel Hempstead 

Apparently, Hemel Hempstead had the first multi storey car park in Britain back in 1960. In 2013, Hemel won the title of Britain's ugliest town! 

Annual salaries in Hemel were 17% higher than the national average according to a recent study. 


Dogging is a slang term for having sex in a public or semi public place with onlookers. There may be more than two participants; group sex and gangbangs can be included. Meets are done randomly or organised over the internet. People run the risk of being prosecuted for indecent exposure or for violating public decency. 

However in recent years, police tread lightly as it is only thought of as a crime if someone reports it and wants to make a formal complaint. 

Public sex in Britain is popular and a large number of websites promote and organise it. All Eyes On Me

Giselle, 35, is an escort who runs a successful dogging group. She does provide normal bookings, choosing to do both incalls and outcalls, and a lot of her regulars often join the public sex fest: “I do my dogging parties in an undisclosed location, different every time, the location of which is given to the participants the day before the booking. As you can imagine, due to the nature of these meetings, I have to be very secretive. I will also only let people come to the meetings who I have seen before on a normal escort booking, or who I have had several video calls with to get to know them a little for my own safety. I do have some defence spray though just in case things get lairy.” 

Giselle loves being the whore used by many men in public as well as joining in with what sometimes turns into a full blown outdoor orgy: “Sometimes I only have men coming to the party, in which case I offer my holes to all of them for a prepaid fee. I always have protected sex, no exceptions, and will bring a bowl of condoms and lube to every dogging meet. Other times there are couples who attend and then there are a few couples f***ing and partner swapping. I never charge women to come to my dogging meets; the extra holes and mouths are an added bonus!” 

Giselle ended up turning to escorting when she got divorced and couldn't make ends meet: “I was struggling and sick of working two jobs and still not being able to afford anything. Now I am in charge of my own earnings and I make enough to live a comfortable lifestyle. During the Winter months the dogging stops; I'm not catching a cold for nobody, but I do well with my meetings in Summer, it's crazy in fact, so in Winter I stick to my normal escorting.” Giselle's parents found out by accident about her exploits when someone who knew them attended one of her dogging parties and told them: “I was furious. This person spitefully ruined my relationship with my parents who have now disowned me. In all honesty I suppose they would have found out sooner or later, but it was my place to tell them not his.” I asked her if she gets a lot of abuse: “Yes I do. They call me a whore and all the usual names that are meant to hurt me, but I'm living my best life and no longer struggling and living on the bread line.” 

Giselle says that eventually she will stop escorting: “I can't have kids, but I do want to adopt, so I'm going to save and then go back to college so I can get a normal job. I've always fancied doing something in the tech field. That way I can make a nice life for me and my child.” 

Doggy Memories 

Giselle panicked when during one booking a policeman turned up. He had told her there had been a complaint. He let her off with a warning however if she agreed to let him join in and keep schtum. Lucky her! 

Giselle says the biggest number of people at one meet was forty: “It was a struggle for all the cars to park. It was one of my best dogging meetings and turned into a full blown orgy as a few couples had attended. We were all f***ing as the sun came up it was glorious.” 

Drift Away: Hotels in Hemel Hempstead 

Premier Inn Hemel Hempstead Central Hotel £41 p/n. (HP1 1BT)

Located in the Riverside shopping centre, it is close to all tourist attractions. They serve a good buffet breakfast. 

Holiday inn Hemel Hempstead £69 p/n. (HP2 4UA) In a good location just off the M1 motorway at junction 8, this hotel has large rooms with 24 hour room service. The fitness centre has a good range of equipment and there is also a pool, sauna and steam room. Travelodge Hemel Hempstead Gateway £30 p/n. (HP2 4SQ) This hotel is also just off the M1 motorway at junction 8. There is a 24 hour front desk and an onsite bistro style restaurant and bar. 

Eat Away: Restaurants in Hemel Hempstead 

Rodizio Villas Brazil (HP3 9SD) Traditional Brazilian fare where the meat is cooked in a churrascaria and carved at your table. 

Prezzo Italian Restaurant (HP2 4JS) casual, authentic Italian food served in a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. They also have plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. 

Drink Away: Cocktail Bars in Hemel Hempstead 

Marchmont Arms (HP1 3AT) Set in beautiful surroundings with a chic interior and a stunning garden for drinks during the Summer months, the bar has a varied range of beer, wine, spirits, bubbles and cocktails. 

The Paper Mill (HP3 9RH) Modern pub on the banks of the canal. It has a warm log fire in Winter and beautiful outside space to drink al fresco when the weather is nice. 

Cruise Away: Taxi Services Hemel Hempstead 

Hemel Taxis 247 Ltd (01442 800 083) They have been in business since 2000. The drivers are hand selected for their driving skill and customer service. 

Gadebridge Park is a fantastic green space with a walled garden and remains of the first home of the Waterhouse family. The garden has a spectacular flower display. There is also a three mile circular walk through the park. 

Jellicoe Water Gardens provides a serene place to sit and admire the plants, flowers and water features. It has won several awards for its urban design and a Heritage and Conservation Landscape Institute Award for the preservation and restoration of the park. 

Hemel Hempstead is a stone's throw from London so would be a good tour destination to visit to cater for the overspill population. A lot quieter than the capital, it would provide some relaxation after the busy pace of London. 

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