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The Hot Spot: The Escort Bible for the capital of Ireland, Dublin: Your guide to escorting in Dublin

Dublin, the capital of Ireland is situated on the East coast at the mouth of the River Liffey. It hasmany historic buildings including Dublin castle which dates back to the 13th century and StPatrick's cathedral built in 1191. There are an abundance of green spaces including landscapedStephen's Green and enormous

Dublin, the capital of Ireland is situated on the East coast at the mouth of the River Liffey. It has

many historic buildings including Dublin castle which dates back to the 13th century and St

Patrick's cathedral built in 1191. There are an abundance of green spaces including landscaped

Stephen's Green and enormous Phoenix Park, within which is Dublin zoo. The National

museum of Ireland is also located here and explores Irish heritage and culture.

Historic and wonderful Dublin

Stephen's Green was in 1663 a marshy common used for public executions and witch burnings.

In Victorian times Montgomery Street, formerly Foley Street, was the largest red light district in

the British Empire. According to legend, King Edward VII lost his virginity here!

Dublin has the largest Viking cemetery outside of Scandinavia. Excavations carried out since

the 1800s have uncovered 40 Viking graves, including the remains of a woman with bronze

Scandinavian brooches.

Escorting and Prostitution in Ireland - Strict laws

Prostitution in Ireland is legal, however since 2017 it has been an offence to buy sex, operate a

brothel, be a pimp, or solicit on the street. Clients are also criminalised under this law in an

attempt to reduce prostitution and the demand for it. Therefore most prostitution occurs in a

cloak and dagger fashion, advertised discreetly and behind closed doors. To view the call girls working as escorts in dublin click here

A campaign was set up in 2011 in a bid to end prostitution and sex trafficking in Ireland called

“Turn off the red light.” It was organised by community, union and religious groups such as the

Irish Nurses and Midwives Association.

A counter campaign was orchestrated by sex workers called “Turn off the blue light”, to

decriminalise sex workers and provide a positive image of them in Ireland. The main gripe this

group had was that “Turn off the red light” portrayed legal and consensual sex work the same as

illegal human trafficking.

Yes Mama

Mariad, 35 specialises in paraphilic infantilism, i.e her clients are adult babies. This involves

them wearing nappies and being fed via a bottle and burped. Mariad also has an adult sized crib

and changes their nappies, powdering them with talc.

Mariad married young at 18 and her husband had a nappy fantasy, but kept it hidden from her

for years until one day she caught him wearing a nappy and drinking out of a sippy cup. Rather than being shocked, she was more annoyed that he had kept it a secret: “He should have

known I would have accepted him. He's the love of my life. Nothing will ever change that.” AWWW!!!

Elated, the couple began their “mother and baby” sessions and began going to swinging clubs

meeting other couples and some men that were into the same thing. Mariad had a revelation

and decided to turn the fetish into a business: “ In Ireland you have to be very discreet about

offering sexual services, so I advertise online and perform the sessions at my home.”

Mariad turned the dining room into a nursery and had a 6ft square crib made. She decorated in

soft pastel colours and bought some mobiles and stuffed toys. The result was a beautiful, safe,

comfortable space.

Mariad's husband Martin often joins in on the sessions as the clients feel more at ease with

another “baby” there. If they prefer a solo session, Martin goes and watches TV or does the


Mariad has many regular clients, some in stressful high profile jobs, who want a release from

the pressure and revert to a more innocent, childlike time in their mind, where they had no

worries. Others simply love the control and fetish side of it: “I have some clients who enjoy, like

my husband, the nappy wearing and being scolded for soiling their nappy with a spank. That is

the BDSM side of it.”

Mariad says she rarely engages in penetrative sex with her clients as it's not part of the illusion:

”Ejaculation rarely happens. The pleasure they get from the whole experience overrides their

need to have an orgasm.”

In a recent study of the adult baby community, the majority of participants were discovered to be

male, some 58%. The fetish of being an adult baby is also a pretty closeted affair, and not well

documented in medical literature. This may be due to the fact that it is not considered a mental

condition but rather a form of therapy. Some participants have had some sort of trauma during

their childhood, and seek to come to terms with it.

