Everett's Review of Nancy
  • Overall ranking: 4 / 5
  • Face:
  • Body:
  • Attitude:
  • Service:
  • Photos Accuracy:
  • Photos Real: Yes
  • Photos up-to-date: Yes
  • Age: 18-24 (young)
  • Ethnicity: Chinese
  • Trans: No
  • Hair color: Brunette
  • Hair length: Shoulder
  • Hair Style: Straight
  • Height: 5'4" or under
  • Body Type: Average
  • Tattoos: None
  • Breast Size: 34
  • Breast cup: D
  • Breast Appearance: Natural
  • Implants: No
  • Kitty: Partial Shave
  • Ass: Normal
  • Smokes: No
  • Pornstar: No
  • Punctuality: No
  • Services: Escort
Service Information
Service Information
  • Classic Intercourse
Everett's Review of Nancy - Spicy Details
  • General Description:
    Very lovely and perfect girl -- Nancy is all you need in your bed!

  • The Juicy Details:
    This girl is practically perfect. Just a tall drink of water and absolutely stunning. If you watch a lot of porn like I do, then you know what kind of performance you want. I literally have only seen the kinds of things that he does when I was watching my fave porn scenes. I didn’t know that women were like that in real life! It was just really nice to be able to get that level of pleasure for sure. She was also super friendly so no need to have weird, strained conversations, it all flowed very naturally and that just heightened the physical aspect of everything including the sex. We touched and it felt like fireworks between us and it all just went from there She couldn’t keep her hands off me and my what delicate hands they were. When she used those on my, I could barely contain myself and when she got to working her tongue, I felt drained in every way. I had a few moments to recover and then went for a couple of rounds. I was surprised how many rounds we were able to get into the few hours that we had together! I wish that we could have gone on all night long but of course, that’s not always possible so I knew I needed to make sure it was memorable. What I also love about her is the fact that it always feels like he's enjoying it, maybe even a little bit more than you are. That definitely adds to it to feel like you are really doing amazing work just as much as she is and it turned me on to no end to hear her moan and scream when I was the one who asked her to come over. Very hot! Nice, tightly body and a great behind. I couldn’t have asked for a better girl and definitely got an amazing one! Something else I like about her is how sweet and innocent she seems in comparison to all the fun you’re going to have, it’s such a nice contrast. You meet and talk to this sweet, sort of coy girl, never shy but great at playing the girly game and then suddenly she unleashes all of this amazing sexual energy onto you. It’s great! And very, very hot. Booking her was very easy because the website is pretty straight forward so that part was good to. Then I booked Nancy for two hours and had the time of my life. Very sweet, gentle girl with a big heart and even bigger boobs. If I was 20 years younger, I would have asked to marry the girl, that’s how beautiful she was! Very lovely girl that I really hope I get the pleasure of seeing again in the near future. I will absolutely be booking her again whenever I am in town and hope that she is available. She’s a popular girl, I would imagine so all you can do is hope!
Other Escort Reviews for Nancy
  • Chang
    Oct 2019

    General Description:
    Wonderful time with this one of a kind woman -- want to make her my gf!

    The Juicy Details:
    This girl is so amazing it's hard to describe. It’s always hard to put into words when you have such a great experience with all of your senses at once. She looks amazing, she smells amazing, she sounds amazing moaning and screaming and of course, she feels amazing from nearly every angle. She is this super sweet girl who is also very charming and all of that, but she is sultry, funny, sexy, smart and just overall a grand time. You will have some amazing conversations with her as well, so that’s one less thing that you have to worry about. When I met up with her, I was a bit tipsy and not in the best spirits but it’s like she woke me up and cheered me up immediately. She has an absolutely wonderful smile and was able to make me laugh very easily with her great personality. Very nice girl! Her body was impeccable. Just looked absolutely divine in that slinky dress I asked her to wear. She was seductive, responsive and very attentive. She seemed to be very good at figuring out what I liked and where to go from there. She has this angelic beauty about her and a laugh that is just infectious, to say the leave. She is hands down one of the nicest and sweetest girls I have ever met and I meet a lot of girls! Her nice personality goes perfectly with her nice body and face, so it all just works together.

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  • Brant
    Sep 2019

    General Description:
    Sexy woman in a sexy red dress is all I need to get hard!

    The Juicy Details:
    She wore a red dress just as I asked for it showed every inch and curve or her amazing body, so that’s always a good thing. She always gives me some of the best BJs that money can buy, and looks right up at me while she’s doing it.Funny enough, I still always feel like I’m visiting a friend that I just so happen to have sex with thanks to how many times I had been seeing her in the past, and how great her conversation is.

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  • Horacio
    Sep 2019

    General Description:
    Very nice experience with Nancy. She can take it pretty deep!

    The Juicy Details:
    If I had to rate this experience I don’t even think I’d be able to give this a number but I can try! 10 might suffice but it should actually be much higher than that. Very amazing time.

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  • Dominic
    Mar 2019

    General Description:
    Very delightful! Fastest money I have ever spent, but was worth it!

    The Juicy Details:
    I found this girl to be an absolute delight! She was charming, made me laugh and was overall very sweet on top of everything else. That’s all you could really ask for. The great thing about her apartment is that it was so easy to find and she made sure that I felt very welcome when i got there. We jumped right into some amazing sex and then after, we also had a pretty great chat. We ended up taking so long that she didn’t realize I had actually stayed a little bit longer than my time but that was okay because we were honestly having so much fun. It was really amazing how it all came together.

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