davekenny's Review of TS Lara

Overall ranking: 5 / 5
  • Face:
  • Body:
  • Attitude:
  • Service:
  • Photos Accuracy:
  • Photos Real: Yes
  • Photos up-to-date: Yes
  • Age: 18-24 (young)
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Trans: Yes
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Hair length: Shoulder
  • Hair Style: Straight
  • Height: Unknown
  • Body Type: Tiny
  • Tattoos: None
  • Breast Size: 32
  • Breast cup: Don't know
  • Breast Appearance: Perfect
  • Implants: Yes
  • Kitty: Partial Shave
  • Ass: Nice and Round
  • Smokes: No
  • Pornstar: No
  • Punctuality: No
  • Services: Escort , Massage
Service Information
Outcall rates
60 Min
Incall rates
30 Min
60 Min
davekenny's Review of TS Lara - Spicy Details
  • General Description:
    It was late night and while looking for a female escort I stumbled across TS Lara. I wanted something different, so I hesitantly called her. I was a bit nervous, scared and excited.
    We agreed on a time, but I was disappointed when she asked me to wait 10mins in my car after arriving on time.
    But the service I received was better then expected and she made me love her cock. I was hesitant and she noticed, although I refused to touch her cock, she tried multiple attempts and made me love her cock.
    I had only one encounter with Lara, but I occasionally fantasize about worshipping her cock.
    If another opportunity arises, she won't asking me to touch her cock, I think if she refuse, I can beg to worship that beautiful hard penis.

  • The Juicy Details:
    Best experience. As a first timer, she made me comfortable by talking. Then she gave me a massage, I could feel her hard cock rubbing in between my bum. Then she asked me turn over and for the first time I saw a lady with boobs. She asked me to touch her hard cock while stroking my chest. I was hesitant and got scared and refused. The session continued with massage on chest and shoulder and consistently she had her cock inches away from my face (after a few minutes her penis got a bit sloppy). Then she grabbed my hand and placed it on her cock and guided me to gently wank her, after almost 5 mins, she asked me to kiss the knob of her penis, I wanted to kiss but was hesitant, but she leaned forward to massage my left shoulder while standing on the right side and her cock touch my face. That was sexy, although I was hesitant, I again but slowly touched her cock which was hard again and started to wank her just an inch away from my face, she was still massaging my shoulder and asked my to kiss her penis again and this time I obliged, I was excited but afraid as a first timer. I was bad at sucking, but she told me not to use my teeth while sucking. She sat on my chest while I had her cock in my mouth and she was pushing it inwards and outwards from my mouth and placed my hands on her boobs and slowly rubbing my cock and gently squeezing my balls.
    Time was up and the excitement just started to build up, I paid for another hour, but stayed for another 20 mins as the job was completed in 20 mins.
    The next 20 mins, she jerked me and within 2 mins I exploded and she cleaned me with wipes. I wanted her to fuck my ass, but she said as a first timer it will hurt because she has a big hard penis. Then I got on my knees and gave her a blowjob, but at this point all I was thinking was to have the experience of being fucked. I asked her again and she obliged and applied lotion on her hard cock and my ass.
    She was right it was painful and I stopped her.
    After 2 days, I recalled this encounter (memory lane) and concluded I would have been satisfied if she had forcefully fucked my ass and cum on my face, in my mouth. I often think about this encounter as best memory and now fantasise about being her pet or slave and worship her penis.
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    Even though it was my first time with an escort, Lara made the experience an unforgettable one. She's super seductive, sexy, and knows her way around the bedroom! She was really patient with me and showed me the ropes when it comes to handling escorts as hot as she is. I didn't believe I'd be able to endure for so long, but with her experience and guidance, everything is possible! She's an all-around expert who knows exactly how to satisfy her clients! Definitely seeing her again as soon as possible.

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    Extraordinary TS beauty with large breasts and a tight ass. She gives multiple orgasms, too!

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    It was my first time to be with a TS escort. Lara is elegant, intelligent, slim with big boobs. What I loved the most was her toned bubble butt. After a lot of kissing, licking, and exploring, I told her to bend over so I could have a better look of that ass. Rimmed her sweet butt and entered her from behind. She felt so tight, I almost came while penetrating. It didn’t take long before I climaxed. We rested for a while and chatted about this and that. I never felt so horny my whole life. This babe was driving me crazy with desire. We had sex one more time in different positions. I never thought I would enjoy that much. She really proved how professional she was. She was very gentle with me. I did the same to her. Highly recommended!!!

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