I asked Mariad if she had encountered any negative experiences: “No, because the only people

that know are the ones I choose to tell. In our adverts we don't show our faces. It is very private

and also we like to keep our clients' identities as confidential as possible, given the nature of the

experience. The general public wouldn't understand, and going public would surely make us get

negative comments and abuse. It's our way of life; we don't need others to judge; we aren't

harming anybody.”

Whilst her services may be a bit unconventional, I respect her so much for embracing it and not

allowing it to ruin her relationship.

Mariad says that she will always participate in the adult baby scene since it has become a part

of her marriage dynamic now: “ I will always provide this service for as long as I can. I've helped

a lot of people with their issues and it has improved my marriage as now Martin can be

completely open and be himself.”

Unforgettable memories

Mariad has had several memorable encounters. One was with a guy who was put into foster

care as a 6 year old child. His mother was heavily dependent on drugs and was not deemed fit

to look after him. He never knew his father. He had a really bad time in care being angry and

depressed at his lot. As a teen he fell in with the wrong crowd and was on drugs, following in his

mother's footsteps. On the off chance he went to a swingers club with a friend and discovered

the adult baby scene. It helped him turn his life around and has done more than therapy ever

has. Now a regular of Mariad's, he has even started to build the relationship back with his

mother, who, now in her 60s is clean and trying to live a normal life after being hospitalised

several times and nearly dying of an overdose.

Another client is impotent, so deals with this hardship by acting as a child himself. He says that

this helps him to cope with his guilt and anger at not being able to father his own children.

Sleepy head: Hotels in Dublin

Beckett Locke (DO1 E5C7) £79 p/n. In a lively area near shops and North Quays' bars. The

rooms are large, yet cosy and have all the appliances you need.

The Gibson Hotel (DO1 X2P2) £87 p/n. Cool bedrooms and a rooftop terrace in a hotel with

glass walls. There is also convenient parking as it's in a quieter area of Dublin.

Premier Inn Dublin Airport (K67 E4A6) £93 p/n. Laid back road side hotel. Good value for

money with clean and spacious rooms.

The hunger: Restaurants in Dublin

An elegant fine dining restaurant that offers 4 course dinners, elevated lunches and a tasting

menu is Chapter One Restaurant (DO1 T3V8) It is Michelin starred and you can sit at the chef's

table to watch the food being made.

Less expensive but still an amazing experience, try French restaurant La Maison (DO2 C656)

The location is casual, yet elegant and the food is notoriously cooked as they do in France.

Shake it up:Cocktail bars in Dublin

9 Below (DO2 C891) A chic underground speakeasy with cool music and fabulous cocktails that

aren't as expensive as their competitors.They also have a cocktail of the month on offer.

Bar 1661 (DO7 YT6H) Award winning cocktail bar that won best in Ireland in 2019. It is a global

flagship for Irish Poitin with cocktails named after them.

Easy rider: Taxi services Dublin

Leinster Taxis (03514370890) With over 7 years in business, this company offers limousines if

booked in advance plus accessible taxis and luxurious vehicles depending on your needs.

Bootylicious: lingerie shopping in Dublin

Peaches and Cream Lingerie (DO2 XN95) They offer a fitting service and strive to help you find

the perfect lingerie to suit your style and size. With luxurious brands and everyday bras, they

have a very wide selection.

Sexual health Dublin

HST Sexual Health Services (0873302584): The Women's Health Project established in 1991

as part of the HIV and AIDS prevention strategy provides a service for women involved in the

sex industry. All services including drugs and condoms are free.

Dublin has several theatres in the city centre housing productions such as opera, musicals, live

music, dancing and films. It is also a focal point for a lot of the Irish literary scene and Irish art; a

lot of art galleries are free to visit here. Temple bar has an underground arts scene hosting

artists and providing spaces for collections and new exhibitions. Dublin also has a vibrant

nightlife and is noted to be one of Europe's most youthful cities. There are numerous shopping

areas, namely Grafton and Henry Street, with Moore Street being one of the oldest trading


Vibrant and exciting Dublin promises to be a lively stop on your tour to earn from the locals or

hedonists on their holidays and also to enjoy yourself. You can get a flight to Dublin from the UK

for as little as £39 return.

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