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If you’ve ever searched online for escorts in London then chances are at some point you have stumbled on the directory London Escort Guide (LEG). As one of London’s most popular directories the website is updated daily with new agencies and independent escorts, all of whom you can verify and read reviews about right here on Escort Rankings.

Read Reviews & Verify London Escort Guide Listings Through Escort Rankings

Despite the fact that they claim a no fake policy, there is currently no actual verification process for agencies when uploading escorts. With no way to verify listings or any meaningful review system, punters are expected to book escorts based solely on London Escort Guide’s promise of being a ‘trusted’ directory. That’s where we come in.

At Escort Rankings, we strongly believe that punters should be able to almost guarantee the quality and authenticity of escorts without having to book them. That’s why here on our London Escort Guide review page you are able to read the experiences of punters who have booked escorts from LEG as well as browse profiles which have been verified by us. Our website is updated daily with new girls and genuine reviews so that you can securely book escorts in London with confidence.

For those of you who have recently booked an escort from London Escort Guide, we would love for you to post about your experience here on Escort Rankings. By submitting your stories and experiences you are helping other punters clearly see which escorts they should book and which they should avoid.

What Is London Escort Guide (LEG)?

Established in 2007, London Escort Guide is an online escort directory through which punters can contact independent models and escort agencies directly. The website also offers free and paid advertising opportunities for all service providers with the ability to track metrics and post news updates through a user dashboard. LEG currently boasts over 7000 escorts, many of which are represented by the top escort agencies in London.

Why Punters Like Using London Escort Guide

For over a decade LEG has remained one of the most trusted and regularly updated online directories in London. But with competition from other huge directories such Vivastreet and Adultwork, you might be wondering how and why London Escort Guide continues to be the go-to option for punters and service providers throughout the city.

Updated Daily

When it comes to fresh photos and girls, no directory is as regularly updated as London Escort Guide. Almost every reputable escort provider in London has an account/profile, many of which login on a daily basis to update their news feed, photos, stats, services and more. Put simply, if you are looking for the most up-to-date selection of active escorts in London with all the newest photos and information, London Escort Guide is the directory for you.

Over 7000 Escort Listings

As a result of being updated everyday for over 15 years, LEG has managed to build up quite the selection of London escort listings. They currently claim to have over 7000 genuine listings from many of the top escort agencies and independent models in the city covering every service, kink and fetish you could ever wish to experience. With so many blonde, brunette, curvy, busty, slim, young and mature women located specifically in London, it is the most diverse online escort directory available.

All Applications Are Vetted

Unlike many other directories which allow agencies free reign to post escort listings after a free or paid sign up, London Escort Guide has a rigorous process for screening any new agency applications. Once an agency has submitted their registration request, LEG’s staff will then vet the requested agency in order to determine whether they are deemed trustworthy and genuine enough to be listed on the website. This as well as their ongoing strict policy against fake profiles has helped them build up their reputation as a reliable source of escort services.

Why Punters May Choose To Avoid London Escort Guide

As with any website in the escort industry, LEG has its downsides. While it is widely regarded as one of the more reliable directories, London Escort Guide is by no means perfect. Here are some of the reasons you should use the website with caution and why you should always check Escort Rankings before booking an escort from there:

No Verification

Despite the website’s fairly selective screening process for new agencies and independents, the system has its flaws. For example, when an agency has been approved, there is no further verification required when uploading escort profiles. This means that even if an agency mainly uploads genuine profiles there’s nothing stopping them from also adding fake ones. Therefore, despite LEG’s best efforts, punters are still left with the potential of being scammed.

Zero Punter Reviews

One of the main reasons it’s heavily recommended that punters use Escort Rankings to find out more information about escorts on LEG is due to their website not having a proper review system. Currently, the only system London Escort Guide has for punters to review models is by voting thumbs up or thumbs down on an escort’s listing. This means that just about anyone can increase the approval rating of an escort without any need for context which may prove useful to punters.

Overcomplicated & Overpopulated Website

After endless updates through the many years the website’s been running, London Escort Guide is now filled with functionality, tools and paid listings which may prove overcomplicated and stressful to anyone using the website for the first time. The homepage itself is simply a collection of premium listings and paid banner advertisements which serve no benefit for punters searching for verified escorts.

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